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1:40Rams Goal Line Stand!
Rams Goal Line Stand! Vizionare 17 KAcum o Zi
12:27Rams vs. Browns Week 3 Highlights | NFL 2019
0:56Rams Open 2nd Half w/ TD Drive!
Rams Open 2nd Half w/ TD Drive! Vizionare 14 KAcum o Zi
13:03Lions vs. Eagles Week 3 Highlights | NFL 2019
0:37Jamal Adams Takes Flight on Pick 6
Jamal Adams Takes Flight on Pick 6 Vizionare 26 KAcum o Zi
0:52Dak Hits Amari Cooper for Six!
Dak Hits Amari Cooper for Six! Vizionare 131 KAcum o Zi
0:38Tom Brady Connects w/ Dorsett for 25-Yd TD
36:55NFL Week 3 Preview Show
NFL Week 3 Preview Show Vizionare 20 KAcum 4 Zile
10:05Patriots Release Antonio Brown!
Patriots Release Antonio Brown! Vizionare 1,2 milAcum 3 Zile
13:17Week 3 NFL Game Picks!
Week 3 NFL Game Picks! Vizionare 157 KAcum 4 Zile
10:05Titans vs. Jaguars Week 3 Highlights | NFL 2019
0:57Gardner Minchews Up Titans Defense!
Gardner Minchews Up Titans Defense! Vizionare 102 KAcum 4 Zile
1:21:52NFL Week 3 FULL Preview Show | Around the NFL
1:43Week 3 Power Rankings!
Week 3 Power Rankings! Vizionare 137 KAcum 6 Zile
9:10Daniel Jones Named Starter!
Daniel Jones Named Starter! Vizionare 82 KAcum 6 Zile
3:39Top 15 Plays from Week 2 | NFL 2019 Highlights
11:02Browns vs. Jets Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2019


  • Engrams 1 handed catch?

  • 8:08 how do u miss that offsides call?!

  • ruined by terrible calls like 10:42

  • Mahomes and Lamar are great, the Chiefs defense is garbage haha

  • Browns couldn't win a game that Goff was gifting them. XD

  • The Patriots deserve no credit for being 3-0 considering who they’ve played

  • No bs I swear on everything I love I created this dude in NFL streets and brought him to Madden way back when. Even made him sidearm #15 and can run.

  • #1 needs to go back to baseball. He’s way out of his league and he’s utterly pathetic! Great experiment with the midget running the ‘chuck ‘n duck’. Good news is they’ll have a new GM, coach, and quarterback next year as well!!!

  • And they compared him to Jeremy Shockey lmao

  • The Vikings offensive line play and rushing attack much improved this season...

  • That was a huge win for the Giants franchise. For the short term & long term success. It's giving the NY fan base hope for the future & the Giants are still capable of winning the NFC East division.

  • 0:22 that was a good return and all, but how is holding not called at the top???? ??? they literally took the only guy that could've gotten a tackle on the returner and just held him there, and there was no call???

  • 3-0

  • Same old browns, I new it

  • 2nd Quarter CHIEFS

  • Remember even with all that talent.....they are still the Browns

  • This Cardinals offense is not good enuf. Death by a million paper cuts only works if the other team doesn't score. Ur asking alot of ur defense. It's only so long before guys revolt like they did with chip Kelly. At least he won to buy himself time. They better get good fast

  • We are stsrting to see how bust these oklahoma qb is different from the pros

  • NFL is seriously becoming hard to watch. Can't touch the quarterback, penalties for no reason every 5 minutes. And countless other reasons....... I think I'm done lol

  • Not gonna lie. That was a great game. Jones played great.

  • as a browns fan our offense is just lack luster

  • Where are the Daniel Jones haters at now.

  • Hate to say this The eagles gonna be ass this year 😂 9-7 maybe wild card 50/50 but Dallas gonna win the division 14-2 Dallas cowboys 🤔

  • the browns need to watch this

  • Congratulations to the Giants, the comeback of the week....

  • 0:38 that hold didn’t look good that ball looked sideways

  • Dear dolphins fans a cowboys fan here and I have to say your team showed a lot of passion and spark with Rosen at QB they cowboys woke up the second half but y’all have have played teams deemed to be contenders.. if they clean up the penalties and capitalize on big plays the future is bright and Flores is a great coach best of luck to y’all going forward 👍🏻

  • If Alvin Kamara stay like this then Saints will be ok. Dude is in beast mode

  • Wait...... hold up..... all the experts told me Jones was awful though. That’s odd

  • If Harbaugh didn't go for it on fourth from thr opposing 40 in the second quarter and kick mf extra points....

  • Baker is so bad

  • Seahawk nation

  • Who Dat All day every day!! We’re gonna be alright till Drew is back

  • Kyle Juszczyk best FB in the NFL.

  • First and Last lol

  • Baker YOU HAD JARVIS UNDERNEATH!!!!!!!!! Damn good game though

  • Beast

  • Watching a kicker running for a touchdown is like watching a baseball relief pitcher hitting a homer run. Doesn’t happen often.

  • So glad I took Kamara for my first fantasy pick

  • Browns are still just the Browns.12-4, 11-5, 10-6 and 9-7 I can’t see it.They be LUCKY to end the season at 8-8 SMH 🤦‍♂️

  • Come back Odell. we Miss you baby boy :'(

  • MVP is Jones and the Bucs kicker

  • I love my Philadelphia eagles fly eagles fly

  • helo beyonce😘😘😘😘 from indonesia asia🤗🤗

  • Future H.O.F

  • This one is hard cause Skins did score on Dallas defense which is good but my problem is bears defense could score the winning points hmmmmm

  • Apparently checking down to one of the most talented running backs in the last decade works well, keep it up Teddy B!

  • Shoulda had Bilichick talk instead of Parcells. Every time Bilichick speaks about LT you can hear the deep appreciation in his voice

  • I knew our O line would be suspect but god damn

  • The defense hasn't allowed a touchdown since the Chiefs AFC divisional championship game (Jets'd only td's were a muffed punt and pick 6 on Stidhman) . Were going into week 4 of the following season. Let that sink in for a second. Collins is playing within the scheme and has matured so much as a player. The defense is flat out amazing right now. A pleasure to watch. Pats vs. Chiefs later in the season is going to be a true test.

  • 10:17 play of the game secretly

  • A draw on 4th and 9? Maybe a good call on 3rd and 9... But 4th!!?

  • we should've kicked it. We're great at that. And are receivers were shitty all game.

  • Smh... You had one job 😒

  • You guys sick ass f.... you guy would win this game...

  • Kyle Allen is new eyes, a new trust, and he seems to believe in his lineman more than cam does. I loved watching a pocket qb for a change

  • Lamar Jackson with awful throws 🙃

  • Bills won't have a 'great' record but I'm 100% sure they will make the playoffs

  • Kyler is great. The people who hate him are the same guys calling every top prospect a bust until they get one right. They don't watch or know anything about football lolol.

  • Kyler Murray is a RB playing QB

  • Tham rams has the best defensive in the league right now lol

  • 6:35 It's good!! 😂😂

  • Don't worry Raider fans, Chuckie has a plan, lol.

  • Biggest takeaways from this game, Both defenses are stout Both QBs are kinda mediocre

  • 901

  • DAMMIT!!! My Bengals mk it so hard to stay a fan. so sad and very upsetting.

  • Prepare yourself for TANK BOWL!

  • Goff is not good

  • When the boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Gardner Minshew.

  • Give the Browns a few weeks to find their offense. At least they are getting more and more competitive.

  • Blackboys cant play QB

  • People so ready to make jokes about hype and this and that after 3 games??? Hung in there with the Rams and lost because of bad play calling. Yes I am a fan, but I can see good things on the horizon. Yes it's gonna take a little bit of time for the offense to gel, and yes our entire secondary was out and the Rams barely won. Keep up with the jokes, because I got a feeling when they figure it out, we'll be the ones laughing in the end!!

  • To any Bengals fans, the difference in the Bungholes and just about every opponent is the ability to make plays, especially when they are needed. The Bengals are veterans on BOTH sides of the line of scrimmage. You add in bad tackling and stupid penalties and this is the end result, 0-3, with many more losses to come as poor performance and essentially thug ball takes over AGAIN in Cincinnati.

  • Only if UH could have beat Tulane this would have been a perfect week

  • Good game

  • With regard to all the excitement... Are the Buccs that good of a team, can you measure how good you (especially the QB) are, using them as a yardstick? Just an interested observer.

  • He cant even sing

  • 6:58 is that fumble in which Baker and chubb were running the ball together.

  • Didn't realize Cody Parkey found a new squad...

  • ¶Still watching. §3W - ØL. •☻•

  • I've heard players say they heard a "whoosh" when he through a pass it was so hard.

  • remember this type and this day 9/23/2019..the afc title game will be ravens/chiefs and the overall point total will be 48-40 Kansas city..these are two great teams..and that's coming from a #BEARS FAN

  • I miss him as a Raven.

  • Thank you kicker for choking 😊🙏🏾

  • One thing that cant be denied is that Kyler Murray is the truth and Christian Mccaffery needs to be talked about in the top three to five best rbs in the league

  • Are we really still naysaying Case Keenum? Come on. Apparently the dude has to throw for 500 yards a week and 6 TDs to get the naysayers off his back. For real - the Redskins are losing because their team is playing like hot garbage. They gave up almost 500 yards to the Cowboys. But yeah, it's Keenum's fault.

  • Well everyone terrified about how we would do without cam can rest easy

  • Not one run in the red zone 😱

  • And people thought the Browns were gonna be great

  • I can't believe the Cowboys haven't retired the Manster's jersey.

  • L

  • The first game of the greatest player of all time. We're not worthy

  • Colin kaepernick is the answer to one of these trash teams the jets offense is sorry i feel bad for leveon

  • patriots 3-0 looking this...

  • Wow!

  • The NFL sucks now.

  • Can the Oline give this man a pocket for like 5 seconds!?

  • NinerEmpier

  • Yea kitchens is fired bruh 😹

  • Rivers losing is always top 3 for me.