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2:14Alien 04 1997
Alien 04 1997 Vizionare 44Acum 3 ani
4:16Alien 03 1992
Alien 03 1992 Vizionare 19Acum 3 ani
3:25Alien 02 1986
Alien 02 1986 Vizionare 15Acum 3 ani
2:39Alien 01 1979
Alien 01 1979 Vizionare 38Acum 3 ani
4:53Jane Siberry - Darkness
Jane Siberry - Darkness Vizionare 949Acum 7 ani
5:01Once Upon A Time - Regina Se02Ep02.flv
3:52The Proposal   Ryan Reynolds
The Proposal Ryan Reynolds Vizionare 138Acum 7 ani
3:52The Proposal - Sandra Bullock
The Proposal - Sandra Bullock Vizionare 119Acum 7 ani
2:17Sweet Honey In The Rock - Colours
Sweet Honey In The Rock - Colours Vizionare 1,5 KAcum 7 ani
6:31Julie Andrews In Victor Victoria
Julie Andrews In Victor Victoria Vizionare 4 KAcum 7 ani
3:31Greta Garbo In Queen Christina
Greta Garbo In Queen Christina Vizionare 6 KAcum 7 ani
3:29Katharine Hepburn In Sylvia Scarlett
Katharine Hepburn In Sylvia Scarlett Vizionare 2,9 KAcum 7 ani
5:16Marlene Dietrich In Morocco.flv
Marlene Dietrich In Morocco.flv Vizionare 12 KAcum 7 ani
3:34Jessica Clarke - Secret Agent.flv
Jessica Clarke - Secret Agent.flv Vizionare 79 KAcum 7 ani
6:13Catherine Deneuve (1983) The Hunger.flv
7:20Catherine Deneuve (1967) Belle De Jour.wmv
8:43Catherine Deneuve (1965) Repulsion.wmv
Catherine Deneuve (1965) Repulsion.wmv Vizionare 1,7 KAcum 7 ani
2:50As Quoted By Me.wmv
As Quoted By Me.wmv Vizionare 72Acum 8 ani
12:15Ana & Teresa 09.wmv
Ana & Teresa 09.wmv Vizionare 3,2 KAcum 8 ani
3:47Callie & Arizona - But Not Today.flv
Callie & Arizona - But Not Today.flv Vizionare 796Acum 8 ani
4:36Dreya Weber Clips.wmv
Dreya Weber Clips.wmv Vizionare 46 KAcum 8 ani
6:51Ana & Teresa 08.wmv
Ana & Teresa 08.wmv Vizionare 51 KAcum 9 ani
5:41Ana & Teresa 07.wmv
Ana & Teresa 07.wmv Vizionare 3,5 KAcum 9 ani
4:59Ana & Teresa 06.wmv
Ana & Teresa 06.wmv Vizionare 2,6 KAcum 9 ani
5:02Ana & Teresa 05.wmv
Ana & Teresa 05.wmv Vizionare 7 KAcum 9 ani
4:59Ana & Teresa 04.wmv
Ana & Teresa 04.wmv Vizionare 13 KAcum 9 ani
5:38Ana & Teresa 03.wmv
Ana & Teresa 03.wmv Vizionare 22 KAcum 9 ani
6:50Ana & Teresa 02.wmv
Ana & Teresa 02.wmv Vizionare 16 KAcum 9 ani
10:34Crystal Chappell 1990 - 1999 03.wmv
Crystal Chappell 1990 - 1999 03.wmv Vizionare 161Acum 9 ani
9:05Crystal Chappell 1990 - 1999 02.wmv
Crystal Chappell 1990 - 1999 02.wmv Vizionare 151Acum 9 ani
9:27Crystal Chappell 1990 - 1999 01.wmv
Crystal Chappell 1990 - 1999 01.wmv Vizionare 238Acum 9 ani
10:10Venice The Series - Jessica Leccia As Ani.wmv
6:44Jane Siberry - Mama Hereby.wmv
Jane Siberry - Mama Hereby.wmv Vizionare 4,6 KAcum 9 ani
10:51Idgie & Ruth At The Whistlestop Cafe.wmv
10:40Otalia - 2009 - Part 05.wmv
Otalia - 2009 - Part 05.wmv Vizionare 307Acum 9 ani
8:13Otalia - 2009 - Part 04.wmv
Otalia - 2009 - Part 04.wmv Vizionare 108Acum 9 ani
7:19Otalia - 2009 - Part 03.wmv
Otalia - 2009 - Part 03.wmv Vizionare 96Acum 9 ani
7:53Otalia - 2009 - Part 02.wmv
Otalia - 2009 - Part 02.wmv Vizionare 55Acum 9 ani
9:46Otalia - 2009 - Part 01.wmv
Otalia - 2009 - Part 01.wmv Vizionare 140Acum 9 ani
10:35Desert Hearts - Take Two.wmv
Desert Hearts - Take Two.wmv Vizionare 132 KAcum 9 ani
9:06Tilda Swinton As Orlando.wmv
Tilda Swinton As Orlando.wmv Vizionare 35 KAcum 9 ani
4:14Otalia - Tragedy.flv
Otalia - Tragedy.flv Vizionare 607Acum 9 ani
2:55She's A Lady?
She's A Lady? Vizionare 733Acum 10 ani
6:19Otalia - A Pony Smacking Anyone?
Otalia - A Pony Smacking Anyone? Vizionare 8 KAcum 10 ani
3:57Did They Really Say That? Part 02
Did They Really Say That? Part 02 Vizionare 86Acum 10 ani
4:00Did They Really Say That? Part 01
Did They Really Say That? Part 01 Vizionare 136Acum 10 ani
3:27Otalia - Rise To The Occasion
Otalia - Rise To The Occasion Vizionare 372Acum 10 ani


  • Even Meryl Streep has to bend the knee to Catherine D.

  • minute 4,21.

  • Let me get this straight. We cab see gof Torture, war d violence, but we can;t see footage of two adult human beins making love, because "that's obscene"! What ineffable crap!.

  • Semplicemente bellissima

  • Madame Deneuve just perfection💋

  • Where I find this movie?

  • The woman 😘

  • Such a great video! Just perfect. Iconic and lovely. Thank you for an eternity of adoration, Catherine.

  • Essa morena é muito gata! 😘😙❤❤❤❤❤

  • This is an awful video

  • مطلوب عرض فيلم كاترين دنييف حسنا، النهار كاملا مع الشكر

  • من روايع السينما العالمية الفرنسية

  • Great share! I'm getting lazy, tonight I just put one photo on top of a remake of Symmetry, I was tired of doing edits without images that correspons to her lyrics, OhDro! I made a moving video with... Oh Dro! Check it out, it is a Techno song with Jane's spoken in French??? Mama Hereby made me and my friend Anne cry a little, each for our onw reasons, Live in Montreal...

  • Love "Crazy" sung by Patsy Cline, which I first heard when watching this movie.

  • A thousand thank you's to the infinite power. This movie was at that time, this 17 year old's wet dream favorite of all time when it first came out, and I thank you for your posting. I felt Miriam Blaylock owned every scene she was in during this film, though I prefer the Schubert trio to Delibes. I felt Ms. Deneuve held such power/presence, style, grace, etiquette, elocution, perfect hair- makeup-dress-grooming even when "perfectly imperfect" throughout this film and your montage that I would submit to eternity in a box simply to share: a cocktail (I will get us ice), cigarette (I will light yours, should you prefer, madam), and a few days taking turns at the piano (sorry, but I have to read the sheet music, so no blood on it) in the eighties, today, and "forever, and ever?" Thank you again, you brought me joy on a dark today.

  • que te puedo decir me deja sin aliento sin energies tm nimg love you

  • sabe que eso medad much paz interior ok tkm

  • How in hell anyone would ever choose suicide over being Catherine Deneuve's blood-sucking bitch I'll never comprehend.--Good day.

  • Wonderful selection of pictures and music! Thank you, Shewmbo2000. Francois Truffaut said once, that Catherine Deneuve is such a beauty that the very look of her makes people happy. So true...

  • Les réalisateurs de la Nouvelle Vague préféraient travailler avec Georges Delerue, Antoine Duhamel et Michel Legrand plutôt que de confier leurs bébés au compositeur Michel Magne. Quant aux producteurs qui osaient des films plus sévères, ils se voyaient difficilement signer avec un musicien qui s’était essentiellement distingué sur des produits commerciaux. Alors, la proposition de Luis Bunuel tombait à pic. L’année 1967 a été celle de la malchance. Après le rejet de sa partition ambitieuse pour « Barbarella », Luis Bunuel lui a fait savoir qu’il ne retiendrait pas sa musique et que le film serait distribué avec seulement les dialogues et le bruitage. Exit un beau thème romantique, plein de nuances et de nostalgie ! Par la suite, le vieil homme a tout à fait renoncé à l’emploi de partitions, alléguant que la mise en scène suffisait à elle-même. Dans son cas particulier, il n’avait pas tort. Sa pratique lui permettait de se passer de l’aide d’un compositeur pour appuyer les émotions ou pour les prolonger. Ce n’était malheureusement pas le cas de tous les metteurs en scène … A lire l'ouvrage "Michel Magne; un destin foudroyé" de Daniel Bastié

  • ...My God the character of "Cay Rivers" still occupies a huge chunk of my heart.

    • in 2017 I still agree with you! 👏👏👏👏

  • :)

  • Porque no hay cap de la cuarta temporada. O donde los consigo .son los cap donde ana y teresa se pelearon y estaba rosa

  • Amazing that woman!

  • she delightful!!!!!!!

  • God Save The Queen!

  • Love the way you put this ls the all together. We sisters are still playing it the way we are told--shocking, huh? Not! Had to get that off my chest. There is a price to pay, unless you are Meg Whitman.

  • phim nay rat hay ,co noi dung that the nhi va tunh can ,chi tiec la Hong co dich . that tiec !!!

  • Well done video--It's just like you're watching the whole movie again :)

  • Hi, unfortunately the site is no longer available as it was forced to close due to copywrite issues.

  • What is the site called? I'm very interested in watching them with subtitles! :)

  • i wish this movie could be true

  • gente, onde consigo baixar este filme?

    • Patrícia... Saiu esse filme em um box da Versátil com o título de: Mulheres na direção. Se você quiser comprar. Dá para ver no site Amy Scan se não me engano. Espero ter ajudado.

  • My woman,my favorite film and my classic melody.

  • Thank you, i love it

  • Saint Tilda. I have always loved you.

  • oh i see..thanks for putting this up anyways..

  • Hi, we never found out. The writers planned to show more in the second series. But the show was cancelled, and it was never made.

  • Dedicated to Sarah Phillips student teacher lover

  • Absolutely what a woman must experience to understand the universe and why man is apart of it.

  • what happen to sharon and beth?

  • She is amazing!!! I love her since I was 12 years old!

  • thankyou its lovely to see clips of this film again after nearly so long xxx

  • hey sexybabe6871 i lost my family and a few friends when i came out after nearly ten years of hiding who and what i was, but time has moved on and its just gone 16 years on that i came out and my family came back to me and so did some friends but i have smiled and laughed and cried along the road of being a gay women but i would not changed anything that i have done or learnt along thge way, i hurt my parents most of all but they came round, R.I.P mum i love you xxxx

    • God works in mysterious ways. I am straight and have never married. I am in 50s and all I can hope to find a steady girlfriend. I last had one two years ago. Obviously God is different to all of us.

  • Not sure if this is what you want to know, but the two songs I've used are Easy Terms and Ruby, sung by Christine Collister.

  • Hello, for those who want to know: the song is 'You Were Meant For Me' , sung by Ute Lemper.

  • patsy cline - leaving on your mind ^^ i love this song!!!

  • she has the face of a classic beauty

  • who sings this?

    • She G'Day leavin’ on your mind - patsy cline

  • well done!

  • A film about human existence, in which the boundary of sexuality has no limit, after all, to nosos carnal eyes see what the matter shows

  • pas compris.. :/

  • Well that is explains it. Massenet was a great composer!!! thanks for sharing!

  • That's ridiculous. There was nothing obscene about this movie. Ignorant homophobics with superiority complex.

  • JAki utwor leci w podkladzie do filmu?

  • This is one of the most perfect movies ever made. I just love it!!!!

  • Great Upload ! Marlene Forever !! Thanks for sharing :-)

  • Wonderfully thrilling! Great job with the upload - Thanks for sharing.

  • She's a cute Lady, love her smile... and her muscles! ;)

  • Hi?Are you talking about the Atmoment on daily motion? I've seen it before but now it's gone. Where could I find the English subtitle? Thanks!

  • Catherine Deneuve preciosa

  • be yourself because when i came out i saw two worlds, one for gays one for str8ts, unless you learn to understand that some people are diff and that goes for me too then we fail to realize that we are all diff and alw ant diff things xx

  • @1bolter1 what happened when you came out how did people react

  • great clip! great job.

  • @roberto5567 Hi, the singer is Jimmy Sommerville.

  • music?

  • Excelente Film, una joya!!!

  • nice video! This is a great movie.

  • Tilda is Divine Mother, the Goddess.


  • She is so beautiful and talented too.

  • @coloratura21 Hello, glad you like the music. It was on a compilation cd I own, so didn't know where it was from. Have just found out it's called meditation, and is from the opera Thais by somebody called Jules Massenet.

  • what music is this?? its perfect!

  • what music is this?? its perfect!

  • Beautiful upload, and the music - all those completely open exhalations, harmonics, overtones.... absolutely divine! Keep up the good work.

  • Imho this is the best lesbian movie ever made. Desert of the Heart was a wonderful book by the late great Jane Rule - R.I P professor. Donna Deich did a fantastic job - what a movie - passion, delicacy and love - all those smouldering looks and burning kisses - and now your wonderful montage with Patsy singing Willie Nelson's unequaled classic and my jazz goddess Ella.... There never was onscreen chemistry like there was between these two - and they are still so beautiful! GREAT JOB! Thanks!

  • ani and lara! forever!

  • They're due to appear in a one off special. I think in September, but I'm not sure.

  • my journey through the lives and loves of the women that have passed in and out of my life have been lovely and if it wasnt for this film i would not be the person who i am today, a very out and proud gay women with a cheeky smile and i say thankyou for this film and for the guts to stand up to people who said no stay quiet xx

  • i saw this movie and i knew i had to do what i had to do and i came out and i will always be thankfull for films like this xxx love to all x

  • Great Job! :)

  • I love Jessica. I don't think that she gets enough recognition.

  • @Shewmbo2000 really good! i love it. so glad you shared it :)

  • @okaarevik Thank You, glad you like the song.

  • @hazenessgirl The words are in latin, so I don't know what they mean. Sorry!

  • thank you so much for sharing, this song is w o n d e r f u l, made my day/ night :) love from norway

  • i love this vidio and the song allso i wonder what the meaning of this song i mean the word ...

  • hello from puerto rico!!thanks you for the support our puertorican actress jesica leccia!!thanks you for the videos!! gracias por ser parte de su exito!! gracias.

  • hola!!hello from puerto rico!!! thanks you for the support own actress puerto rican jessica leccia!! very proud for jessica!!! thanks you!!

  • Quelle musique ! tres bien appliquées les photos.

  • Hi. The artist is Enya, the songs are as follows: After Ventus, The First Of Autumn and Tempus Vernum.

  • song and artist name please???

  • hahahahah so funny xD

  • I do thank my angel has an excellent day

  • @Ariane67 Thank you. Glad you liked it!

  • Thank you so much for your great work ! This movie means more for me than I could say and it always moves me to see captures or to hear songs from the soundtrack like Patsy Cline's Crazy or Ella Fitzgerald's I wished on the moon... You so perfectly choiced images here, depicting the very beautiful chemistry between Vivian and Kay, even if you - alas - weren't free to put some pictures of their unforgettable love scenes (... but they're in our hearts anyway !). Many thanks for the journey !! ^_^

  • Great mix.

  • I agree that Jessica looks better when she has some pounds on her. Most women do. Women are suppose to look like women, not young skinny boys. Skinny is not pretty,but a full figured women looks healthier and more attractive than women with protruding bones that look older than what they are. Well Jessica looks beautiful the way she looks now. Good for her for not buying the Hollywood HYPE of SIZE 0

  • If you want to see video clips with subtitles. Please go to the A&t site at My videos are just selected still photos to music. Sorry for any confusion or diasapointment.

  • she's so adorable!!