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Welcome To THE #ROYALTY FAMILY Channel. We are a modern blended family based in Los Angeles that love to entertain you. We believe in family, fun, Love and are passionate about fashion, comedy and culture. Join us every week in sharing the good times of Andrea, Ali, Ferran and our Chihuahua Princesa. Best of all, we believe everyone can be ROYALTY so don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!!


17:52iPHONE 11 PRANK ON MY FAMILY! | The Royalty Family
17:01THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! 😤 | The Royalty Family
10:36WE BOUGHT OUR DREAM MANSION! | The Royalty Family
14:08SLIME PRANK ON MY MOM!! | The Royalty Family
WELCOME TO THE ROYALTY FAMILY! 👑 Vizionare 510 KAcum 5 luni


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  • Ali it happens to me too, lol I don't know why but in serious situations it makes me laugh even tho I know is serious and I know I care about it but I don't know why I laugh 😂

  • I liked most of your videos Lol I love you guys

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