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7:30Undercover Girlfriend l 20/20 l PART 5
Undercover Girlfriend l 20/20 l PART 5 Vizionare 28 KAcum 2 Zile
6:27Undercover Girlfriend l 20/20 l PART 4
Undercover Girlfriend l 20/20 l PART 4 Vizionare 23 KAcum 2 Zile
8:22Undercover Girlfriend l 20/20 l PART 3
Undercover Girlfriend l 20/20 l PART 3 Vizionare 20 KAcum 2 Zile
6:46Undercover Girlfriend l 20/20 l PART 2
Undercover Girlfriend l 20/20 l PART 2 Vizionare 19 KAcum 2 Zile
8:59Undercover Girlfriend l 20/20 l PART 1
Undercover Girlfriend l 20/20 l PART 1 Vizionare 27 KAcum 2 Zile
1:59Virginia schools closed in search for Marine
1:50America Strong: The Women of CMA
America Strong: The Women of CMA Vizionare 21 KAcum 3 Zile
4:33Flooding emergency in Venice l ABC News
Flooding emergency in Venice l ABC News Vizionare 89 KAcum 3 Zile
3:50Trump impeachment hearing key moments: Day 1
8:02Dolly Parton: Here She Comes Again! l Part 3
7:57Dolly Parton: Here She Comes Again! l Part 2
8:50Dolly Parton: Here She Comes Again! l Part 1
2:34America Strong: Dolly Parton
America Strong: Dolly Parton Vizionare 31 KAcum 5 Zile
3:09Tomorrow’s impeachment showdown
Tomorrow’s impeachment showdown Vizionare 19 KAcum 5 Zile
25:46DACA, impeachment hearings,  Disney+   | ABC News


  • Why the fuck is this in my recommendations after more than 4 years ??

  • 2:03 Nooo he fell but hes back from the dead 😐

  • Pray President Trump win 2020

  • Why do they forget the BIG shes high af. Like homelessness is at its high and children are in the streets loosing their minds because their pare is “getting it together “

  • The media covered this up, almost ZERO COVERAGE


  • Tenants pay rent. This woman is a squatter.

  • I hope that all the people who have commented here will be at the poll voting next year.

  • I can't stand hate! Why can't everyone live peacefully?

  • Yea boyyy the wife's lover go bankrupt begging beside the sewer get kicked and spit on bitch

  • This nonsense is why football is no longe worth watching

  • I'm glad no one is pointing fingers at the Grandma. This could happen to anyone. In fact something similar happened to me when I was baby sitting. I put child locks on the doors and everything and the kid still got out.

  • To the eyes of the world.This incident cant be good for Mexico or Mexican people.Those pendejos are truly bad hombres......

  • How many more girls like this did you fail ABC?! YOU KILLED THE JEFFREY EPSTEIN STORY

  • Why are all these scammers mid age white women with children?

  • I wonder if he abused his own daughters. what a liar!

  • I'm surprised this isn't completely censored

  • I could so do a micro apartment. Since I live a very simple lifestyle with little when it comes to possessions. I'm not some homeless freeloader or a cheapskate. I just buy what I need. Hell I don't even own a television and I live alone.

  • Not convincing coming from another proven liar like her

  • They must be kin to Jussie Smollett right?

  • So many asians😂

  • If those kids were black, that bus driver would've kept going.

  • Cancel ABC.

  • Gender Dynamics Oh boy leave it to ABC to start blowing smoke up the ash of stupid people..oops I mean Democrats

  • It was absolutely a witch hunt: Find people connected to Trump, indict them for anything, squeeze them so they will compose. If you are directed to any democrats, ignore it. Mueller lied under oath in congress, he should be imprisoned for life. He is a disgrace and a fraud. Investigate them, the people who put this country through this need to pay a price.

  • " 'i survived the wind seeker' ... you sure did..." damn for real though LOL what a perfect shirt

  • This story is incomplete as hell 🙄

  • Did you seriously just spoil greys anatomy

  • Angels are always lurking when you least expect 🥰🤗.. what a beautiful outcome 🥰

  • Make this man the principal already 🤷🏻‍♂️ So the whole school becomes cool

  • My fortnite infected brain immediately heard the default dance 🤦‍♀️

  • Whose skin was under her fingernails...? Who breaks in just to kill lil kids and leaves? I have so many questions 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • So much for Mexican Machismo.Shot up a bunch of babies,church goin babies too !!!!

  • Let's hit em cars with battleships

  • Balloon boy meets the backpackkkid he looks so much like him too

  • Oh my God. This is crazy. Smh he pushed her to the limit.

  • It's normal for them in Japan since they've made it a habit to be accustomed to overpopulation. Meanwhile in the United states,we're accustomed to ample space per the norm.

  • An I the only one wondering what the fake pepper spray was tho? Is it just water 🤨😂

  • My goodness that guy is a gross, sweaty, weird looking meth head! May he rot in hell!

  • There are more shooting in America in a year more than days in the year...

  • thank you for these true heroes. nothing will comprehend what they went through

  • I guess BOOMERS do have some knowledge

  • Be careful of anyone who calls himself "GURU". Almost every Guru is a rogue or a rapist. It's amazing how educated and intelligent people allow themselves to be brainwashed by Gurus, let alone those without much education or awareness.

  • Are the sailors okay?

  • the man doesn't look right in the eyes, its eery and you can tell theres just nothing there.

  • _o_

  • Only 994 to go! Almost 993!

  • Disgusting Donald give everybody nickname. Why doesn't he have one?

  • Guilty. Lynch him.


  • Disgraceful& dishonest Russian Republicans

  • Aren't people tired of Trump's horse and pony show. Tired of having a bully parading as president. He does the same thing over and over -- it's lazy and boring at this point. Everyone's a crook, dishonest...everything is a witch hunt, fake news...every entity is failing or desperate...he is a victim and everyone is mean to him...blah, blah, blah. Born into a life of privilege as a rich, white man only to find himself in the most powerful position in the country and yet, he is a thin-skinned crybaby. He's a predictable, lying, whiny little bitch.

  • The Goverment is up to something again...they pull this BS on native land all the time...Ryan was murdered cold blood

  • Under estimating children's ability to follow home training causes these incidents, taking the time to secure the doors, tell child what you're doing, and what you need them to do...ground rules for safety...without input these intelligent kids will be left to their own inexperienced reasoning smh. Good work bus driver.

  • Good judge. That last woman was just disgusting, poor doggie 🐶 glad he’s ok and going up for adoption he deserve a second chance

  • Sue the crap out of the manufacturer of that vehicle immediately

  • “Every 12 year has little arguments Me: oMG shut up Felicia I’m resting Her:UgH

  • Can’t imagine what it would be like

  • Where is all this global warming?

  • Again, this is another example of shifty Adam Schiff's tyrannical dictator complex behavior that can only be found in the former Soviet Union. He completely believes that he's got the right to be the prosecutor, judge and jury in this farcical inquisition of Pres. Trump. What an obnoxiously disgusting piece of ****.

  • This is pretty stupid

  • If A Boy Can't Ride His Bike In Boston Where Tf Can He Fucking Ride It?

  • Jenna tells the coordinates of the penis!! Got why is it getting funnier with the vedio progressing..

  • How funny. arent girls supposed to be as docile as a teddy bear?

  • That poor boy an every other survivor probably got the worst PTSD, seeing everyone you love get shoot around you, an then having cameras in your face only a week or 2 after

  • Oh how the tables have turned ..😳

  • No warning,even from Nasa.. LOL.. Nasa refused to warn' couse its hit rusia.. !

  • For the topic of trans, I think that there's nothing wrong to introduce the trans therapy to children, furthermore, I actually approve of conduct the therapy on children as young as possible in regard to the negative impacts of grow-up in both physiological and social terms. Some comments mentioned that there r trans regretted yrs after the therapy, yet this situation doesn't soundly support the theory that trans therapy and its introduction themselves r negative things, coz it can actually be caused by those aforementioned impacts attributed to the accustoming of the physiological and social manners which can be painstaking to change (while ppl themselves r normally reluctant to change as well). The pillar here is actually that if the sound and reliable system of the evaluations and diagnoses of trans and therapies to achieve the desirable goals r well established, and this is sth cannot be nailed here with analyses since it calls for the backups of the necessary theories and technology in regard to the corresponding fields of medicine and surgery. Since trans therapy is, as what I suggested above, sth to be conducted the earlier the better, the aforementioned system is extra important to get conclusions sufficiently objectively. Before the establishment of such a solid system, it can be a bit baffling to desperately promote the trans therapy, yet I don't think there's anything wrong to publicise this therapy.

  • So with his longtime friendship with Epstein he didn't know that Epstein was a pedophile Come on if you believe that I got a bridge in London I'd like to sell you

  • All these fake Hitlers Hitler Nazi u were real isis y'all are fake

  • We should take the bombs away... wait a second..... uh.

  • I live in Ohio....😺🤨

  • Lord of the flies?

  • He looks like Dobi from Harry Potter.

  • This seems like a onion story!!😅

  • Where I live society relies on adults teaching their children to look before crossing a road. It's really not a huge thing actually. You never hear of accidents because the teaching works well. I don't see how this 'American' approach even makes sense to anyone whatsoever. Kids don't get taught life skills or common sense. Drivers have more to look out for.

  • Prayers for the family and boyfriend. This is so tragic .

  • This was so sad :/ I really hope they kill him in prison and beat his ass!! I'm also angry that they didnt try sooner to locate the body and done a search of his home. This was upsetting to watch :( may that beautiful lady rest in peace

  • So why didn't granny call the cops when she noticed the kids missing

  • When will Bill Clinton be arrested? Everyone knows he brought in tons of drugs in AK.

  • LIES!

  • Did that racist say big black mark ?

  • 0:16 I wanna kill myself Should have done it earlier

  • Corporate Pete has no chance. Most people can see right through his slimy disingenuous political tactics.

  • I would have to see the video to believe that he set off a suicide vest. I think its just as plausible that we blew him up and just blamed it on him since kids were killed.

  • He looks so unsettling though😬

  • This is awful.

  • *Call of Duty: **_Mexican Warfare_* Releasing on 5 de Mayo 2020. Preorder now to get the Taco Delux Starter Pack.

  • Holy fuck, this is incredibly sad...

  • her mom is lowkey suspicious too.... she’s tearing up but couldn’t even report she went missing earlier.. 10 days later? okay...

  • I bet it’s a nicer living situation in the centers than it is in the homes in their country.

  • That black girl, when they said poverty, I thought no food. But she wanted the luxuries! If you have depression and really wnat to hurt others, shoot yourself.

  • Wow! This channel is ready to help the pedophiles

  • she’s just dumb as fuck air bnb got nothin to do with it

  • Bullshit Andrew bullshit! Mummy will not be happy!

  • This guy is basically the joker but if he owned a restaurant and having to kill people with burgers

  • Stupid friends

  • I've said those words many times to many of my friends and family. I'm afraid now. 😭

  • White people and there lies ...

  • *schools should be treated like airports*