Wide Ping Pong

Publicat pe 11 nov. 2019
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  • "I guess I'm the real winner here!" 😂🤣 P.S. If we hit 1M subs this week, who wants to see Stereotypes 3 next Monday? 🤗

  • 1:33 Otto moved WHAT??!?!?!1?1?!!1!

  • 最近覚えた日本語知りたいな

  • Try to broke balloon

  • Play table tennis with a drone and

  • Challenge: make the intro in portuguese

  • Music used:goals (instrumental version) luftmensch feat. rospigg

  • Play with the 1 million subs play button

  • you can play ping pong with a dog

  • Play ping pong by slapping the ball

  • Soon these guys are going to grab a tiny tiny rock and play with that

  • Play only with serv3

  • Emil- can do weird stuff play with anyone hing, Otto- best power shots, mikka- best accuracy shots

  • Do your intro in brazilian portuguese

  • Good

  • Challenge: Play a 1v1 where someone uses the silver play button and the other the gold one.

  • Tô entendendo nada

  • Play a match of only trickshotting

  • The next video Do the intro on bosnian language

  • Play a match with a coin

  • Challenge: Play ping pong with your go pro camera

  • #challenge=play with 2,3,4 balls

  • Do an intro underwater

  • challenge: play ping pong with a box

  • stand a pencil up and hit it with a table tennis ball from 25m away

  • #challengepongfinity Play with foot

  • Play ping pong with a plug

  • Do an intro while singing

  • combine many tables and play with them joined with more players

  • #challengepongfininty Play in a dark room with a glow in the dark ball. This isn’t my idea I’m just trying to spread it.

  • Please you guys have to make a hole video of this wide Ping pong

  • Play table tennis with floorball stick and floorball ball

  • Can Otto play with his beard

  • Play with your hands, not racket

  • Do your intro in russian!

  • Bro can you play dubols match

  • Do your intro Turkish

  • Challenge: play with bowling ball

  • Play tabble tennis with a thin plate.

  • Do ping pong in a lake again