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10:59Brad Pitt opens up: I was running
Brad Pitt opens up: I was running Vizionare 57 KAcum o Zi
6:23Could Brett Kavanaugh be impeached?
Could Brett Kavanaugh be impeached? Vizionare 74 KAcum 2 Zile
4:18How Trump may bulldoze 'America's Amazon'
6:16What the @#*! are politicians talking about?
8:42UK government releases no-deal Brexit document
6:13Why the GOP is canceling primaries
Why the GOP is canceling primaries Vizionare 202 KAcum 9 Zile
8:47Trump says Taliban meetings are 'dead'
Trump says Taliban meetings are 'dead' Vizionare 48 KAcum 10 Zile
8:224 missing on capsized cargo ship
4 missing on capsized cargo ship Vizionare 120 KAcum 11 Zile
3:31What it's like to be targeted by a troll army
2:18Internet mocks Trump's doctored weather map


  • 1 day left to go

  • No their supposed to report to the office of the President not who they choose to serve..if they felt that way they should have resigned than!

  • Stuff like this get Trump elected

  • Are you F ing joking .... we handed it to the Reps in that whole debacle ....

  • It’s true you people are stupid. Adam Schiff is going to be charged with Treason

  • What a jackass, he knows what he's doing "it's different because Obama was black" is essentially what I take away from this raving lunatic's little soap box.

  • first if they don't like doing the job then they should quit. now these companies give the drivers so many packages they have to deliver and you don't have time to sit around. now if they would lower the number of stops then the drivers would not be in such a big rush trying to deliver all the packages.

  • Best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to vote for a good guy with balls. Beto2020

  • I’m a democrat and I like my Guns. I’ll be voting for trump you fool

  • Those stupid Democrats including ineffective old man Nadler asking silly-no direction questions are so a shame to the American people. Just imagine....a whole house of Democrats being defeated by 1 hostile stupid ate these impotent wonder trump can just kick their asses around...

  • It is when the white house is selling us out

  • Have to wonder if the strike wasnt manufactured to get oil prices up.

  • UFOs are Real.

  • One day I will expose the truth, Everything has an agenda. Don't be fooled by this nonsense news, you have to be delusional to believe the news. It is all a test to see your reactions. Any other country laughs at us for our delusional minds to the system here. Only a few know, I will expose the elites. I will risk my life for it, it will take years but I will one day. They will deny me of my faith and my evidence but I will still fight. Once I win my war I will be taken away and an lie of my death will be told. Wake up my fellow humans, the time is near. Those who know, know.

  • Looks like CNN is doing damage control. Nervous about Obama’s collusion?

  • Wow! Thanks Trump!

  • The media is a complete joke and nobody takes them seriously anymore because of their lies and corruption.

  • What kind of country is America Now!! When children have to Learn how to protect themselves against guns!!!!!!!! Your not the lucky country anymore...

  • *Bitch please, you're white and have a net worth of $40 million.*

  • Swalwell achieved NOTHING

  • CNN the most dishonest media organization in the US .... shows a clip on dishonesty.... now that's priceless

  • Trump: Here are the names of all our spies in your country....Putin:Thank you very much, the money is on its way......the tw*t on here? It is no ones business what the President says to anyone????????? USA is well and truely DOOMED!!

  • Phil Mudd has NOT been paying attention...

  • Its my neighbors bloody drone

  • Every other day the media runs with a bogus Trump story because they want to get the man. Little fact checking, always being played by disgruntled Obama appointees. They always seem to fall for it.

  • 0:32 Lol, that's already an achievement.

  • Phill has lost his mind!!!

  • There's no such thing as white privilege. There is rich privilege though. If there was a thing as white privilege there would be no poor white people. You have to be really stupid to keep falling for the wealthy cons that only wish to create divide so that we fight each other instead of unifying to overthrow the 99% that hoard the money we make them. Keep believing their bullshit.

  • White genocide quotes by jews

  • The GOP will kill their party over dictator trump. Remember they wanted to remove Obama over mustard.

  • Erin snowflake left loonie VOTE TRUMP 2020

  • I'm sooo sorry God if I ever complain. This video has made me cry

  • That's puppy puppet of Trump

  • Yea we haven’t been alone for awhile now 😩

  • Fredo

  • CNN Bill Barr is gonna ruin your lifes forever 😂 , enjoy gitmo traitors

  • tRuMp is working for putin boy are we screwed....

  • So, Lewandowski lies to the media and the American people on Trump's behalf, and then Trump calls the media "fake." Yep, that's about right.

  • Nice to see Phil Mudd pull his head out of his ass long enough to do this interview.

  • Only in the US UFO's STOP DOING DRUGS! crack heads.

  • These UFO come out when ever the Democrats tell the truth, that's why there are so few sightings.

  • This girl lost her ratings in her career from talking shit about Trump there’s a long list there’s a reason why this man is the president.

  • Sin is sin God Loves the sinner not the sin

  • Fascinating stuff next time maybe even an image of a flying cow

  • There is no white privilege anymore, only rich privilege. Seriously she lives in her own world. It's only the rich filling their pockets, the rest of us are all in the same boat day on and day out.

  • This is the product of CNN fake news. America knows the Demoncrats want to take our guns then strip our rights

  • blah ha ha CNN lies again...using actors to act as fake trump supporters..know wonder your ratings are in the toilet....for facks sate the guy in the upper right is jeremy montanez...he has his own youtube channel where he openly talks about talking guns away from people and how much he hates he was a trump voter..bullshit its a shame your once great honest media outlet has become such a lying DNC run hack your current ratings how long do u thnk u should treat your viewers like their stupid enough to believe your garbage anymore. when trump says fake news and points at you all you do is prove him right with garbage reporting like this

  • I find this hilarious. It's like some dark satire: you want to know what the Russians are up to but not whether a US official (in this case the president) is colluding with them. You can tap Russian spies' phones but if they speak to an American you have to stop listening. It makes no sense.

  • He’s gross... Who watches that garbage ?who watches Holly weirdo ,losers...

  • With Donald Trump's White Privilege he has redone all the evil things the Democrats have done to the African-American communities and he's also stopped the massive incarceration and helped many African Americans get out of jail so they can fill up those millions of jobs available that Donald Trump and his white privilege have created.

  • Yeah....maybe the reason why the American public doesn't trust the government is because the government literally tells the public: we're not going to tell you the truth. The fact this guy lost his mind over a whistleblower is INSANE. He is literally pissed that god forbid some of us wanna have oversight over you mother fuckers.

  • Until he take her grandma social security away then what

  • He’s acting like he’s about to be arrested with wEinstein and epstein

  • It has nothing to do with race! This anchor journalist said things she shouldn't have. Everytime white employees get into trouble they pull the mental illness card the affirmative action card, blaming black people even going so far as to pull a reverse discrimination card! She was not terminated from her job for being a caucasian, she was terminated for making derogatory comments about black people and the news media she works for cannot afford a civil suit against them! People like this irresponsible journalist cost money when they do and say things like that! In fact white people in general should know better and understand that when they commit a offense against black people especially on the job ,you're going to cost the company you work for serious problems that lead to lose of revenue! Example the incident at a old navy store where a black man who was a frequent costumer that shop at that store regularly walked into this store once again to do some Christmas shopping when suddenly as he was on line waiting to be rung up three employees and the security guard gave him a hard time accusing him of shoplifting! He turned on his cellphone and recorded the whole entire incident! It went viral and because of their behavior that store was closed for the next three weeks costing that store to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales and the corporate headquarters was forced to terminate those employees because of racial profiling and they threatened to weaponize the police to either get him falsely arrested or killed! To all white people hear this! If you falsely accuse a black person of something that didn't happen, weaponize the 911 system to try and scare black people with the police, use of even make comments verbally or on your social media accounts about black people of any derogatory nature including but not limited to! 1. Comparing animals especially gorillas to black people! 2. Calling the police on a black person for no reason \ weaponizing the police \ and filing a false report! 3. Disrespect towards a boss who is black or of a foreign descent! 4.Using racial slurs and stereotyping black people \ making light of black celebraties , dancing like Michael Jackson in the effort to disrespect black people, using black athlete names in a derogatory term,ect! 5. Painting and wearing the black face! These are the keys to getting into trouble and getting terminated from your jobs !You can appeal to get your jobs back but know this! If the incidents are on record and show up on the board of employment will deny and reject your appeal! They can't afford to keep paying money in court fees and lawsuits because of your primitive racist behavior! Great fellow employees and customers how you expect to be treated, with R.E.S.P.E.C.T!

  • Dems look sooooo stupid. When will they redeem themselves and win back pride for their precious Anqueefa

  • No criminal wants or has a gun thats traceable to them. they file off serial numbers. These shooters are illegally in posesion of the guns its rarely that theu are the gun owner. Btw Its easy ti build guns and its millions of americans with the ability to make them. You would only be diss arming legal owners and leaveing them vunerable to criminals . you wouldnt be stopping criminals from having guns .You woukd build a massive black market of guns and bullets. It would actually unite criminal enterprises with citzens who just want to be able to protect there familys.It would be massive black market.

  • I wonder what there doing, I think anytime they want to can bring the world to its knees and absolutely nothing anybody can do about it, I'm starting to get scared, the truth was always here!

  • People complain that illegals are taking our jobs but they take jobs that white Americans won't take. So I say lets bring them in to work so they can give money to their families. This is the tRump lie. We must not buy into it

  • Fredo! 🍝

  • Carson is a strong Adventist.

  • When he says "we're against hate speech" the citizenry should be reminded that for Facebook, Zuckerberg and his assigned employees are the arbiters of what hate speech is, which as history points out with that site, results in a vast majority of ideas and opinions silenced and deleted because those very arbiters don't want to promote dissenting opinion.

  • cant wait until nature decides to kill us slowly...

  • Amen What Gos says God s law has not changed just because man has

  • Don Dumbass Lemon is still the dumbest man on TV ever and it's ironic because he is the biggest liar too

  • It is true you stupid bitch you sit there and spew your mass shootings warning for16 months after the incident pushing your agenda damn the torpedoes full speed ahead.

  • 🛫🏢🏢

  • It will be interesting to know the percentage of pro-choice people agree with assisted suicide.

  • Ok but will you donate a portion of your earnings from this Netflix special to black organizations or will you just profit off the black struggle?

  • It’s always a pleasure to talk to Beato says loser CNN commentator ., two bobble heads bouncing around on the screen.. 😂😂😂😂

  • Who typed many words and deleted it many times because its too stupid to actually try and say something logical about something retarded?

  • I don’t get this notion that’s been told to us that the military is our source of “freedom” in this country when it’s not. All the wars fought weren’t for American freedom, American freedom has only been challenged by America. If we’re talking about wars back in 1776 and how that translates now, then why isn’t a AA views on slavery have just as much clout. No one has challenged America’s freedom for decades hell centuries. It’s a narrative that we’re all taught to believe when really it’s all a big collusion among leaders of the world.

  • Great project to unify people from all walks of life ✌️ I support it

  • Another story to be debunked but CNN never learns. Trump derangement syndrome

  • Fox already reported on this three days ago. That's why we call CNN the Fredo of the news world.

  • Smh

  • “ I can call who I want when I want” -Trump Nothing to see here folks

  • My comment got deleted earlier because I almost exposed the elites I guess or pissed some people off. Anything the news puts out is mostly a test to see how the public would react, if it was really real or if it was something they didn't want to expose it would not be on the news. The news is fake as hell. This most likely isn't real if not you would have seen a clear image or video by now. Think about it, why would they all of a sudden expose these things to the public, especially in the U.S. Anybody in any other country makes a fool out of us for believing the news. Im just in my early 20's but I know how the world works and so do many others, it;s a system and other things I rather not state. The truth is not meant to be known, the planet is not ready for the truth. Only those who know understand what I am talking about. Everything has an agenda, it's time everyone wakes up. Yet again. the world nor the states is not ready for the truth. NWO and another agenda is coming soon near you, some rich know it, the elites are planning.

  • He a goot boy

  • blah ha ha CNN using more fake actors as trump supporters not the first time and im sure it wont be the last know wonder your ratings are in the toilet

  • The Russians took the space race loss pretty hard so they buckled down and created the fastest and most advanced aircrafts ever.

  • fredooooooooooooooooo noooooooooooooooooooooo

    • jo smith Be careful, FREDO might have to ruff you up! Lol!😁

  • This wasn’t a hearing. This was part of the coup to overthrow the legitimate president of the United States. I am sick of these people, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Strozk, Page, Nadler, Schiff, etc. as well as CNN’s fake coverage of the coup. All should be jailed and CNN run out of business.

  • Corrupt pile-o-shit

  • I think the Democrats are falling apart. Nadler reminds me of Colonel Klink and CNN is complete JOKE!!

  • Fuckin' idiot. Next.......

  • More like fake news CNN is the perfect example of socialist propaganda privilege

  • "Declassified" ....imagine all the other found evidence that they cover up.

  • This is the real deal-

  • This looks fake too many camera angles

  • What happened to JEFFREY EPSTEIN ? And RUSSIA !!!!

  • She was only trying to get her rocks off!!!

  • One more self loathing white idiot looking for approval from racist blacks. What a loser Handler is.

  • Freeeeeedo !!!!!!

  • There are people in and out of government who have some understanding of these phenomena. They are happy that many people believe - wrongly - that it is aliens. Let folks believe UFOs are guided by aliens. The truth would be too much for them.

  • You loss some you win some

  • Ive been telling people that they are called "UAP's" for years now..

  • Why does anyone think you can fix a problem by attacking the secondary issues but bypassing the source of the problem ? Just take the UK for example ,it didnt reduce the murders as to date its more knife stabbings than it was shootings. Most of the shootings today has been born out of the the reforms made both in social civil rights and school reform. 35 years ago the nation at risk act has obviously damaged the minds of kids. We took away teachers dicipline abiltys which has caused a lack of respect and a insubordance of authority. Instead of trying to turn law upside down or reforming the reform let look back at what has worked .

    • @Karlos Jeffers The murders are supper messy scense now. mauled up close and personal stabbings .

    • @Karlos Jeffers actually crime increased after the ban despite the increased police added in also.

    • @Karlos Jeffers What it did for paris was it allowed terrorist to run up and down through downtown shooting people for an hour till police could arrive. countless people looked on fron there apartments helplessly. one citzen couldve saved hundred of lives that day. just one legal gun owner wouldve detoured the night club masscre .

    • @Karlos Jeffers It didnt work to save slow down crime either.

    • Dadson worldwide the UK imposed strict gun laws to tackle gun violence specifically. Same as Australia. It worked in both cases. Knife crime is a different problem with its own unique solutions. Don’t conflate the two.

  • Poor people comments are the best !!!!!

  • Liberalism is a mental disorder Don lemon is a two face motherfucker asshole

  • Dude aliens exist. The government needs to quit covering it up.