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No movie is without sin. We exist mostly just to remind you of that.
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16:06Everything Wrong With Shrek Forever After
Everything Wrong With Shrek Forever After Vizionare 1,4 milAcum lună
1:46SinWeek - A CinemaSins Fan Event
SinWeek - A CinemaSins Fan Event Vizionare 106 KAcum 17 Zile
23:01Everything Wrong With Ghostbusters (2016)
15:59Everything Wrong With It (1990) Part 1
Everything Wrong With It (1990) Part 1 Vizionare 1,4 milAcum 25 Zile
17:13Everything Wrong With The Curse of La Llorona
16:50Everything Wrong With The Dark Crystal
Everything Wrong With The Dark Crystal Vizionare 671 KAcum lună
12:14Everything Wrong With The Emperor's New Groove
16:04Everything Wrong With Bolt in 14 Minutes or Less
15:41Everything Wrong With Guardians Of The Galaxy
15:57Everything Wrong With Gone In 60 Seconds
Everything Wrong With Gone In 60 Seconds Vizionare 793 KAcum 2 luni
12:29Everything Wrong With Honey I Shrunk The Kids
20:17Everything Wrong With Die Hard With A Vengeance
15:23Everything Wrong With Planes In 15 Minutes Or Less
14:09Everything Wrong With Paddington 2
Everything Wrong With Paddington 2 Vizionare 498 KAcum 3 luni
18:35Everything Wrong with The Princess and the Frog
12:53Everything Wrong With Spider-Man 3
Everything Wrong With Spider-Man 3 Vizionare 837 KAcum 7 luni
20:11Everything Wrong With Glass In 20 Minutes Or Less
20:14Everything Wrong With Return of the Jedi
Everything Wrong With Return of the Jedi Vizionare 675 KAcum 6 luni
20:45Everything Wrong with Men in Black II
Everything Wrong with Men in Black II Vizionare 1,7 milAcum 3 luni
12:19Everything Wrong With LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part
18:32Everything Wrong With Star Wars: The Clone Wars
15:50Everything Wrong With Rio In 15 Minutes Or Less
12:34Everything Wrong With Aladdin (1992)
Everything Wrong With Aladdin (1992) Vizionare 1,7 milAcum 4 luni
1:50Introducing the SinCast YouTube Channel!
Introducing the SinCast YouTube Channel! Vizionare 147 KAcum 4 luni
4:50Everything Wrong With CinemaSins Volume 2
Everything Wrong With CinemaSins Volume 2 Vizionare 1,4 milAcum 4 luni
1:04CinemaSins & Mental Health America
CinemaSins & Mental Health America Vizionare 153 KAcum 4 luni
2:11This is an Ad for Jeremy's Book, The Ables
19:19Everything Wrong With Con Air In 18 Minutes Or Less
13:24Everything Wrong With Mary Poppins Returns
20:37Everything Wrong With The Nun In 20 Minutes Or Less
16:07Everything Wrong With Citizen Kane
Everything Wrong With Citizen Kane Vizionare 325 KAcum 6 luni
18:30Everything Wrong With The Great Gatsby (2013)
18:39Everything Wrong With Hellboy II: The Golden Army
22:17Everything Wrong With Aquaman In 21 Minutes Or Less
14:51Everything Wrong With Pet Sematary (1989)
13:46Everything Wrong With Dredd In 13 Minutes Or Less
10:43Everything Wrong With Dumbo 1941
Everything Wrong With Dumbo 1941 Vizionare 904 KAcum 6 luni
16:13Everything Wrong With 8 Mile In 16 Minutes Or Less
21:01Everything Wrong With Ralph Breaks the Internet
16:43Everything Wrong With Monsters vs. Aliens
Everything Wrong With Monsters vs. Aliens Vizionare 3,1 milAcum 6 luni
16:14Everything Wrong With A Star Is Born (2018)
21:50Everything Wrong With Star Wars: The Last Jedi
18:35Everything Wrong With Ant-Man and the Wasp
Everything Wrong With Ant-Man and the Wasp Vizionare 2,1 milAcum 6 luni
14:17Everything Wrong With Crazy Rich Asians
Everything Wrong With Crazy Rich Asians Vizionare 1,9 milAcum 7 luni
14:55Everything Wrong With  My Big Fat Greek Wedding
13:52Everything Wrong With Slumdog Millionaire
16:12Everything Wrong With Venom In 16 Minutes Or Less
17:21Everything Wrong With What Women Want
Everything Wrong With What Women Want Vizionare 1,1 milAcum 7 luni
13:35Everything Wrong With The Jungle Book (2016)
16:14Everything Wrong With Christopher Robin
Everything Wrong With Christopher Robin Vizionare 1,1 milAcum 8 luni
16:11Everything Wrong With Eragon In 14 Minutes Or Less
18:05Everything Wrong With The Predator (2018)
Everything Wrong With The Predator (2018) Vizionare 1,4 milAcum 8 luni


  • Green lantern's go to planet across the Galaxy in crisis has the fact that steppenwolf a new God was attacking off it makes total sense that a Green lantern was there duh

  • 14:50 That stuff annoys me. It's so prevalent and dumb. "Hey, where's the doomsday device?" "Nobody knows. It's been lost for 500 years." "Well we better find it right now so we can use it as bait for the bad guy, instead of leaving it lost and going straight for the bad guy without risking total annihilation."

  • 7:43 Wrong. I have Lego pieces that still smell of cat piss. Even if it doesnt shit on them, their concern is still extremely valid.

  • That laugh was f***king funny

  • Sin missed: facial hair while in uniform. 6:40.

  • The real sin at 10:00 is that you missed the SUV that literally came out of nowhere. I thought Mary FLEW to Hancock's place.

  • this movie is absolute shit

  • Ur mount is like a bubble

  • honestly branch as a child is adorableee

  • Drunk segment towards the end is one of the funniest things I've seen xD

  • The name "hemo goblin" already exists in the comic book universe my dude

  • Flower: *exists* Cinemasins: "I've never met this man in my life."

  • I had to stop the video and type this, Kanye West is and never ever will be anything as near as talented as Prince.

  • This movie was more like the first Star Trek movie; concerned more about cgi than plot or characters. Unfortunately the trilogy continued to make that same mistake to the end.

  • If this movie was not about the Predator, but yes about the Nut Squad fighting a generic alien species while doing some dark humor, I truly believe this movie would have been good (Maybe even great, if they got the kid out of the script...). When people go see a movie about the Predator, they don't want to see comedy, good or bad, they want to see the Predator being a badass and letting everyone in the movie afraid as hell.

  • The worst sin this movie committed was totally gutting the entire story. In fact they gutted it so bad that the movie wasn't even recognizable to fans of the book. Their combat sequences had no strategy, You did not get 90% of the combat in the book. Bonzo was totally cast wrong. I could have broken that kid in half without any effort. He wasn't even a credible bully. Also Those were the tallest, most developed 6 year old launchees in history. Did you notice also that almost all of Dragon Army all went up to combat school at the same time? Entire story was fucked.

  • 0:53 It's a play on Timber, what Christmas trees are made of. It's a meh pun, IMO.

  • I just realised there is no eww Shrek 2, I wonder why that is- oh right... because Shrek 2 is perfect

  • Tim is named because of "Timber"

  • Whoever constructed the damn was an idiot. Why have all those walkways having access to the base of the damn?

  • Alita battle angel is the best movie ever created

  • why you gotta do harry shum jr like that bruh

  • I hate this channel so much..

  • Trolls is one of the most annoying movies I've ever seen

  • I hate this channel so much..

  • I would have removed a few sins for Owen Wilson's death. But that's just me.

  • OmG that Waterworld clip was classic cant stop laugh God I think I hurt myself.....

  • It's Blank!

  • Octopuses*

  • That movie was trash

  • i don’t like family guy! it’s a copycat! but this escape from tatuine was hilariously parodied in that star wars part!!!😉

  • Letti's seats change in her car at the line at racerwars Supra tops damn sure don't open that way 4 wide races Tracks must have been 5 miles long Definitely not rotary engine sounds No dent in Dom's charger after smashing it into a motorcycle Charger wouldn't have launched after t boning semi Can't slip and grip at the same time so you can't smoke tires and wheelie. Of course there was a 2jz under the hood Angry black captain cliche Vince starts coughing uncontrollably Skyline guy disappears from the rest of the movies biggest guy in the movie takes down the smallest guy in the movie with a choke slam Hector is gonna do pro drag with a full show car Jesse's car is a 2.0 Nos blows eclipse 3 feet straight up Why drive every car to get parts when it all fit in the truck

  • Man, they must have a reward for a movie THAT bad.

  • Really!? After the bonus rounds it goes to 7,794,000 sins

  • That movie is SO. Goddamn. AWESOME! Seriously, easily the best movie of its respective year for me, and something that revitalised my interest in action films in general.

  • Reservoir Dogs > Pulp Fiction

  • Because nitpicking at everything is actual movie critique and not just whiny complaints. Are you just trying to come up with bullshit for views or are you genuinely convinced that your movie sinz are real? Edit: aight nvm, as long as you recognize that you're bullshiting a whole lot of your videos.

  • Orange is the new bullock.

  • My fucking, TRUUUMP!!!

  • Should’ve taken 10 sins off for every time Richie says something fucking amazing

  • 13:12 quicksilver threw them at the lake

  • Is it sad I was able to "Franch fries....Franch dressing....Franch bread..." along with John Cusack's B.O.D. mom? I think I'm going to sin that movie, from the sins of this one. *Ding*

  • Subaru, not Scion +1 sin

  • 2:01 "You're supposed to stroke it" Ah the things you learn at the age of thirteen' lmfao

  • Almost every Sin here where you question something, the answer is in the book that this movie pillaged... When someone asked Max Brooks why he allowed this abortion of a movie to even bear the name of his masterpiece he answered "a six figure pay check... duh"... I mean, fair enough but it would have been a hard choice for me...

  • All the people i knew in this movie are Marcus and Thor Odinson

  • 11:40 didn’t they hack the door there for him

  • You should do land if the lost

  • First of all, you have no idea how many people tried so hard; WORKED so hard to make this silver screen masterpiece. You are scum for making this video. People work so hard to have their way, and they will pay through the nose to get it. How do you think I got popular? It's all in the people. In all honesty- You sly dog! You got me monologuing!

  • Fuck you 😡😡😡😡

  • Is no one going to talk about the total amount of sins..? Alright fine I will. *Nice*

  • I actually don't mind this movie because it's pretty good

  • *pefff its 19 and less*

  • Its the movies... it's probably very distressing living your life only observing other people's work.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂 "Will Smith's dog is amazing at not dogging through this moment, you know the way a real dog would"

  • everything wrong with trolls? its the first word.

  • What do u mean Detroit not a real place

  • This movie is made for those of us who love wild action movies

  • 1 sin I would've added is why do they need to put up a photo of Coco as an old lady if the photo of herself as a child, her mother and Hector was enough for her mother to cross over all the time anyway?

  • Uh no in number 6 your wrong. It said if you only want too. See hermione only got her cat third year

  • 3:20 My entire relationship with my HS girlfriend

  • The biggest Sin here is that they made more than 1 Fast and Furious......

  • Can someone explain why this movie is so bad?😂

  • 10:46 you forgot suicidal thoughts

  • Btw thanos wasnt even trying to kill captain america fker cok hed nun

  • This movie has 48 sins at only 4 mins. Considering the video is 20 mins, that’s saying a lot

  • Ok, so this is a excellent example of this youtube channel: Taking a retarded movie death serious... Hey hey, NO COMPLAINTS!

  • Why black one is looking for (including police as evidenced by the film) missing black adults.

  • I did find the movie pretty good tbh

  • Freezing things wouldn't make them crumble. But the freeze gun thing looks like it has some impact on the objects it hits. Freezing things while hitting them might make them crumble...

  • Is he a fiance or a doormat, fckin' killed me. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hmmm... watching this and seeing how ignorant the narrator is about certain aspects of Asian representation makes me question all the other movies this channel shits on

  • I doubt he actually listened to the movie. His house is meant to be secret, and not have visitors

  • 0:21-That's because the adults don't care about the kids. It's influence over the town controls all the adults and that's why they don't see the blood or give a shit

  • Yeah... Vader spent about 10 seconds standing right beside the Emperor agonising over what to do, before finally deciding to pick him up and toss him down the well. The Emperor never sensed that was coming?

  • Vincent didn't leave his gun on the counter. Marcellus did when he went to get coffee. Hard to carry a sub machine gun in public

  • *HEY CINEMA SINS CAN I ASK YOU FOR A VIDEO???* Bc there is a Movie i really really love and it’s a horror movie. Not sure if it’s good for you, but would you like to check out „Dead Silence“ ?

  • How the hell does the tracker on bee not get destroyed when he transforms

  • Unpopular trilogy 10 years ago? U must be sarcastic, if ur not then too bad for you

  • Now that I think about it. I never liked this one

  • Me............a 13 year old who got the joke because she has ACTUALLY SEEN two girls one cup (throws up)

  • You suck

  • You ruined my life

  • I hate you

  • Writer/director saw Pulp Fiction and thought, "yeah, I need that 'did you see (X) out front" sh*t in my movie

  • I hate you

  • Love this're like the asshole friend who wrecks every movie like me

  • fraggle rock yes

  • Would love to see one of these on the movie The Departed.

  • You

  • Bro gtfo you can’t fuck up Shrek

  • This guy is cringe

  • Jesus that Alita looks like a creepy stupid feminist piece of shit, not as big as the stupid cunts who made that movie though.

  • It's blank.

  • I lowkey still love this movie :p the book is much better, thoughz

  • 13:47; That shouldn't count as a sin, It's implied miscommunication. Mike had no idea that sully was his friend, and that the whole time, even after the "monster's inc. exchange" Mike still saw Sully as a stupid kid who has been handed everything. I swear you guys make some dumb sins sometimes. And i know you dont give a rats ass about this comment, but I just wanna say that It's obvious you guys just don't care anymore and shit these out for the sake of following the current film. Video Sin Counter: 7

  • Maybe the problem sin here is the name of the movie should be hot bodies

  • Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure the reason you can't just simply take a pebble, put your horcrux on it and throw it in the ocean is because you'd need the pebble eventually if you got killed, in order to extract the piece of soul out of the pebble into a vessel so you can live. So if you threw your horcrux pebble into the ocean, it'd be technically worthless if you can't retrieve it. :U

  • "I like quentin tarantino ,but .." but what?

  • I want to see Cine do "us" next.