IF GUYS ACTED LIKE GIRLS. Weird things for guys to do || Weird comedy by 5-Minute FUN

Publicat pe 30 sep. 2019
How weird would it be if boys acted like girls?
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Which one of those comedy situations is the funniest?
0:03 The boy is doing selfie
0:11 Guys also cry
0:19 The boy is talking on the phone
0:29 Hesitant boy in the cafe with a girl
0:54 The boys tries to wear tights
1:04 The boy didn't order anything and eats the girl's food
1:19 The boy and the girl are watching movie together
1:32 The boy is jealous
1:43 The boy acts shy like a girl
1:52 The boy is jealous again and investigate
2:20 The boy is on the diet
2:33 The girl is carrying bags instead of the boy
2:46 The boys are having their beaut-time
2:57 The boy is acting offended as a girl
3:06 The boy is having his hard days of the month
3:25 Dangerous yoga
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