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1:28JJ Has Big News for Miller - Station 19
JJ Has Big News for Miller - Station 19 Vizionare 21 KAcum 5 Zile
3:59Three Relationships Take a Turn - Station 19
1:08Fizbo vs. Fizbeau - Modern Family
Fizbo vs. Fizbeau - Modern Family Vizionare 21 KAcum 6 Zile
1:01Mitchell Eats His Nemesis - Modern Family
0:31The Conners - Voter PSA
The Conners - Voter PSA Vizionare 2,6 KAcum 6 Zile
0:44Aaron Wallace's Plans for Freedom - For Life
3:17Eminem Performs 'Lose Yourself' at Oscars 2020
5:06PARASITE Accepts the Oscar for Best Picture
PARASITE Accepts the Oscar for Best Picture Vizionare 1,1 milAcum 9 Zile
4:42JUDY Accepts the Oscar for Lead Actress
JUDY Accepts the Oscar for Lead Actress Vizionare 642 KAcum 9 Zile
4:12Joaquin Phoenix Accepts the Oscar for Lead Actor
3:49Bong Joon Ho Accepts the Oscar for Directing
3:04ROCKETMAN Accepts the Oscar for Original Song
2:24JOKER Accepts the Oscar for Original Score
1:221917's Thank You Cam Speech: Visual Effects
1:341917 Accepts the Oscar for Visual Effects
1:01James Corden and Rebel Wilson Dressed as Cats
0:42Laura Dern in the Oscars 2020 Press Room
Laura Dern in the Oscars 2020 Press Room Vizionare 2,4 KAcum 9 Zile
1:581917 Accepts the Oscar for Cinematography
0:471917's Thank You Cam Speech: Sound Mixing
0:33Taika Waititi in the Oscars 2020 Press Room
1:391917 Accepts the Oscar for Sound Mixing
1917 Accepts the Oscar for Sound Mixing Vizionare 12 KAcum 9 Zile
3:34The Oscars 2020 Celebrates the Impact of Music


  • I hope she wins another one in 10 years so we can finally see her with both sleeves.

  • 0% billie 100% eminem

  • 2:07 That woman screaming tho...

  • 20 years later he's still got it wow❤❤😇

  • I can't even listen. He's a great actor and has been in some great movies. But the whole awards thing reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks of ego cringe.

  • Nobody: Gays who dated girls in high school: 0:55

  • I love Joaquin but I also love cheese. I am so conflicted...

  • this is a beautiful moment in history


  • Eminem sux

  • great song.. what's it about exactly? lol.

  • Randall Park is Korean. Not Chinese lol

  • Spike lee creepy asf now

  • Shes not that good... No quality anymore

  • wow.. so emotional!!

  • This show needs too be canceled don’t touch my mother why not that’s her aunt

  • The boss is here

  • Billie better show some respect. The fuckin GOAT just showed up. And he actually has talent.

  • The Oscars took down the other video of this performance with 20.5 million views which shows the full standing ovation moment with dicaprio etc so i’m here

  • rotorrentinfo/watch/nHTMdNHbuKGgzZ4.html

  • rotorrentinfo/watch/zqDYi9bN24eqy8k.html

  • This guy looks like from Riverdale I think he is

  • Não é que ele tem borogodo

  • GOOOO OFFFFFF!!!! 😭😭😭🥺 aweee I miss Derek 😣

  • My man stepped it up with the band and classical players

  • "I'm gonna take that ramp, and don't try to stop me." Love. It.

  • She didn’t win an Oscar because the movie wasn’t a must watch nor did attract box office numbers. Elton won because of the phenomenal box office numbers..Sad truth!

  • This dude ain’t lost nothing..STOLE THE SHOW

  • What a pretty little liar! 😩🤣🤣🤣

  • Great contencet

  • why did the lights dim in the middle? their time is up?

  • I'm from the Philippines. I would just like to say that Billie Eilish is really good. If you know KZ Tandingan, I reminded of Billie to her. They have the same tone and character and soul in the voice. Both talented. Just saying. Lke the button if you're a Filipino. 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • The part that starts at 1:01 was the funnies part (Did all black people vote for Obama...Yeah, pretty much).

  • I love how he went from being nervous to talking to tiffany and acting like the audience wasn’t there anymore😂

  • Sing it how you were doing it in the Video pls

  • Idk what was going on with the pitch but it was incorrect

  • This is hysterical!!!!

  • I’ve been binging it and this scene ripped my heart out!

  • I'm German....

  • The talent in this 🤩

  • Honestly their should of been no clapping it’s a moment of silence and they are doing selective clapping witch I think is very rude everyone deserves the same about if love and appreciation

  • 0:45 Adele Dazzin was shoked

  • I can’t wait to meet Billie one day ♥️♥️♥️

  • Anthony and jasmine at 1:13 is the cutest thing omg

  • Guys can u check my cover no time to die


  • Fuck the crowd, his performance had heart

  • This won’t leave my recommended and every time I see it I click on it...

  • A true hero. He's making wave in this world. Waves that won't wipe us out, but make us stronger. Thank you Joaquin.

  • So where Is Luke Perry

  • This is the only alpha I’ve seen in this show

  • Oh I know their name, so their death deserves a clap-Audience

  • You tell she is hungry, she could sell a sht sandwich

  • People the *FOX Nederland Eminem Oscars Performance in 1080P* and that shows *Leonardo DiCaprio* and *Brad Pitt* giving *Eminem* ✊🏼 at the end. Also the video has *20+Million Views* and it just has way more views then this *ABC version that cuts out Leonardo and Brad Pitt at the end.*

  • Clearly the sharks have servants cleaning up after them and have never had to clean peanut butter off a knife

  • Her palms are sweaty, knees weak arms are h... Oh wait wrong video

  • These doctors work too damn much lol

  • And Luke Perry..

  • That was beyond incredible!!!!

  • My jaw dropped and I fell in love with this scene immediately

  • these stupid actors are so obnoxious

  • "Is That Admirable Or RIDICULOUS?? "I Don't Know??"

  • Son is a dummy.

  • I love that 99.8% of the comments here are about *Rosa Diaz.*

  • 2:46 I love how Quentin is just like "I love you too, bo"

  • All women are super heroes? Lmao what a joke

  • 😩❤️

  • Damn just had to cut the sound on this one ... for it was atrocious, painful and ridiculous as was her face in the first seconds thank god it didn't last. RIP Terry Jones, Agnès, Kirk, Rutger, Peter Fonda, Zeffirelli, Anna Karina, D.Aiello, and every one of you ... What is wrong with you people and the selected applause ???

  • Sofia dumb as hell

  • In the karaoke in cars videos the dude never actually drives 😂 here they do drive and crazy too!

  • прекрасно

  • Laurence fishburne as James Loretta devine as florida Nicey Nash as willona Nessa (From emipre ) as themla Sky Jackson as penny Marlon wyans as JJ Drew (Everybody hate Chris ) as Micheal Cerdict the entertaner as bookmen

  • #Godzilla #RapGod

  • This movie is such a mirror image of South Korea down to the core that we can't help but feel like the characters in the movie. Are all other countries like this too? Why did all these people all over the world want Parasite to win so bad?

  • Its hilarious when people are just who they are in this time and age XD. Danm people nowadays are rude XD.

  • John Amos is the man but this shit looks awful lol

  • He sings better than me. I love this song😆

  • Martin Scorsese 1:41 was like "I'm guilty. That was me"

  • Gayle and Oprah have both been betrayed by blackmen.Gayle caught her husband in bed with her best friend and Oprah conceived her son Canaan with her uncle.

  • Who was the girl in the red dress and her dad/grandpa/sugar daddy? They looked so surprised 😂

  • So the academy thought that they were going to humiliate our great Martin Scorsese by not giving him the award huh? Well as a wise man once said: "Suck it bitches".

  • Her voice is.....😩

  • honestly, this was a mess.

  • I'm so glad Hannah didn't pick him.... He's all up in Hollywood with dating and now acting

  • That whisper style singing is older than my flip phone. She's not bad at it, it's just a really played style in 2020.

  • wonderful! respect to a beautiful soul and a woman of passion. bravo

  • This show has to be written by 8th graders

  • Love the song and the movie

  • i was waiting for *voice crack*

  • Where’s mgk? Oh NVM this the Oscars.

  • The Danish woman's voice was cracking soo hard when she was singing

  • don't now whats worst : clapping only for your faves or a long applause for a lot death people u never known.

  • Awww Shane and Gibby

  • Good for her.. stand up for Derek

  • The anti sjw crowd who've lifted Phoenix up as an icon, now their heads are exploding seeing what a compassionate and caring person he actually is.😂

  • Man, aside from this whole episode about Sherry getting into voice acting performances and maybe that episode where she's performing at that improv show (from Luke's point of view, anyway), she literally seems to only exist as a plot device meant to generate as many shenanigans as possible for Manny and later for Luke.

  • She deserved this !

  • Julie is a great looking woman

  • Just watched parasite! amazing film... the Martin Scorsese shout out almost made a grown man shed one 😢.... music and film run my life much love to everyone

  • *weres Cameron Boyce??*