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Epitaph Records is an independent music label founded in Los Angeles by Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz. Early releases from a variety of punk heavyweights spawned what became known as the 90s punk explosion. Along the way Epitaph proudly launched its sister label ANTI-, representing unique and distinguished acts. From the beginning Epitaph's mission has been to serve the musicians on its diverse and creative roster - an artist-first model, radical twenty years ago, and much imitated today.


0:35The Garden - Sink
The Garden - Sink Vizionare 12 KAcum 19 Zile
3:22THICK - "Bumming Me Out"
THICK - "Bumming Me Out" Vizionare 13 KAcum 12 Zile
3:50Early Eyes - "I'm Enough"
Early Eyes - "I'm Enough" Vizionare 16 KAcum 18 Zile
3:25Neverkept - "Complicated"
Neverkept - "Complicated" Vizionare 33 KAcum 27 Zile
0:32The Garden - Dumpster
The Garden - Dumpster Vizionare 16 KAcum 19 Zile
3:29Greer - "Song For Me"
Greer - "Song For Me" Vizionare 11 KAcum 22 Zile
3:20The Frights - "25" (Full Album Stream)
The Frights - "25" (Full Album Stream) Vizionare 1,8 KAcum 26 Zile
4:35The Frights - "Love Grows Cold"
The Frights - "Love Grows Cold" Vizionare 3,2 KAcum 26 Zile
3:06The Frights - "All I Ask" (Full Album Stream)
4:23The Frights - "Kicking Cans" (Full Album Stream)
2:29The Frights - "24" (Full Album Stream)
The Frights - "24" (Full Album Stream) Vizionare 3,1 KAcum 26 Zile
3:33The Frights - "Leave Me Alone"
The Frights - "Leave Me Alone" Vizionare 20 KAcum 27 Zile
1:17Nascar Aloe - "IRAQ (IWRECK)"
Nascar Aloe - "IRAQ (IWRECK)" Vizionare 61 KAcum lună
3:19The Garden - "Clench To Stay Awake"
The Garden - "Clench To Stay Awake" Vizionare 33 KAcum lună
3:07THICK - "5 Years Behind"
THICK - "5 Years Behind" Vizionare 20 KAcum lună
2:33guccihighwaters - "highschool" (Lyric Video)
3:41LiL Lotus - "Never Get Away"
LiL Lotus - "Never Get Away" Vizionare 254 KAcum 2 luni
19:03Bad Religion Christmas Yule Log
Bad Religion Christmas Yule Log Vizionare 69 KAcum 2 luni
3:59Remo Drive - "Shakin'" (Erik Paulson Mix)
3:53Falling In Reverse - "Popular Monster"
Falling In Reverse - "Popular Monster" Vizionare 11 milAcum 3 luni
4:08Architects - "A Wasted Hymn" (Acoustic)
Architects - "A Wasted Hymn" (Acoustic) Vizionare 241 KAcum 3 luni
2:36Raised Fist - "Polarized" (Full Album Stream)
3:25Raised Fist - "Oblivious" (Full Album Stream)
2:45Raised Fist - "Shadows" (Full Album Stream)
2:40Raised Fist - "Murder" (Full Album Stream)
3:01Raised Fist - "Seventh" (Full Album Stream)
2:36HUNNY - "Saturday Night" (feat. Bleached)
2:49Raised Fist - "Venomous"
Raised Fist - "Venomous" Vizionare 243 KAcum 3 luni
3:54Too Close To Touch - "Chasing Highs"
Too Close To Touch - "Chasing Highs" Vizionare 44 KAcum 3 luni
3:50Teenage Wrist - "Mary"
Teenage Wrist - "Mary" Vizionare 15 KAcum 4 luni
2:24Ariel View - "Ecstasy" (Full Album Stream)
3:02Ariel View - "New York" (Full Album Stream)
2:58Ariel View - "Gone" (Full Album Stream)
3:44Ariel View - "Succubus" (Full Album Stream)
2:24Ariel View - "Homespun" (Full Album Stream)
4:05Claw Hammer - "William Tell"
Claw Hammer - "William Tell" Vizionare 1,9 KAcum 4 luni
3:20Culture Abuse - "Calm E"
Culture Abuse - "Calm E" Vizionare 17 KAcum 4 luni
3:48Raised Fist - "Into This World"
Raised Fist - "Into This World" Vizionare 367 KAcum 4 luni
3:11Ariel View - "Midnight" (Full Album Stream)
2:59Remo Drive - "Romeo"
Remo Drive - "Romeo" Vizionare 52 KAcum 4 luni
3:38Ariel View - "Summertime"
Ariel View - "Summertime" Vizionare 10 KAcum 5 luni
5:37Thrice - "Beyond The Pines" (Lyric Video)
3:03The Menzingers - "Strangers Forever"
The Menzingers - "Strangers Forever" Vizionare 214 KAcum 5 luni
3:57Bad Religion 'Age Of Unreason' Mini Doc
Bad Religion 'Age Of Unreason' Mini Doc Vizionare 32 KAcum 5 luni
2:39Save Face - "Teenagers" (Cover)
Save Face - "Teenagers" (Cover) Vizionare 20 KAcum 5 luni
2:39Raised Fist - "Anthem" (Official Lyric Video)
3:33Touché Amoré - "Deflector"
Touché Amoré - "Deflector" Vizionare 37 KAcum 5 luni
3:48Ariel View - "Until My Lungs Are Cleared"
3:07Remo Drive - "Nearly Perfect"
Remo Drive - "Nearly Perfect" Vizionare 27 KAcum 5 luni
3:55Save Face - "Bummer"
Save Face - "Bummer" Vizionare 44 KAcum 6 luni
3:18The Sidekicks - "Feed II"
The Sidekicks - "Feed II" Vizionare 9 KAcum 6 luni
2:56Off With Their Heads - "No Love"
Off With Their Heads - "No Love" Vizionare 43 KAcum 7 luni
3:41Ariel View - "Friday Nights" (Lyric Video)
3:09HUNNY - "Ritalin" (Full Album Stream)
HUNNY - "Ritalin" (Full Album Stream) Vizionare 5 KAcum 7 luni
2:52HUNNY - "Change Ur Mind" (Full Album Stream)
3:33Off With Their Heads - "Be Good"
Off With Their Heads - "Be Good" Vizionare 35 KAcum 7 luni
3:27The Menzingers - "Anna"
The Menzingers - "Anna" Vizionare 329 KAcum 7 luni
4:21The Sidekicks - "Ode To Jerry"
The Sidekicks - "Ode To Jerry" Vizionare 13 KAcum 7 luni


  • Awesome! Bone chilling! 👍👌🤘👊

  • We are so lucky

  • "I'm weird and my pants are too tight." Ah, I remember.

  • You gotta keep 'em separated [Verse 1] Like the latest fashion Like a spreading disease The kids are strappin' on their way to the classroom Getting weapons with the greatest of ease The gangs stake out their own campus locale And if they catch you slippin', then it's all over, pal If one guy's colors and the other's don't mix They're gonna bash it up, bash it up, bash it up, bash it up... [Chorus] Hey! Man, you talkin' back to me? Take him out You gotta keep 'em separated Hey! Man, you disrespectin' me? Take him out You gotta keep 'em separated Hey, they don't pay no mind If you're under 18, you won't be doing any time Hey! Come out and play [Verse 2] By the time you hear the siren It's already too late One goes to the morgue and the other to jail One guy's wasted and the other's a waste It goes down the same as the thousand before No one's getting smarter No one's learning the score Your never ending spree of death and violence and hate Is gonna tie your own rope, tie your own rope, tie your own... [Chorus] Hey! Man, you disrespectin' me? Take him out You gotta keep 'em separated Hey! Man, you talkin' back to me? Take him out You gotta keep 'em separated Hey, they don't pay no mind If you're under 18, you won't be doing any time Hey! Come out and play [Verse 3] It goes down the same as the thousand before No one's getting smarter No one's learning the score Your never ending spree of death and violence and hate Is gonna tie your own rope, tie your own rope, tie your own... [Chorus] Hey! Man, you talkin' back to me? Take him out You gotta keep 'em separated Hey! Man, you disrespectin' me? Take him out You gotta keep 'em separated Hey, they don't pay no mind If you're under 18, you won't be doing any time Hey! Come out and play

  • This is beautiful. I never really listened to this band in my "emo days", but this is a work of art.

  • This might be one of the worst things i ever heard..... those effects.... wow

  • Had a heart attack when he started screaming 😂 typical Ronnie

  • not good enough for the truth cliche... re imagined pls....

  • from this point onwards my taste in the band kinda went away,but was this song good tho

  • Da piano slaps

  • Can you feel my hearth ¡!¡! .

  • that moment you’re iffy about it, then you listen to it all the time and become obsessed

  • Wow. Your range is amazing. A TRUE artist. Honestly it's fucking impressive. Keep it up man. You are swiftly becoming my favorite musician because of it.

  • Lo único bueno es corey el resto de la canción es pura mierda

  • I listen to this everytime I feel that I hate the family and house where I'm forced to live, I hope to get out of this hell soon

  • Listening to these lyrics after a long time but now in a different tone of voice and having dealt with more adult life, this song hits right in the feels. It has a meaning so much deeper than I thought it did and damn, I really needed a message like the one from this song right now. Still my favorite band of all times!

  • Won't marry anyone who wont like both the original and this

  • Same lyrics but two completely different feelings

  • The music video reminds me of corpse bride, anyone else?

  • This is giving me the nightmare before Christmas vibes

  • best part 2:32 iyyaaawwwwwwwwwww

  • I really wish the ending continued. It's epic and beautiful at the same time.

  • I've been having a particularly dark day with ancient dark thoughts creeping in that I haven't had the displeasure of speaking to since I was a teenager. Thank you for this song. Your music is here to vent to when there's no one else.

  • El momento donde la canción pega su momento hard fue muy épico!!!!! ♥️

  • I like both versions

  • that intro is one of the best tunes i've heard, they kinda fucked it up on verses. anyways thats what the garden is, unpredictable as fuck. props to the band, thy mission is perfect.

  • Dude, this made me cry. Absolute perfection! From scream singing the original to this masterpiece.

  • '' Where the Fuck Is your GOD now, bitch? ''


  • tank u

  • Ronnie is the modern day Freddie hands down!! His range is amazing, e all know this but this version really shows it

  • Ohh that transition tho ... No okay ✌😭🤣😹❤️❤️❤️♥

  • Some one out there said Ronnie can’t shine and then he was like fuck that ... here’s this lol

  • I’ve lost my fucking mind. Literally but helps piece it together❤️

  • "my hands are always shaking bodies always aching and it hurt ens when I pee" THAT'S IT! That's how I will sing it and don't you DEAR fuck with me okeh!?

  • Brought back all the feelings of some of the most cherished moments in my life. Damn just so good.

  • It's official never thought I'd say it but Falling In Reverse has just become my favorite band this then the new reimagined version HOLY SHIT!!!

  • It’s pretty fitting the first time I heard this song was in the beginning of high school, and I’m now I’m hearing this version as I’m wrapping up college. Fuck I’m getting old...

  • Ronnie Radke is my favorite controversial mainstream rockstar.

  • Es que de verdad que re amé la versión <3

  • Wow its a really good f* version, brow! What a good job, revitalized that song in many many ways 🤓 Congrats from your fans, from Brazil 👏👏👏

  • Falling In Reverse - "The Drug In Me Is You" In The Style Of Panic! At The Disco*

  • Goosebumps, that is all

  • I had flash backs to middle school. I loved this so much.

  • I can already tell this is gonna end up in my top 100 spotify songs 2020

  • The girl is the same girl from the album art if you didn't notice.

  • Wasn’t a phase

  • Dont know why this reminds me of prayer of a refugee

  • Damn, im feeling it!🖤

  • Beautiful

  • Thanks Ronnie Radke, still great as ever

  • Original always will be better 🖤🤷🏼‍♂️

  • tell me how much makeup they used to hide Ronnies tattoos

  • Ronnie's so talented I cannot I love this band with my whole goddamn SOUL

  • When you just ate your pizza without enjoying it

  • 2020 ?

  • The fact that people are never going to hear this song makes me sad. oh so sad

  • I remember finding this band at such a hard time in my life, waited 7 years to see them in person a few year back, they were an opening band, I swear I was the loudest person singing aloud in the crowd. Know every lyric to every song, hearing such a different version is so amazing

  • 2020 anyone!??


  • Love this!!!! The original is good, but this.... goddamn guys! Goosebumps for fucking days!

  • "show me pictures of me and Loretta" If I see this ad one more time I'm gonna lose my fuckin shit

  • They where chasing highs, that’s why they made this radio single guys. Still good tho.

  • Dang ~ he can do everything

  • Reliving my childhood 😔

  • ronnie always has this sense of humor to him and his creativity idk how he’s this talented. i haven’t seen him in so long it’s wild to see how he’s evolved.

  • I WASNT AWARE HOW BADLY I NEEDED THIS. Everything about this is so perfect.

  • seeing corey and ronnie together blew my mind 😳

  • Ronnie Taylor Corey radke

  • wow.

  • this song has been one of my staples since i first started listening to alternative music. this made me cry! it gives me so many more emotions now

  • i remember listening to the original song on repeat for days. this is BEAUTIFUL. everything about it is.

  • I love that he almost identically brought Jacky's guitar solo to the piano, it really makes me glad to see that part live on in this version of the song

  • Lorenzo is in the video. Wow they are friends now

  • Wow! I have loved this band forever. This just hit me in my heart. I’m sobbing 😭😭.

  • Oh my god!!!! This is so great!

  • 2:50 Ronnie has vampire fangs 😮

  • I NEED to see Architects live after hearing this

  • I've been waiting since I was 13 for this song to be like this. I can't believe he redid it. I've never been more in love. Like this song was my song. Saved me from killing myself from own misery cause I knew others were struggling with it too

  • Holy shit, that final was badaas! I was screaming too!!

  • I like this version but am i the only one who likes the original more?

  • The sheer emotion in this version is insane, gave me the chills now have this on repeat

  • 2020 anyone??

  • Damn man, the fuckin feels I get from this song is incredible.. good times in college.. Also, FUCK my ex-girlfriend at the time.. lmao God bless yall, 🤘🙏✌

  • Every time I listen too this song it becomes more powerful and emotional

  • eu já escutei e chorei umas 300 vezes

  • its so fucking perfect

  • We all gotta grow up, but it's ok to be a Jackass sometimes. Especially with your buds.

  • Props to the thiccc ballerina

  • I’d let him kick me right in the p*ssy

  • This is art

  • So beautiful,Ronnie I love your voice, that's what got me into ETF in the first place

  • Awful

  • This is absolute beauty

  • This song was always good people were tripping

  • I'm speachless

  • will never forget when i saw the original at warped tour i was singing and jumping so hard makes me emotional

  • FUCK I LOVE THIS SO MUCH I loved the original too but this brought me back to the old days 😭😭😭 Ronnie kills it every SINGLE time!!! Omg I’m deceased.

  • Master piece

  • lyrics are badass - harder than a hammer throw