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We are all about Nerf Battles and family friendly adventures while learning life lessons along the way.
We upload every Friday between 5-7 pm est
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~ About Twin Toys ~
Welcome to the most entertaining and family friendly toy comedy channel you will ever see on . All Twin Toy episodes feature 9 year old twins, Eli and Liam, as well as 4 year old Camden. You will see tons of exciting toy episodes mainly focusing on Nerf battles which will showcase the lifestyle of Eli and Liam while also revealing all the cool nerf blasters they currently have in their collection. We also stay on top of the Nerf community and showcase all brand new blasters that come out every month within our mini movie episodes.
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8:45Nerf Gun War - The Cleanse
Nerf Gun War - The Cleanse Vizionare 93 KAcum 4 Zile
13:29Nerf Gun War - Snipers vs Grizzly Gang
Nerf Gun War - Snipers vs Grizzly Gang Vizionare 153 KAcum 10 Zile
8:41Nerf War:  Sister Rivalry!  A Musical Showdown
10:13Training Day
Training Day Vizionare 174 KAcum 2 luni
10:03Nerf War:  The Recruit 3
Nerf War: The Recruit 3 Vizionare 253 KAcum 3 luni
9:32Nerf War:  Attack of the Nerf Robots
Nerf War: Attack of the Nerf Robots Vizionare 1,1 milAcum 5 luni
10:24Nerf War:  The Ultimate Nerf Wall
Nerf War: The Ultimate Nerf Wall Vizionare 549 KAcum 6 luni
19:16Nerf War:  Flying Bug Attack 3 (Twin Toys)
Nerf War: Flying Bug Attack 3 (Twin Toys) Vizionare 1,2 milAcum 7 luni
11:26Nerf Battle:  XShot Joins the PBT Squad
Nerf Battle: XShot Joins the PBT Squad Vizionare 1,2 milAcum 8 luni
10:08Nerf War : The Red Order
Nerf War : The Red Order Vizionare 260 KAcum 9 luni
8:17Nerf War: The Reaper vs The PBT Squad (2019)
8:29Nerf War : Payback Time Squad vs Daddy (2019)
10:01Nerf War : Dream Catcher
Nerf War : Dream Catcher Vizionare 2,4 milAcum 11 luni
10:08Nerf War : Payback Time POV
Nerf War : Payback Time POV Vizionare 852 KAcum 11 luni
5:38Nerf War :  Camden Goes Bananas 2 (2019)
15:42Nerf War : Payback Time Squad New Blasters
12:40Nerf War : Omni Squad 4
Nerf War : Omni Squad 4 Vizionare 3,7 milAcum an
16:36Nerf War : Omni Squad 3 (Save SuperHeroKids)
11:33Nerf War : Omni Squad 2
Nerf War : Omni Squad 2 Vizionare 5 milAcum an
17:18Nerf War : Omni Squad (5 Surprise)
Nerf War : Omni Squad (5 Surprise) Vizionare 3 milAcum an
18:48Nerf War : Game Master 4 (Ninja Kids)
Nerf War : Game Master 4 (Ninja Kids) Vizionare 1,3 milAcum an
12:54Nerf War : Smashers 2 (Look What Mom Found)
13:10Nerf War : Flying Bug Attack (Twin Toys)
22:56Nerf War : Payback Time 19 (Untamed)
11:40Nerf War :  Life Inside Fortnite (Twin Toys)
11:17Nerf War :  Bigfoot in the Woods (Twin Toys)
11:33Nerf War :  The Birthday Surprise (Twin Toys)