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3:32What Is The Breakfast Club?
What Is The Breakfast Club? Vizionare 55 KAcum 6 Zile
7:54Kim Kardashian Credits CBD For Saving Her Life
5:21Travis Scott And Kylie Jenner Pose For Playboy
5:45Nicki Minaj Retires To Focus On Family
Nicki Minaj Retires To Focus On Family Vizionare 313 KAcum 17 Zile


  • But their all fake bloods. What are they testifying.

  • Yee ugly I'm sorry


  • Tekashi knows the Colonel’s “Secret Recipe.”

  • When this is all over, they're gonna find him stretched all the way from frozen foods to canned goods.

  • Painfully obvious that they are going to be bias and side with jim jones since they are cool with him. "i think he meant to violate like embarrass him in music" Thats obviously not what they meant. They talked bout shooting his security guards to the point that security wouldnt want to work with tekashi any more and at that point tekashi wouldnt have any protection. Asking if his security is allowed to be armed...yeah Envy, that sounds like they want to embarrass him musically

  • 2:00 sooo The breakfast club is covering for Jim Jones wow that’s crazy

  • They not keeping the same energy with Jimmy how stupid he was to be talking street shit over the phone.

  • Snich9ines music is horrible i hope they wack him soon

  • Jim jones built like ur favorite aunt at a family cookout

  • Jim shouldn't be on the line discussing these matters. He should know better. 69 will be fine when released. Facts.


  • Tekashi Brasco 🤦🏿‍♂️. New age Cointelpro

  • Need to watch Goodfellas right now

  • Mainstream hip hop is dead!!! #killumanti

  • He went from Eric Garner to Trump real quick.

  • Why are you reporting on this snitch?

  • lmao!!! When keeping it real goes wrong!

  • Envy: comes in HOT it’s gone come out HOT ! ( tries to play it cool like it wasn’t lame ) Charla: what?

  • Judge: You still facing 39-45 years in prison. 6ix9ine: I know who started WW2!

  • I’ve been listening to Hip Hop for over 30 years and never have I heard any rapper or artist use the word “violate” as representing a musical threat. I’ve seen Paid in Full and American Me...I know people in 2019 aren’t that stupid.

  • He too good at that shit this cant be the first time he snitched he's had practice.

  • Envy sound upset. He might snitch on you next

  • Even the good looking black dudes don't. Lol


  • Just read an article that said he was freed until his sentencing. I$ this true ?

  • What’s the story with Travis Scott and Tory Lanez lol, like why were y’all in that situation?

  • Drop one of Clue's bombs for Jim Jones

  • He said himself the bloods helped get him famous!! He knew he had to use them in all the videos shoots, for muscle, for protection, for acceptance in the hoods! He separated himself once the feds came into the situation. Daniel Hernandez started saying Shotti n them was stealing from him, when he admitted he gives them money for taken care of each other. Hes helping take them men away from their family for being loyal to him, for helping him, for shooting for him. 69 is a sewer rat!!

  • is that big pun lol

  • His hard core fans will still rock with him!!!

  • Why C da god look like 45cent almost 50cent

  • The whole Breakfast Club is acting scary. They either extra cool wit Jimmy or they extra scared of Jimmy. Envy im sure you feel uncomfortable smh.


  • Envy a real nigga for giving Jones the cop out

  • rotorrentinfo/watch/v3aUYd3fyLFr3c0.html

  • Dude is singing like a bird lol

  • Breakfast club Politics the nigga was talking about killing the kid call a spade ♠️ a spade motherfyckers

  • #Free69

  • I dont really know how i feel abt this whole bash 69 for snitching if a whole gang is extorting me and tried to set me up to killed i dont know how id feel.. Either way he stood to lose it all his life bc he wanted to be free from ppl who was extorting him and his freedom to the system based on his gang affiliation..

  • It’s free real estate

  • Sad to say, but this dude is going get murdered for his snitching 😳😳😳😳

  • sooo manyy ratsss....nobodyyy gets a pass

  • Breakfast club. Turning into the gossip Wendy Williams show. Leave that gossip to Angela yee

  • DAMON DASH changed DJ ENVY

  • #THEBREAKFASTCLUB 🍿🍿🤵🏽🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

  • There is a theory that this young man was a Cointelpro plant, or at least weak link target to bring down the number 1 industry making minorities rich and spreading influence. 2 billionaires and president came from hip hop

  • The Rat Saga Continues Fck 69 SnitchK

  • Yes the pro slavery , pro segregation Democrats should pay reparations for their atrocities committed on the ancestors of African Americans. As a freedom and equality for all Republican , I believe it’s about time the racist Democrat party members pay. Anyone registered as a Democrat voter needs to pay $10,000 to a reparations fund. If they don’t pay we will garnish these deadbeats Democrats wages.

  • When y'all do y'all's job, y'all are a little prideful. Don't forget, things could happen to you. 🤔💯

  • Rap snitches, telling all their business Sit in the court and be their own star witness.

  • Tekashi aka “I’m Telling”

  • Wooooow. Cesar is looking great!

  • I can understand why 6IX9ine is cooperating with the man - his life his in danger, he is trying to survive. What’s the breakfast club excuse for endorsing Cop Kamala instead of Bernie? What’s their excuse for selling out and working for the man? 6IX9ine trying to survive, you are just doing it for root of all evil, you are establishment garbage, much worse than 6IX9ine

  • God Bless Cesar yo. ...I'm now a fan of this man

  • they're not talkin about violating in music nobody ever needed security because they were violated in music they're talking about putting a hit out on him stop trying to protect people yall strait trying to protect jim Jones!!!!! you and envy y'all know exactly what he meant when he said he needs to get violated and he'll need a lot of security to walk the streets Charlemagne

  • They real for playing dumb about Capo.

  • Gotta appreciate the Feds because they just reminded mfs not to TALK on the phone and check every nigga you fw

  • Envy and Charla should feel uncomfortable for their friend. We all know what it is. Shit is about to get bad.

  • He never said Cardi's name. That was just an internet rumor that everyone ranned with.

  • Fk slobs

  • Yee is working my nerves and I'm only 9 minutes into the video. I can already tell she's going to dampen this interview.

  • Y'all know damn well they were talking about physically violated. Another thing. Why aren't y'all getting on Jim Jones being an informant?

  • Them Big Pun lyrics, "It's So Hard" coming true for this idiot tekashi. "Enemies spit at you, best friends kidnap you"

  • They have voice recording of this guy obviously plotting and Charlemagne still trying to suck that dick like y’all didn’t hear his album?! 😂

  • 69 ain't no snitch. Y'all need to stop. This man telling the truth. Truth will set u free.

  • Snitch 9ine

  • Nah envy, jimmy was not talking about music yo. This was streets shit.

  • I’m buying that Bobby Shmurda album

  • 25:47 Charla isn't even going to give Cole credit for his own song man??

  • Why is Envy uncomfortable?

  • Jim Jones acting like a criminal but discusses crime on his Verizon simcard lmaoo

  • Nobody was talkin bout Jim Jones album that came out because it was some trash.

  • Korey still feels guilty..He knows he is living a lie..Listen to him ramble about breakfast, the yard, and playing basketball instead of answering directly how, coincidentally, he had 2 run-ins with "the lone rapist"...

  • They’re sayin Jimmy might of snitched.. hope it’s not rrue

  • He never had a money problem just a mind problem.

  • The way 69 telling, Target employees are next since they wear red. Everyone wants to be "gangsta" until it's time to be gangsta.

  • Me and my Wife have been talking about Investing in Real Estate but I’ve been skeptical about paying all that money for these Seminars. This was real informative and makes me wanna check out his seminar.

  • I believe it. It is suspicious that all these famous people lose a family member all of a sudden when they come out. Bizarre.

  • Shit, I'd snitch too. These niggas never cared about him.

  • Why is there a girl recording off her iPhone when this video is literally on and was live on revolt and radio.. people need to stop living through the camera of their phones. Unless she's getting paid to do a "live" for Angela, it's just weird to see the whole time during this video.

  • Lol you guys are covering for gay rappers, super violated means, they want to rape his but cheeks, violate his music O please when niggas say that, there talking about rapping but cheeks, hahahhaah them niggas are gAy. Lol

  • Wow Illuminati Confirmed!!

  • Raphael Saadiq ❤😍

  • If Jim doesn't get a conspiracy charge from this he is definitely a rat

  • They all snakes

  • How do you not know what “violated” means? Y’all must be from the Suburbs 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • This nigga said if they get 10 million hell stop trollin its 12 mill

  • If Jim Jones album was so fire, how come you guys didn't say shit about it anywhere til now? That was in May, it must've went x2 Nickel on the charts

  • Breakfast doing mental gymnastics to defend jim jones. They know damn well what he meant 😂🤣

  • I have no pity for any of them people they betrayed 69 so he betrayed them. I know you internet tough guys will claim you wouldn't rat but unless you in that situation you don't know wtf you would do. Ain't no love in the street's be loyal to yourself ride solo then you ain't got to worry about anyone telling on you. Problem is all these so called gangsters are searching for fame online so they film themselves breaking the law or they admit to crimes on social media.Then when they get busted they say someone snitched on me when in fact you told on yourself. All them dudes brought this on themselves

  • TBC late with this news.

  • Dam we he get out he definitely needs to move out the country. 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀

  • 69 don't owe any Loyalty to these dudes they wasn't trying to get him knocked off why wouldn't he snitch..the ones making jokes and calling him a snitch are the main ones who will snitch in a heartbeat

  • *RUMOUR HAS IT THAT* the picture taken of *JIM JONES* @ 01:40 was at the time he made the phone call that we've heard in this segment 🤞

  • Envy lying he know damn well what he was ralking about. Him and Jimmy must be cool. Stop playing Envy.

  • 😂 Charlamagne is sooo happy deep down man.

  • YALL late Yeah better get off your ass on the weekend

  • Lol damn is this Jim Jones pr team

  • Not good game book prince dog u would thought.S.A.backwood j yates LJ