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Hi, I'm Danny Duncan.. I post videos that make me laugh. Hope you enjoy.. Love you guys!
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12:00Football in Hotel!
Football in Hotel! Vizionare 1,3 milAcum 5 Zile
11:37Taking 90 Year Old To The Club!
Taking 90 Year Old To The Club! Vizionare 1,7 milAcum 15 Zile
11:28Not My Best Idea...
Not My Best Idea... Vizionare 1,5 milAcum 23 Zile
12:48Breaking Stuff At Frat Houses!
Breaking Stuff At Frat Houses! Vizionare 1,7 milAcum lună
8:57Loose Tooth vs Nerf Gun!
Loose Tooth vs Nerf Gun! Vizionare 1,5 milAcum lună
8:34Offensive Interview Prank!
Offensive Interview Prank! Vizionare 1,6 milAcum lună
12:5090 Year Old Lights Off Fireworks!
90 Year Old Lights Off Fireworks! Vizionare 2,2 milAcum lună
15:42Loser Sleeps In The Barn!
Loser Sleeps In The Barn! Vizionare 2 milAcum lună
11:00Surprising Best Friend with a New Tesla!
Surprising Best Friend with a New Tesla! Vizionare 2 milAcum 2 luni
12:38Danny Duncan’s Birthday Party with Danny Duncan!
16:39Falling With 40,000 Pennies!
Falling With 40,000 Pennies! Vizionare 2,4 milAcum 2 luni
13:12Making Random Baby Stop Crying!
Making Random Baby Stop Crying! Vizionare 2 milAcum 2 luni
15:00Road Trip To The City With No Laws!
Road Trip To The City With No Laws! Vizionare 2,4 milAcum 3 luni
11:27Chase Your Dreams!
Chase Your Dreams! Vizionare 2,7 milAcum 3 luni
15:26Crashing Golf Carts!
Crashing Golf Carts! Vizionare 3,9 milAcum 3 luni
13:11Extreme Tubing Behind Car!
Extreme Tubing Behind Car! Vizionare 1,4 milAcum 3 luni
15:31I Bought Every Watermelon! ($1300 worth)
I Bought Every Watermelon! ($1300 worth) Vizionare 2,5 milAcum 3 luni
18:56Landing A Helicopter In My Backyard!
Landing A Helicopter In My Backyard! Vizionare 2,1 milAcum 4 luni
13:04He Wanted To Fight!
He Wanted To Fight! Vizionare 2,8 milAcum 4 luni
15:55Jumping Bike Off A Bridge!
Jumping Bike Off A Bridge! Vizionare 3,1 milAcum 4 luni
17:58Would you do this for $5,000?
Would you do this for $5,000? Vizionare 2,5 milAcum 5 luni
16:14I Love My Job!
I Love My Job! Vizionare 3,3 milAcum 5 luni
14:11Paying Teenager To Quit His Job!
Paying Teenager To Quit His Job! Vizionare 3,3 milAcum 5 luni
12:58DJ Khaled Prank in Beverly Hills!
DJ Khaled Prank in Beverly Hills! Vizionare 2,5 milAcum 5 luni
19:12Road Trip in a Tesla! (Part 2)
Road Trip in a Tesla! (Part 2) Vizionare 2,4 milAcum 5 luni
17:17Road Trip in a Tesla! (Part 1)
Road Trip in a Tesla! (Part 1) Vizionare 3,1 milAcum 6 luni
14:42Burying My Friend Alive!
Burying My Friend Alive! Vizionare 1,6 milAcum 6 luni
11:09Car Surfing with Danny Duncan!
Car Surfing with Danny Duncan! Vizionare 2,2 milAcum 6 luni
12:42Danny Duncan x JuJu Smith-Schuster Meet Up!
Danny Duncan x JuJu Smith-Schuster Meet Up! Vizionare 1,2 milAcum 6 luni
14:59Surprising Friend with Travis Scott Tickets!
10:56Airsoft Battle Royale!
Airsoft Battle Royale! Vizionare 1,5 milAcum 7 luni
15:51Triplets Buy Whatever They Want!
Triplets Buy Whatever They Want! Vizionare 1,9 milAcum 7 luni
14:32Playing football in mall with Juju Smith-Schuster!
15:34My Car Caught On Fire!
My Car Caught On Fire! Vizionare 2,1 milAcum 8 luni
11:33Putting Horns On My Tesla!
Putting Horns On My Tesla! Vizionare 1,8 milAcum 8 luni
12:30Putting My Car On The Roof!
Putting My Car On The Roof! Vizionare 2 milAcum 8 luni
12:42Changing A Young Man’s Life!
Changing A Young Man’s Life! Vizionare 2,3 milAcum 8 luni
12:56Broken Sunglasses Prank!
Broken Sunglasses Prank! Vizionare 1,8 milAcum 9 luni
17:33Surprising My Manager with a New Car!
Surprising My Manager with a New Car! Vizionare 1,7 milAcum 9 luni
1:34:09Danny Duncan | Best of 2018
Danny Duncan | Best of 2018 Vizionare 4,5 milAcum 9 luni
13:59I Didn’t Make It!
I Didn’t Make It! Vizionare 2,4 milAcum 9 luni
12:57Last to leave circle wins $100,000!
Last to leave circle wins $100,000! Vizionare 2,4 milAcum 10 luni
26:52Can’t Believe He Did This!
Can’t Believe He Did This! Vizionare 3,4 milAcum 10 luni
12:33Can You Open This?
Can You Open This? Vizionare 4 milAcum 10 luni
13:36Hitting Dingers Off Girls!
Hitting Dingers Off Girls! Vizionare 2,4 milAcum 10 luni
13:35My Favorite Thing To Do!
My Favorite Thing To Do! Vizionare 2,3 milAcum 11 luni
9:47Home Remodeling with Danny Duncan!
Home Remodeling with Danny Duncan! Vizionare 2,2 milAcum 11 luni
15:04Falling on Roller Blades Prank!
Falling on Roller Blades Prank! Vizionare 1,6 milAcum 11 luni
11:27Security Guard Prank At UCLA!
Security Guard Prank At UCLA! Vizionare 3,1 milAcum 11 luni
15:12Extreme Man Doing Extreme Stunts!
Extreme Man Doing Extreme Stunts! Vizionare 2,3 milAcum an
12:27Mowing a Cemetery!
Mowing a Cemetery! Vizionare 1,8 milAcum an
11:59I Finally Got it!
I Finally Got it! Vizionare 1,6 milAcum an
14:06Danny Duncan’s Cross Country Race!
Danny Duncan’s Cross Country Race! Vizionare 1,5 milAcum an
11:43i couldn't think of a title.
i couldn't think of a title. Vizionare 1,8 milAcum an
14:39Paying Friend To Quit His Job!
Paying Friend To Quit His Job! Vizionare 2,9 milAcum an
11:30Don’t Spill the Spaghetti Challenge!
11:05Throwing Slugs at People!
Throwing Slugs at People! Vizionare 1,6 milAcum an
13:27WE FOUND DONALD! *In Jail*
WE FOUND DONALD! *In Jail* Vizionare 2 milAcum an
15:08Grocery Shopping with Homeless Lady!
Grocery Shopping with Homeless Lady! Vizionare 2,5 milAcum an
12:16Boxing in Public!
Boxing in Public! Vizionare 3,1 milAcum an
11:17Being an Asshole!
Being an Asshole! Vizionare 3,2 milAcum an
9:474th Of July With Danny Duncan!
4th Of July With Danny Duncan! Vizionare 4,7 milAcum an
10:33Meet My New Puppy!
Meet My New Puppy! Vizionare 1,3 milAcum an
10:02Fortnite Employee Hates Me!
Fortnite Employee Hates Me! Vizionare 2,7 milAcum an
8:58Kid at mall wants to fight!
Kid at mall wants to fight! Vizionare 4,1 milAcum an
12:07Picking Up Girls with Komodo Dragon!
Picking Up Girls with Komodo Dragon! Vizionare 1,4 milAcum an
12:58Visiting New York City!
Visiting New York City! Vizionare 1,6 milAcum an
11:45Surprising Grandpa with Strippers Prank!
12:43Urban Surfing in Public!
Urban Surfing in Public! Vizionare 1,2 milAcum an
11:26Kissing moms in Idaho!
Kissing moms in Idaho! Vizionare 1,4 milAcum an
8:49Virginity Rocks On The News!
Virginity Rocks On The News! Vizionare 1,3 milAcum an
11:39We Crashed The Car!
We Crashed The Car! Vizionare 1,5 milAcum an
11:54Hot Tub Drive Thru Prank!
Hot Tub Drive Thru Prank! Vizionare 2,9 milAcum an
12:35Driving Scooter Into Store!
Driving Scooter Into Store! Vizionare 2,5 milAcum an
14:50Teaching a Jetski How to Swim!
Teaching a Jetski How to Swim! Vizionare 1,9 milAcum an
19:11Road Trip To Las Vegas!
Road Trip To Las Vegas! Vizionare 2,1 milAcum an
10:23Taped To The Wall Prank!
Taped To The Wall Prank! Vizionare 1,5 milAcum an
11:08Strongest Dwarf In The World!
Strongest Dwarf In The World! Vizionare 1,8 milAcum an
DUHHHHHHHRR! Vizionare 1 milAcum an
9:24Climbing The Hollywood Sign!
Climbing The Hollywood Sign! Vizionare 1,6 milAcum an
12:55Feeding People Corn!
Feeding People Corn! Vizionare 1,5 milAcum an
14:41Grocery Shopping with Danny Duncan 5
Grocery Shopping with Danny Duncan 5 Vizionare 3,6 milAcum an
10:21She's Always On Top!
She's Always On Top! Vizionare 1,9 milAcum an
9:22Cops Were Pissed!
Cops Were Pissed! Vizionare 3 milAcum an
11:39Crazy Homeless Man vs. Danny Duncan!
11:15Hanging out with Shaun White!
Hanging out with Shaun White! Vizionare 1,5 milAcum an
16:25Jumping On One Car In Traffic!
Jumping On One Car In Traffic! Vizionare 2,3 milAcum an
13:44Dirt Bike Jump with Two People!
Dirt Bike Jump with Two People! Vizionare 974 KAcum an
13:08Making Kids Cry!
Making Kids Cry! Vizionare 1,2 milAcum an
10:14Safari Animals In My Car!
Safari Animals In My Car! Vizionare 1,5 milAcum an
10:48Flipping Trucks for Fun!
Flipping Trucks for Fun! Vizionare 1,1 milAcum an
10:37I Can't Believe He Ate This!
I Can't Believe He Ate This! Vizionare 1,9 milAcum an
9:02Launching My New Truck!
Launching My New Truck! Vizionare 1,4 milAcum an
9:49My Mom Flipped Her Car
My Mom Flipped Her Car Vizionare 2,3 milAcum an
8:46Lighting Fireworks Inside My House!
Lighting Fireworks Inside My House! Vizionare 1,6 milAcum an
1:07:44Danny Duncan | Best Of 2017
Danny Duncan | Best Of 2017 Vizionare 3,4 milAcum an
10:26Surprising My Mom With A New House!
Surprising My Mom With A New House! Vizionare 2,3 milAcum an
10:03Crashing My New Car!
Crashing My New Car! Vizionare 1,4 milAcum an
8:25Fuck Around Friday | Paintball
Fuck Around Friday | Paintball Vizionare 657 KAcum an


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