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What I use to animate:
- 22 HD Cintiq drawing tablet (Any graphics tablet will do to be honestly. Just gotta know how to use it. Used a 15 dollar one when I first began)
- Adobe Animate CC
- A computer (duh)
- Adobe premiere (To memefy it and sync audio cuz adobe animate is sometimes weird)
-Adobe Audition (To record)
Business Email: [email protected]


12:36Living on my Own
Living on my Own Vizionare 2,8 milAcum 10 Zile
5:05Help (Official Music Video)
Help (Official Music Video) Vizionare 3,1 milAcum 2 luni
9:51Fame is Lame
Fame is Lame Vizionare 3,4 milAcum 3 luni
8:4622 years of life milestone (but this time for me)
12:41I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months
I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months Vizionare 10 milAcum 6 luni
2:45I'm Something Else (Official Music Video)
I'm Something Else (Official Music Video) Vizionare 36 milAcum 8 luni
9:12Just Be Yourself
Just Be Yourself Vizionare 3,4 milAcum 9 luni
5:44My 'like a taxi but not' Experiences
My 'like a taxi but not' Experiences Vizionare 4 milAcum 11 luni
7:29Video games changed my life man
Video games changed my life man Vizionare 6 milAcum an
10:54The Scariest Dream I Ever Had
The Scariest Dream I Ever Had Vizionare 8 milAcum an
4:30A Comic I Made In The Third Grade
A Comic I Made In The Third Grade Vizionare 3,3 milAcum an
7:20How I Got Away With Ditching Class
How I Got Away With Ditching Class Vizionare 12 milAcum an
10:12VidCon Was Fun
VidCon Was Fun Vizionare 2,4 milAcum an
9:28My Crazy Imagination
My Crazy Imagination Vizionare 8 milAcum an
10:23Devils Vs Angels Two w/ TheOdd1sOut
9:19Camping Unprepared
Camping Unprepared Vizionare 4,8 milAcum an
9:35My Random Thoughts (Adam Edition)
My Random Thoughts (Adam Edition) Vizionare 7 milAcum an
11:51I Was A Weird Kid
I Was A Weird Kid Vizionare 14 milAcum 2 ani
12:18Starting Youtube Drama w/ Boyinaband
Starting Youtube Drama w/ Boyinaband Vizionare 1,5 milAcum 2 ani
8:19Let Me Tell You About Billy
Let Me Tell You About Billy Vizionare 8 milAcum 2 ani
11:54Conquering My Fear (Like A Champ)
Conquering My Fear (Like A Champ) Vizionare 8 milAcum 2 ani
11:42Poorly Drawing Fans W/ TheOdd1sOut
Poorly Drawing Fans W/ TheOdd1sOut Vizionare 1,9 milAcum 2 ani
6:17Talking To Crazy People
Talking To Crazy People Vizionare 4,6 milAcum 2 ani
7:30Rip Offs
Rip Offs Vizionare 3,8 milAcum 2 ani
9:57Music Is Awesome
Music Is Awesome Vizionare 2,7 milAcum 2 ani
7:38The Bagel Guy Card
The Bagel Guy Card Vizionare 3,8 milAcum 2 ani
6:36In Lazy People's Defense
In Lazy People's Defense Vizionare 4,1 milAcum 2 ani
4:44I Just Wanted Food
I Just Wanted Food Vizionare 5 milAcum 2 ani
3:42I've Been Challenged To Eat Pizza
I've Been Challenged To Eat Pizza Vizionare 1,2 milAcum 2 ani
4:40Stupid Things I Do
Stupid Things I Do Vizionare 3,9 milAcum 2 ani
4:09I suck at chess
I suck at chess Vizionare 3,1 milAcum 2 ani
7:05James is a good butt friend
James is a good butt friend Vizionare 1 milAcum 2 ani
5:30Peer Pressure
Peer Pressure Vizionare 5 milAcum 2 ani
8:38The Day I Got Arrested
The Day I Got Arrested Vizionare 6 milAcum 2 ani
6:21The Ocean and Why Orcas Terrify Me
The Ocean and Why Orcas Terrify Me Vizionare 4,5 milAcum 2 ani
4:46The day I almost freaking died
The day I almost freaking died Vizionare 6 milAcum 2 ani
3:48Had to be there moments suck
Had to be there moments suck Vizionare 2,3 milAcum 3 ani
4:20WE MADE IT TO 1000 SUBSCRIBERS! | Thank you
6:41Running for Class President
Running for Class President Vizionare 2,7 milAcum 3 ani
7:23I Wasn't Allowed To Watch Egoraptor
I Wasn't Allowed To Watch Egoraptor Vizionare 1,2 milAcum 3 ani
4:21GROWN MAN enrolled into my Elementary school
4:57Working With Lazy People (Halloween)
Working With Lazy People (Halloween) Vizionare 1,4 milAcum 3 ani
4:24I Wasn't Allowed To Play Pokemon
I Wasn't Allowed To Play Pokemon Vizionare 1,4 milAcum 3 ani
7:37$600 GAMING PC BUILD | Tech a Seat (2016)
5:15Man Broke Into My Backyard
Man Broke Into My Backyard Vizionare 4,1 milAcum 3 ani
5:36Alien missile thing tried to probe me
Alien missile thing tried to probe me Vizionare 1,2 milAcum 3 ani
5:24Someone Attacked My Car
Someone Attacked My Car Vizionare 1,6 milAcum 3 ani
5:51A REALLY GOOD DAY | Anaheim FitExpo (2016)
29:20My Journey on Youtube | SomeThingElseYT
My Journey on Youtube | SomeThingElseYT Vizionare 308 KAcum 3 ani
HOW TO GYM GOOD Vizionare 280 KAcum 3 ani


  • The best place to eat at is soubway

  • My mom at park when I was 6. DON'T EAT THE SAND ARE IT'S GAME OVER!!!!!

  • Cool

  • Im watching this cuz i got disney+ and i want to watch all the marvel movies in order but i didnt know the order

  • I love the triumphant but sad tone of the song. So good!

  • Who else just realized that the censor on 1:16 is a demonetization noob?

  • 1:28 *Breaks Phone*

  • I like this is in my recommended

  • Octopi

  • My name is also Adam and I also have adhd also I like drawing and animations. Plz explain lol

  • Lol I went through elementary school and middle school trying to blend in to the background. Then I moved to a new school for Highschool do I decided "New school new me" and I no longer care about what people think. Edit: Don't know how I forgot to add this but it got me a Girlfriend.

  • Who loves the i WiLl dO aNd wIlL sUcCeeD

  • I’m too lazy to make a summary of jaidens and James songs Adam: *fuck bullies*

  • :0 Was that a Bakugou poster?????

  • Did anyone try this xD

  • Well how the f#*@ can orcas throw something

  • I love the song but this might just be me but I feel like it took a lil too long to start the actual lyrics and it stayed on "help....oh well" for a good minute and a half

  • I had a dream once, a giant pencil killed all the teachers in the school :) Edit: At The Jump scare I dropped my phone on my face and said “Ouch sister”😅

  • I'm almost 14 and I still do this. lol

  • The title is what I need

  • Sometimes someone can peer pressure someone is a positive way. Someone could peer pressure someone to take opportunities or do something good. But in most cases, it’s someone peer pressuring someone to do something that’s negative. I honestly hate when people try pressuring someone to do something that’s bad.

  • Have you ever met a person named Hugo? at a store? idk

  • Damn, Dude that was badass

  • Is it just me or do other people also not have an outro for the vid

  • Love the lips

  • “Is that how dating works when your 8?” Me: YOU DONT DATE WHEN YOUR ME: JEEEESUS

  • This must be the most terrifying thing ever to experience

  • A bakers dozen is 13 James GAWD

  • Eh I knew no one was gonna responed.😧😧😢😢😢

  • Everyone after this video: *Aww*

  • Worst part of living on your own? Ain't nobody taking care of you when you get a cold.

  • I used to chew my pencil earaser in class and I would get in trouble

  • "White boy thinks he can rap!" Adam: So, which glock should I use **picks music glock** Adam: perfect

  • **oh wow**

  • what school. did you go to

  • (Looks back) Ahah! Aw. He's not there (Pops up) I was here the whole time! *_AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA_*

  • You look old are u 50

  • That's sounds tough. When I was 3 or 4 years old I thought that pokemon were weird little monsters too so I did not want to watch it. My mom eventually got sick of it and literally FORCED me to watch pokemon the movie: 4ever. (the one with celebi in it) I was a fan of the series ever since.

  • 5:19

  • Did you take that pun from skyrim

  • ZUT ALORS!?!?!??!?!??!? WUT IS ZISZ!!??!?!?!?

  • .

  • Emineminemneminem

  • Yeah :b

  • Nice! I can’t even get away. From a recess teacher

  • I love chocolate milk too ................... But I am lactose intolerance 🤣😞😩

  • I understand you,when they but on my brasses I couldn’t eat,literally nothing,and I did the same thing like you did with your brother but with my dad🤣🤪

  • Xbox’s are lame PS IS BETTER

  • 2:58 DID ANYONE ELSE NOTICE THE BAKUGO POSTER? I almost yeeted my tablet I love bnha

  • Nobody Literally nobody Adam:in a little bitty police car

  • I bet when the bagel man card disappeared, he took the last chockymilk with him😋😋😏

  • *duck 🐤 her right in the pussy 🐈 cat😂😂😂B-) *

  • Me: *says I'm not a poor ass bitch I'm nine and an a.i.g with more money than you need to know* *in a Kermit voice jokingly*

  • cinnamon raisin squad! like to join

  • Same but I’m scard of sharks or sinking

  • I get through lessons by doodling on my paper or desk

  • I can relate. Bruh idk why but I feel like everyone *despises* me (NOT MY FRIENDS) for some reason but... I don’t really care 🤪 this song helps me

  • I am afraid of everything :(

  • Isn't a grocery list just food you have to buy? What do you eat? Just buy that

  • Best Rap ever

  • Then and now know one wants to date me

  • Ha look at me! I will do and will succeed. If I don’t I don’t care. *i’ll pull down your underwear*

  • 1:48

  • “Think of the weirdest thing you can think of” A meditating water bottle with arms “Multiply it by 6” A floating water bottle surrounded by a yellow glow with 3 arms on each side looking totally z e n

  • Omg your good a raping that's sounds like my life I'm in high school people bully me for being a nerd People:😂👉 Me:😠

  • Timtom sent me

  • I was tricked In to eating vegimite it was the worst taste I have ever had

  • its funny be cuz he only has fore fingers 1:34 in the video

  • the *ok* sign :0

  • Dude this is like me now TwT shits ok in life but middle school was worse and now I don’t take shit from anyone OwO

  • 4:55 im now just realizing he was doing gokus stance

  • I'm scared of heights and I do the same thing and I think I'm in war war 2 yeah yeah so I'm a big fan

  • Found this at about 1 in the morning 'cause I couldn't sleep and was listening to this for a solid 2 hours on repeat.

  • How is your day, Adam? :)

  • The way he draws his mother looks like Toriel from Undertale

  • Watching this the day of my jaw surgery

  • Yes YesYes common sense is needed

  • I did that I was fitting someone with a lite saber and I WAS SO MUCH FUN!

  • but im a kid

  • Adam hella thic bruh like his hoodie 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Is this game real or fake?

  • Adam I used to play with my cousins and I would be a god that could give other people super powers and my other 2 cousins were gods to

  • ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I actually haven't seen a marvelmovie, but now i actually want to see them all, but it'll take ages😒

  • Me: *has Only underwear on Adam: IdC IlL PUlL DoWn Ur UnDeRwEaR Me: GOTTA GO FAST

  • Random comment *YEEEEEEEEEEEET*

  • Please sub to me because I only have 8 subs

  • 2:59 *Katsuki Bakugou. On a poster. In Adam’s video.* *Y E S .*

  • Title: *Yes but, no*

  • Bro If I saw someone famous I would like “Oh hi” then walk away, cause they have normal lives just like you :)

  • Btw there is a jump scare at 4:17-4:20

  • Chocki milk

  • Tim Tom I subed

  • SoneThingElseYT: and I just threw her like rly FAR away! me: wait so when people get chucked into space, then would that make it to where she comes back like an asteroid?

  • i am 12 and i have a bf that is so loyal he is the best

  • I think the scariest thing is Adams grumpy face he makes when the viewer makes his comment about the last video not being scary. *shivers* those eyes, they just stare into your soul

  • This should be on radio stations right it should

  • And Thanks for Coming to my Ted Talk.

  • Alternative title: Grown man throws a tantrum for not finding the stolen Chocky milk

  • He turned to a demon to be brave good job being brave