Texans vs. Saints Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2019

Publicat pe 10 sep. 2019
The Houston Texans take on the New Orleans Saints during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.
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  • Bang!!! Let's go saints!!!

  • What a tragic story for Houston fans

  • 😁


  • No matter if you're a fan of either team, or even football at all, everybody won on this night. Period.

  • 3:13

  • Watch the end of the play that starts at 3:07. Ball boy gets trucked by Thomas

  • Titan up 🔥

  • Texans baby!!!

  • This game is like stripped out of Eyeshield 21

  • Go saints.

  • Saints very nice👏👏👏

  • 7:40 that German suplex tho holy ..

  • 2:27 look at the top of your screen 😂

  • Grat game and much respect to NO but that Texans O line is a mess🤦‍♂️

  • Browns going to win the Super Bowl 🏟

  • Haha texans...with your nfl perks for having a black QB. You know having the refs call penalties for teams with black QBs. All nfl teams with black QBs get questionable call like pass interference, holding, and personal fouls go there way. Ive research the data and found that teams with black QBs get overwhelming get for them pass interference, and holding and their defence has very little penalties called against them. Ha look it up

  • Whose here after Brees got injured

  • great game! Sad the Texans would have won by simply not touching Ginn on the last pass of the game....then the clock runs out and it's over. The officials would have given him at least 3 seconds to get up and run. Bushwick Bill Rules......

  • I've watched this at least 20 times already and was still yelling at the screen with excitement!!!!

  • 13:51 kicker start celebrating to early

  • sexrobotcity.com They have Robot Doctors now Robot Preists, thats probably good thing

  • I've only ever attended 1 football game in my life, I'm from the UK and visited New Orleans this week to get married, we took in a football game, which happened to be this football game. We got married the day after. My now wife, said the game was the highlight of the trip.

  • Damn that right tackle look good

  • Go RAMS we got this.. all this comments just talk..what's your excuse 27 to 9

  • I'm here to support Drew Brees.

  • saints are like the packers now lol, shitty O line. crazy ass kick tho

  • m.rotorrentinfo/watch/y3SnYpG23ouQlas.html

  • What ta game !

  • Just hear to see what other Saints fans think of Eli Apple?

  • الحمد للة

  • What a game!

  • Hot diggidy damn! Who dat?!

  • I think everyone sleeping on ted ginn , he was important to this win just as much as everyone else

  • 3:13 just left my boy on the ground wow

  • 3:13 that dude is dead.

  • Saints should have gone for a touchdown rather than field goal on their possession before the last Texans TD. They can't trust that awful defense to stop big plays

  • The Greatest Week 1 most unbelievable, entertaining nail biting game probably in NFL history...Hello 2019

  • Good job Houston I'm still proud of you. You gave a superbowl-level team like the saints a run for their money

  • Go Saints

  • Madden got Watson throw power 89 for a couple years... disrespectful

  • BOB' lost this game for the Texans. First I could not believe we kicked off deep. Saints had 37 secs in the clock, kick it to the ten trust your S teams. that might eat up 7 or 8 seconds . 2nd never go into quarter man deep when DB9 needs a FG. I would have blitzed because DB9 had to throw the ball. At least make him work for it. I was like the Texans forgot about the field goal. I could not believe what I was watching. And I am pretty sure DB9 could not believe it either.

  • This game sucks bro

  • Its official. The Texans O line hates Deshawn Watson... lol

  • Texans making the playoffs again this year


  • "That is Marcus Williams with the pick and Something Extra with the throw down" 7:42

  • 7:35😂😂😂😂

  • Only week 1 in and they got me on the edge of my seat. Its gonna be a good season.

  • This game was amazing. Went down to the last second. Both quarterbacks were amazing and so were the players around them. Both teams will be in the playoffs. Best game of week 1.

  • 37 sec left? Np.

  • And to think that maybe he missed that field goal on purpose bacause going to overtime may have yielded better chances of winning it for the texans than giving brees 40 seconds and a timeout

  • And just to imagine the Bears picked Trubisky over DeShaun Watson smh...

  • Watson is going to R.I.P. behind that O-Line

  • I cant believe Hopkin miss the WIDE open catch! (I was supporting the Texans even tho,im a Eagle fan

  • dumbest play of the game: touching Ginn when he was on the ground.

  • hahahahahahahhaha ez win

  • What a game!!!

  • wow.