Milan 1-0 SPAL | Suso Strike Seals Victory For Milan | Serie A

Publicat pe 31 oct. 2019
Suso’s 63rd minute goal was enough to secure victory for AC Milan against 19th-placed SPAL | Serie A
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  • Forza milan! From Uruguay

  • Leonardo scored the same free kick 20 and a half years ago against Sampdoria. Same goal, same free kick and almost same distance rotorrentinfo/watch/mqWVh8mrnJ2qtp4.html minute 6:46

  • Why Hakan doesn't shot the freekicks? It's Suso who shot everetime

  • AC Milan superior this match

  • Ti suggerisco di assumere ancora ancelotti saluti da medellin colombia

  • Paquetá está sendo escalado corretamente..

  • Худший состав Милана за 20 лет.

  • Chalhanoglu - terribly blinded guy, makes Piątek life harder and harder...

  • Boban sighting

  • Ac Milan need to cmebck in top 3

  • Castillejo paqueta and piatek must always start we are a different team with them on the pitch

  • We play so terrible yet we’re the second most watched team in Serie A in front of Juve.

  • I don't know why Paquetá didn't play

  • Suso come to madrid pls

  • Whos the best freekick taker in serie a? Right suso❤️🖤

  • Forzaa Milan ❤

  • paqueta is the real milan player, he had a passion for milan

  • Paquetá é a alma desse Milan, esse mlk em um time melhor iria deitar e rolar

  • A Liverpool reject Ohhhh how the mighty Milan has fallen

  • Paquetá + Léo Duarte = Flamengo

  • spal didnt mark paqueta cz their already knew paqueta has worse finishing

  • le Milan à beaucoup de joueurs mais, avec l'absence de l'inspiration de ces deux derniers coachs, il pourrait refouler dans la série B. si les dirigeants ne prennent pas le cas décevant du club.

  • ForzaMilan

  • Jogou BM paqueta. Se continuar assim vai ser titular sempre, mais tenq mostrar mais ser mais protagonista chama mais o jogo

  • We milanistas, we love our Milan with our heart, not with the results No Matter what ❤️

  • Milan is just sad to watch

  • Suso repeat the trick on Hallloweeeen

  • Nice game from Milan. I think they can beat Lazio if they play like this. And put Rebic ON! :)

  • Mijn hart huilt om zo'n club als ac milaan met zo'n grote geschiedenis naar de kloten geholpen zien worden.

  • Paquetá voltou a jogar bola

  • Hakanın attıkları normalde asist! ancak takım okadar kötü ki pas olarak kalıyor...Birde son posizyona bak bom boş atmıyorlar gerçekten milan berbat bi takım amk lig düşmeyi hak ediyor.Hakanın burdan kurtulması lazım.Aslında teknik olarak tam premier lig oyuncusu böle hızlı kanatlar bitirici st koy orta saha önüne kanatları da beslesin gollerini de attırsın ama milan da bu imkansız amk kim nerde oynuyor belli değil...Hakan tam Leicester City oyuncusu var ya oraya o kadar oturur ki maddisonu satıklarında hakanı almaları şart :D

  • Well done, lads. Man (Men) of the Match, *Theo Hernández & Suso.* *🔴⚫️FORZA⭐️MILAN⚫️🔴* 😉

  • Great kick from susso

  • susah payah... milan saat ini butuh waktu lama utj jadi jawara.. mohon bersabar

  • Wenger in !!!!!

  • Ini oase d padang pasir bro..harus kuat jantung jd milanisti..pdhal usia semakin menua pasti rata2 fansnya milan😂😂 ga apa2 dulu juga udh terlatih senam jantung minimal semifinal liga champions😭😭😭

  • Forza Milan😎😙

  • Awesome paqueta...

  • Oof Paqueta missed a lot of chances...

  • Forza Milan Ac

  • BRAVO AC Milan!

  • Se la squadra supporterà Pistolero, nessuno di loro vincerà l'incontro.

  • Gioco di guerra, vieni a difendere l'Italia

  • Finally!


  • No mínimo uma 😏

  • Forza Milan from Pakistan 🇵🇰 ❤️

  • Forza milan

  • Forza milan

  • 0.07 Rafael Benitez wearing yellow 🤣

  • ضعفاء لا يحسنون إستغلال الفرص و خاصة في الإنهاء

  • Grande bennacer

  • I was littrealy feeling sad for Paquta Forza Milan ❤️🖤⚽🔥

  • Forza rossoneri 🔴⚫

  • Why don't Milan hire world class managers? Inter have in conte and look where they are now.

    • Or do you mean why man u hasn't had a world class manager since Mourinho left?

    • @Alvaro man u got money and has had world class manager like Mourinho. What you on about lol

    • Dont have $$$$ mate The same question for your Manchester United

  • Forza milan from imdonesia 😎😎😎🤙👌

  • 0:07 this is Rafa Benitez ????? :D :D

  • Milan need Ibrahimovic ☆

  • They faced spal like playing vs big team, so struggle to scoring goals, milan need impove their finishing 🤦‍♂️

    • @Shadowsoul81 not like La Liga? Clearly YOU don't watch football, that kind of tight play is even more extreme in La Liga. In La Liga, not only do the lower teams compete with the top teams like in Serie A, but they beat the top teams and draw against the top teams as well. Just compare the tables in the two leagues. Not only that but the top teams in La Liga are far superior to the top teams in Serie A.

    • NotUrFan TV evidently you don’t get how Serie A works. It’s the same as in Liga or Premier League, where you have only 4-5 teams fighting for the top while the rest is just bad teams who’d lose 5-0 every match. Here even the last team in the league would give a hard time to the top3. Ask Inter about Parma for instance...

    • @Shadowsoul81 SPAL sure is a real deal 😧😧

    • nurahman11 5 days ago Spal got a 1-1 draw vs Napoli... not so easy to win vs Spal. Juventus also struggled a lot to win against them. Maybe you should be watching other sports.

  • Bennacer...