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9:01My First Time Using Tinder | Seventeen Firsts
5:32My First Time Shaving | Seventeen Firsts
5:43Poppy Takes the Turing Test | Seventeen
Poppy Takes the Turing Test | Seventeen Vizionare 41 KAcum 3 luni
29:08I Let My Ex Pick My Bae: Leighla | Bestie Picks Bae
1:475 Cute Graduation Party Outfits | Style Lab
1:395 Graduation Dresses Under $100 | Style Lab


  • This is how many people felt cringe throughout the whole video. ⬇️

  • I ship it

  • Well, we cant invite Mel to a karaoke night, she´s gonna forget all the songs lol

  • I love This crack heads ♡♡♡

  • ahhh idk if they r fit for Colby

  • Vocal warm up killed me 😂😂😂😂

  • Bryan should’ve won! They’d compliment each other so well!

  • Hey

  • Did you see the face Sinéad made when Dizzy was speaking in the third question ???😒

  • I ship him with the red hair girl

  • wait is the white boy related to that one from my ex picks my bae who is saving his first kiss are they siblings

  • One time I was in Disney world and the descendants crew was there filming and I saw dove and Cameron and the other 2


  • 31:11 Girls can get soyboys any day of the week. They are primarily interested in more aggressive males at their age. Her friend is stupid and or selfish.

  • 32:16 Girl is rationalizing why she should be chosen with him. If she actually liked him she wouldn't need to verbalize much.

  • I love how "lyric challange" changes per guest. are we finding a song w/lyrics are we coming up with are the guest doing? CONSISTENCY. That being said, I still watched and Kesha is still great. *_Ya got me, gal_*

  • Oliver was cute

  • Awe he is si nervous how cuite

  • Her voice got groove and swag

  • idgaf what anyone says, oliver was the perfect bae and you know it

    • also the away Arianna looked at her bestie when a guy who was eliminated walked by spoke VOLUMES. she was like "Damn sis"

  • is it me or is JB sometimes the quietest I mean he just doesn't really speak and lets the others do its kinda rare to hear him' he's just in his own thoughts its actually kinda cute though

  • IAN SHOULD HAVE WON WTF. if she doesn’t want him i will tbh

  • The bestie was laughing way too hard at those jokes knowing damn well they weren’t that funny

  • Date her

  • We love a scripted moment

  • Doubting she’s a super fan. Just sounds like she’s watched a couple videos

  • Why that girl with brown hair us all emo She is cyn na like a killer

  • 3:48 we have the same name

  • This video has been out for 2 weeks and Ik for a fact that they have broken up by now.

  • Aweeee *protect Malik at all costs*....

  • The first story: the watcher Me, who has watched Buzzfeed Unsolved: ALL HAIL THE WATCHER

  • I’m here age 12 using one...

  • I got my period when I was nine it’s almost my second year



  • No one: Jenna: Daniel, Daniel, Daniel Daniel and DANIEL!!!!

  • Funyy but cute at the same time😂😂

  • I just watched their video disses this show XD so funny.

  • Are we just going to ignore the fact that the girl said she didnt want someone who was besties w their ex and the bestie ignored that.

  • We need more people like him in in this world 💖

  • dude you can clearly tell at 30:46 that Arianna was so disappointed.

  • Kash Doll is so pretty

  • i ship them

  • “what the hell are you guys doing?” she caught on

  • tbh i felt that when they said why dont we skip that song bc i am not really a big fan of why dont we i was just waiting for 5sos to come on to see if there would get it bc i am a hugh fan of 5sos but they didnt get it

  • Was rewatching this and I really would have given them the NCT one because they did get it eventually lol

  • that's how you know she wanted Ian for herself because he gave a better response at the end, i was like whatttt


  • Daniel : he’s RiPpED

  • This whole thing just felt really awkward

  • i don’t smell like italian pasta, but i’d for sure do the macarena w ian

  • Jesus H Christ

  • How is the guy with the braces single🤤😂

  • Im 11 and using tampons - Girls it doesnt hurt, its easy and comfortable most of the time. Dont be nervous, its a good option. Good luck

  • Please stop singing sir

  • Dare you nadyyy_18

  • I haven't kiss anyone yet

  • I definitely got Melvin and Gloria vibes from Madagascar


  • Modeling it's not art LOL

  • When he started trying to figure out an accent he sounded like Oscar doing the savannah accent from The Office

  • 20:58 Corbyn starts crying?!

  • Hi I’m a big fan

  • Bae all day

  • God.... 17,000 dislikes!? That should tell you that Epstien didn't kill himself.

  • why does kadar look like dababy and khalid mixed together

  • Um is she trying to find a boyfriend or Daniel

  • Ive already watched it twice

  • Shes 17 why tf is there a 20 year old in that group

  • She's super adorable

  • hello i ador jace norman

  • 12:26 she said outside so many times

  • How did she not notice his accent fading away 😂

  • I didn't realize how pretty she was

  • Dude no joke, when he talks he sounds 20 and when he sings he sounds 12😂😂😂 Benjamin I love your pipey voise is sounds cute😍

  • I loveeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuu

  • So can we please stay on the subject of queer and not talk about everything gender related under the sun? LOL

  • the 2nd girl that got sent out has the same name as me

  • wtffff 7:12 junior literally was watching the friends boobs DISGUSTANG

  • 5:40 It says "touch" TWO TIMES!! 😂 I really like her Bae tho, he's cuutee

  • I guess this is the target audience

  • I made a promise with god that I will never use a tampon

  • I think Tammy will be proud coz Mark know bsb.. N thank god Jinyoung know nsync maybe because of his sister too... Hehe

  • I can see you have 5 finger but I have no idea what a zig looks like in order to use it as a practical pronoun when identifying someone. Also its pretty clear that person had female predominant feature which makes calling them a "she" actually practical and not just a tool for validation. Also there's no such thing as a "personal pronoun", language is a two way street no one gets to own a pronoun, you either look like a zig or you dont.

  • someone plz find me ian's instagram

  • Exactly what antoni said EXACTLY

  • Lol those bands aren't even emo more like punk rock

  • the girls look like they dont know any musicals

  • i didn't any... duh

  • so what about this Ariana Grande's Nude Pics Leaked!

  • World war III don’t do it Colby

  • Why does Rashad talk in parts like that😭

  • X didnt die

  • I only use tampons I don't even own pads

  • Lewis Capaldi's next single: Cold Woman On The Edge Of Dirty Pop

  • She's not a superfan..

  • bro she is literally SO FAKE

  • Ridiculous video. Just enjoy a fantasy movie without picking holes in every movie. You are not smarter than Stephanie Myer because she’s a multi millionaire and I’m guessing you, who made this video, is not. As I said just enjoy the movies or don’t watch them at all 🙄🙄🙄

  • 2019 anyone

  • She kept saying "i like that" like she's choosing me for herself smh