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6:21⭐ BoA 보아 'Starry Night' Interview 🌟
3:35BoA 보아 'Starry Night (Feat. Crush)' MV
3:40EXO 엑소 'Obsession' MV
EXO 엑소 'Obsession' MV Vizionare 38 milAcum 19 Zile
0:53EXO 엑소 'Obsession' MV Teaser
EXO 엑소 'Obsession' MV Teaser Vizionare 2,2 milAcum 19 Zile
3:43SUNGMIN 성민 '오르골 (Orgel)' MV
SUNGMIN 성민 '오르골 (Orgel)' MV Vizionare 471 KAcum 24 Zile
3:56WayV 威神V 'Love Talk' MV
WayV 威神V 'Love Talk' MV Vizionare 6 milAcum lună
0:28WayV 威神V 'Love Talk' MV Teaser
WayV 威神V 'Love Talk' MV Teaser Vizionare 327 KAcum lună
3:37TAEYEON 태연 '불티 (Spark)' Dance Practice
3:58WayV 威神V '天选之城 (Moonwalk)' MV
3:46TAEYEON 태연 '불티 (Spark)' MV
TAEYEON 태연 '불티 (Spark)' MV Vizionare 14 milAcum lună
0:16TAEYEON 태연 '불티 (Spark)' MV Teaser #2
0:18TAEYEON 태연 '불티 (Spark)' MV Teaser #1
3:50SUPER JUNIOR 슈퍼주니어 'SUPER Clap' MV
30:07SuperM Premiere Event
SuperM Premiere Event Vizionare 683 KAcum 2 luni
3:45SUPER JUNIOR 슈퍼주니어 'I Think I' MV
4:45SuperM 슈퍼엠 ‘Jopping’ MV
SuperM 슈퍼엠 ‘Jopping’ MV Vizionare 48 milAcum 2 luni
0:31SuperM 슈퍼엠 ‘Jopping’ MV Teaser
SuperM 슈퍼엠 ‘Jopping’ MV Teaser Vizionare 2,7 milAcum 2 luni
5:24SuperM Performance Video : TEN X TAEMIN X KAI
1:52SuperM Group Trailer
SuperM Group Trailer Vizionare 3,3 milAcum 2 luni
1:40SuperM Trailer : TAEMIN
SuperM Trailer : TAEMIN Vizionare 1,1 milAcum 2 luni
1:32SuperM Trailer : KAI
SuperM Trailer : KAI Vizionare 1,8 milAcum 2 luni
1:47SuperM Trailer : MARK
SuperM Trailer : MARK Vizionare 2 milAcum 3 luni



  • good

  • Sehun rap


  • why the fuck does this have over 150k less views than the doyoung trailer? ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND

  • Phenomenal talent VOCALS.

  • Can we hit 40m for this today

  • Taeil's voice is just pure and hits me right in the heart.

  • Doyoung's high note 3:02 Taeil's high note 3:34. You can thank me later

  • 1:58 taeyeon n friends

  • Ganteng tau akumau liat muka asli nya

  • I never heard of her, but this song sounds already so good

  • *exo*

  • good luck to you guys!

  • 昔は少女時代多すぎて誰が誰かわからん状態だったけど 今のK-POPアイドルと変わんないし よく考えたら今も昔もAKBの方が人数多いわw

  • We need to win atleast 10wins for this song

  • I am so in love with this man. And Nick Jonas.

  • 37.515.481

  • Almost 1M!!! Let’s get it!

  • Avex tracks much better

  • D.o

  • Xiumin

  • I really want to hear chen in a rock album

  • EXOLs let's stream the inkigayo stage with the MV Both are important for the win today on inkigayo

  • من اوبسشن.. Arab exol

  • Lay

  • Chen

  • Obsession 100M view's 3M like خلال شهر نحن قادرين على فعلها لكن فقط إذا كنا يد بيد We are one EXO_L Arab

  • Sehun


  • Suho

  • Sujo

  • Exo


  • Exo ❤❤❤

  • اكسوالز اعلمو ستريم ستيج للانكيجايو الرسمي موالفانكام خلينا نجيب الفوز السادس اليوم بالانكيجايو

    • @•MeMe EXO-L• تفضلي rotorrentinfo/watch/p3_WqsO_0nudqp4.html

    • عطيني رابط الفيديو الي من القناة الاصليه

  • I'm crying 😭😭😭

  • Ini lagu buat org2 yg terobsesi sm mereka ya contohnya saesang2🤣🤣

  • 37.515.480 14/12/2019 19:50

  • Spread this to others please

  • apronto, comewrcyal maior do que a musica, mereço

  • 실트 보고 온 사람?

  • Baekhyun i love u ...... 내 사랑♡♡♡

  • This song made me cry. Their vocals. Their visuals. The fact it sounds like it could be a sing from a Kdrama. Perfection.

  • Why are EXOLs like this?? They are always bragging about EXO everywhere, but they cannot stream? 17 days since its release and we could not even reach 40M.

  • Pororo Kyungsoo 😭

  • Exo let's go

  • 😢❤

  • serase eu bater uma foto ela percebe???aaa

  • I'm literally shaking. Those vocals... mmm... ah... *make dramatic-ass noises* flawless

  • Alapyuuuuu

  • We need this to win later

  • Let's go eggs

  • اي اكس او

  • tem uma menina aqui atrás de mimkkk infelizmente timida demais pra fazer amizade, mas que ela é bonita é

  • Kinhs

  • Quality

  • It took me a while to understand how the Rupiah currency was being written lmao. And I got lost during the whole taxi discount situation.

  • o dghk todo feliziho mordendo aquela...rosquinha..(?) ititi meu nenem

  • They are kings of the k-pop

  • 37.512.476

  • Can't wait. I love her music.

  • We should win later eggs

  • QUESO~~~~

  • lets win for today

  • Jonghyun. It’s 2 am again. I can’t sleep as usual. I want to tell you that your voice is angelic. You are an artist. Poet. You’re one of the reasons I try not to be swallowed by depression. Even like this, you inspire me. We are a lot alike. So I’m scared. But I know you’re with me, and I’m hopeful I will be okay one day. I know you fought a lot with this illness. And you’re so Brave for doing so. I will do it to. I know you’d want me to get better. You were so good. So kind and hardworking and emotional. You were so complex. I’m always fascinated by you. I miss you so much. I got your ‘she is’ album and it arrived yesterday. I put the Photocard in my wallet so I can look at you whenever I want or need. You’re my anchor. I know it’s stupid but I feel like you’re still here. Listening to your music, watching your music videos and interviews. I will try to keep your legacy alive. Even though it might not mean a lot, I will love you for a very long time as I already do. I don’t think a day has passed without thinking about you in 2 years or more. Is it really and obsession if it comes from listening to your music and shinee’s? I think about what books you might enjoy. If you would like the park I’m at where you can see the moon so pretty surrounded by shiny stars. I think about you with peacefulness. I hope I can be at peace sometime too. Maybe sooner or later. Who knows what the time can bring? Even though time passes by so quickly I feel like I’m on the run for nothing. What even means to live? Isn’t it just about being here? I admit I think about death too but I try not to be suicidal. They’re just thoughts. And I hope they will pass just like time does. Anyway, I didn’t mean to write such a long ass dramatic comment but I got along with the flow so here it comes.

  • SM, we want a NCT ballad album; PLEASE listen to us! I promise to support this vocal unit, just please give is more content!

  • imuv??? interenssante

    • kkkkkinterenssantwsjjdheid

  • Exo is the best band in the k-pop


  • اغنيه أكسو الأولى في ميلون.. بنوتات كثفووووو ستريييم.. فايتنغ ايريز Arab exol

  • I really love your voice chen

  • I like your dance chen

  • tudo bem, passou uns 30 ou 40 minutos esperando nossa vez, foi até mais rápido do que eu imaginava realkkkk


  • I love your voice chen

  • Ai woncu woncu ai woncu woncu

  • Chen your voice is just amazing

  • I don't think SO

  • I want ya

  • This MV was playing at a shop I was eating at, and I immediately fell in love with it.




  • I love them

  • I like them

  • Lets stream harder than before for Inkigayo today!!

  • H.O.T Woohyuk Tony Kangta Jaewon S.E.S Bada/Sea Eugene Shoo Shinhwa Eric Minwoo Dongwan Hyesung Junjin Andy Fly To The Sky Hwanhee Brian BoA TVXQ! Hero Jaejoong U Know Yunho Xiah Junsu Max Changmin CSJH The Grace Lina Dana Sunday Stephanie Super Junior Leeteuk Heechul Yesung Shindong Eunhyuk Zhoumi Donghae Siwon Ryeowook Kibum Kyuhyun J-min SNSD Taeyeon Jessica Sunny Tiffany Hyoyeon Yuri Sooyoung Yoona Seohyun SHINee Onew Jonghyun Key Minho Taemin f(x) Victoria Amber Luna Sulli Krystal EXO Xiumin Luhan Kris Suho Lay Baekhyun Chen Chanyeol D.O Tao Kai Sehun Red Velvet Irene Seulgi Wendy Joy Yeri NCT Taeil Johnny Taeyong Yuta Kun Doyoung Ten Jaehyun Winwin Jungwoo Lucas Mark Renjun Haechan Xeno Jaemin Chenle Jisung WayV Kun Ten Winwin Lucas Xiaojun Hendry Yangyang SuperM Taemin Baekhyun Kai Taeyong Ten Lucas Mark And although they aren't with us anymore, the late SHINee Jonghyun(1990. 4. 8 ~ 2017. 12. 18) and the late f(x) Sulli(1994. 3. 29 ~ 2019. 10. 14) are always in our hearts. I love you SM!

  • Neo city has been blessed again

  • Let's win on today straeming is highly needed

  • No me canso de escucharlo 😍😍😍😍

  • Exo love

  • não sei qual é a desse povo de bordar o nome na toalha, só eu que acho muoto desconfortável/estranho ver seu nome em uma toalha??? noção 0 ne????

  • According to the description of EXO OBSESSION LOG, if the MV gets 40M views, SM will upload the dance practice of Obsession.

  • tim parj oon i want u

  • U guys better str^^ming now cause 6th win probably today. Exols make some noiseeee next is 38m vi3ws

  • 2.5M to go

  • This is so amazing😭

  • you know I’ll be singing this for at least a week after listening once

  • Still 45 million before 1 million. so close