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  • Clippers over bic

  • I'm convinced this guy can sell me anything

  • two boxes in a day😂😂😂

  • The first is a lipstick 😂😂😂

  • i jus came to see slimes say he cant live without dropping his album

  • Cinderella! :D

  • Why u have a buju banton pic on ur shirt

  • Ugly tatoos

  • His NUMBER 1 thing he can't live without is not dropping EA😂

  • Uzi really didnt want to give him that bag 😂

  • 1:40 I use this blanket like the Snuggie with no arms😂

  • He’s so humble like the way he speaks about his expensive things and the fact that he doesn’t brag so much

  • Just waiting for all the memes

  • No ps4 pro? Step your game up.

  • What bout the tank in the back clean

  • This tutorial is funny in sarcastic way! Some people in the comment is very serious

  • UZI: I wear Dove Deodorant Becuz My Mom Wore it.... You: huh!??? UZI: I dont think about it 😂

  • I like how you can understand what he's saying, unlike other rappers

  • We’re can I get a blistex

  • Better be the boys He wouldn't make it without the boys.

  • iconic is yet to come ..........waiting for the madolorian

  • It's cool because he talks like how he raps

  • He's so chill and layed back and got the best drip inna game

  • 🅿

  • 1:44 yo that reminded me of dumb and dumber. If you know you know

  • I wouldn't be suprised if he was xxxtentacion his brother

  • Can't live without copyright striking twitch streamer for playing his songs.

  • Why was Oxygen not included here?

  • Uzi really talking about everything but Eternal Atake

  • Savage Dog

  • Please subscribe to my channel #RoadTo500

  • Please subscribe to my channel #RoadTo500

  • الفلوس تنضف الوسخ

  • He’s so adorable

  • He is funny😂

  • Well he cant live without Satan (Lucifer I tell you that.

  • luwak??... its cost $4 in Indonesia hahahahahaha

  • Bruh you can do all three of those things on one phone😂🤦‍♂️

  • If Harry styles and The Joker had a Baby....🖤🙏

  • Him: Everybody wants them Me: I had braces, never again

  • He forgot to add his popsicle

  • Uzi didn't seem too keen on letting that dude try his snacks lmao

  • A sock? A cumsock?

  • Why didn't he just show his organs

  • Clippers is apple bic is Android an the clear lighter is a flip phone💯😂

  • Did not think he would be so sweet :0

  • mf said he keeps one sock with his shoes hahaha

  • "Flashy is a moment This right here, its forever"

  • 😂


  • He can’t live without Brittney Byrd aka Ramona

  • 2 Things i can't live without: EA and WLR

  • he has Gucci sweat pants and Louis Vuitton shoes and still has an android

  • Never even heard of this person

  • 𝔼 𝕋 𝔼 ℝ ℕ 𝔸 𝕃 𝔸 𝕎 𝔸 𝕀 𝕋

  • *Uzi: “Little Bites Muffins”* Me: *”I feel that”*

  • Lmao I use Dove because my mom uses it too .-. Wow. That actually makes me feel a lot better.

  • He can't live without a pink suit

  • this is the best interview that you guys have done

  • Why does it look like he has black eyes in the thumbnail? I swear this guy slowly morphing into the devil

  • Who else say the Ghana flag🇬🇭 on his neck 😂😂

  • Welp, time to end the human race.

  • 4:43 He's just cute little bean.

  • chanel chance is for women uzi 🧐

  • What do you keep in there? Commes De Garçon shox and a S O C K 1:20

  • Where’s the rob zombie poster 🥺

  • Use me as a "release EA" button

  • “I drink tea darling.”

  • That boy look different now

  • This is the best 10 things episode on GQ UZI. A goat

  • Im not impressed...

  • how does my mans speak so clearly and mumbles in some of his songs

  • How could you dislike this guy.. he's dope asf

  • we all know what that socks used for

  • Uzi will always be the best rapper in the game no cap 🧢

  • Wow😱 didn’t see not one African American/black/ person color....hmmm

  • Uzi gonna have everybody using bics

  • Props for keeping it real about using your moms deodorant and still using it cracked me up and showed your down to earth and honest, when you dont have a father around it is a weird thing to have to figure out going through puberty all by yourself and its just awkward to ask your mom about it. Can anyone relate?

  • 11. His girlfried

  • 1: not releasing eternal etake

  • Hit the road - save the memories on a scratch map 😎

  • how is him responding to questions on his official Instagram "undercover" lol

  • He's so childish 😭 I love it

  • Dudes pretty cool.

  • His mannerism is so organic and hilarious for some reason lol

  • the laugh at @4.10 got me 😂😂

  • Didn’t realize he has a butt chin 😁

  • I use audio technicas for all of my recording. I’ve had mine for about 8 years now ha, still going strong.

  • His mannerisms. He is gayer then a box of Ben

  • I'm a simple man. I see uzi I click

  • He put me on with that cream! Dark skin niggas stand up

  • No dictionary, or a gat for that matter?? Sheesh. Thanks Youzi.

  • Essential items: doesn’t list 2 chains

  • He's so chill really a likeable person

  • Danny looks so much healthier!

  • I just wanna know what kind of Ford armored truck that is

  • Why uzi look like cedric

  • Lil uzi and lil nas def hooked up

  • Uzi wit the high fashion I fucks with it