People Share Secret Codes That Are All Around Us (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)

Publicat pe 24 ian. 2020
People Share Secret Codes That Are All Around Us (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)
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    • In construction purple pliers or green screwdrivers

    • Freemasons

    • @Storytime With Reddit I hate many things

    • ;( thought it would be a funny joke, sorry

    • No thanks. Instead I googled the title and read the content from the actual source.

  • At a place I worked at they would say “you left your screwdriver at *wherever the attractive person was*” they even would say yellow screwdriver for blondes, red screwdriver for redheads and so on

  • I’ve got the sheets, I need to leave

  • why the fuck do u censor the word sex jesus christ are u 12 years old?

  • In Indiana you have to be 21 to purchase/drink alcohol, but only 19 to sell it. I worked in a grocery store for a year and a half, started when I was 19, always had to help out my younger coworkers when they had a customer trying to buy wine

  • Watch this and you will begin to understand so much symbology. m.rotorrentinfo/watch/3JK4idq8x2qt0qs.html

  • 11:57 was prolly 15 year old me 😂

  • 404 means lost, didn't found ir doesn't exist. It is because means foward for meaning send packet again. Tcp works on small packets of data.

  • What was the 2319 code?

  • When I worked at an amusement park, if somebody reported a “protein spill” it meant somebody had just vomited on one of the rides.

  • Weed as a word is bad in any context? 🤔

  • 2319 means something like white sock. I think it works like the first letter of the word? Idk, my mum told ,e when she was scrolling through Facebook. I can’t be bothered checking 😌

  • Alt-F4 lolol

  • The nod code is actually easy to explain with body language. If you nod upwards you expose your throat, which is one of the most vulnerable spots of your body. To friends this nod is an expression of trust, to strangers a provocation.

  • I worked at the Disney store and we would use different Disney characters as code. For example, if someone was shoplifting, we’d say “we have a Lotso here” and I forgot what other character codes we had (it’s been like 8 years since I worked there lol)

  • The school I go to used to do something along the lines if "maintenance to the office" for a random person in the building, and "maintenance to the office, bring your toolbox" for random person with a possible weapon

  • A U in a circle on a food package means it's kosher

  • I will just say this, more for those who quietly have their eyes on me than anything else: Simply learning to communicate on another individual's level can open whole new ways of understanding the reality of how human interaction actually works. I am one of those very unusual people who feels like the only real way to deal with invasion of privacy is to accept it. I have a general idea of who invades me and why. Not some conspiracy level stuff, just an awareness and acknowledgment of how things work these days. As an artist it's part of my role in giving back to society to question things, skirt lines, etc. I've figured out some very unique and unorthodox ways to make peace with people who have the power to take things from me and take advantage of me. The one situation I feel most comfortable sharing: My information is widely circulated amongst a lot of hackers outside the US. I've simply been honest about my social class and financial situation and we've developed a quiet understanding. They have ways of "using" me to get a few things for themselves, ways that do not involve hurting me or taking from me or my small family, so I genuinely don't mind it. I consider them to be good people at heart, as we're all just trying to survive and cope in the brokenness of the systems we were all born into.

  • If I put 1101 on an application (I'm a manager) it means this application looks absolutely terrible and it's a hard NO. Never seen someone put 110 instead

  • 4:05 I always nod down when I walk in a big crowd saying excuse me or when I walk in front of people or when I say tq because I just feel like it's much more respectful

  • 9:20 yyyy

  • In my elementary/middle school, we had a code for lockdown. It was “Mr. *school name*, please come to the office”. Then we’d know to turn off the lights and hide, instead of having a loud alarm that would clearly alert the intruder.

  • Live in the south and was a waitress and bartender for *MANY* many years.. the "in the weeds" is true but the referring to black people as Canadians, I've never heard of that. I also have worked in many restaurants over the past 20 years.

  • Why is no one talking about 14:29? Alt + F4 in a windows system leads to options like shutdown or hibernate or sleep...

  • When my mother was in a nursing home for rehab on a broken shoulder I often heard them page doctors or nurses over the intercoms. I learned when they paged a certain (non-existent) doctor, it was code for emergency situation. My dad was a Mason and he often communicated with other Masons by their sign language. It is NOT ASL, but much older. Most people aren't aware the Masons have their own sign language.

  • Dice dealer here, we say "craps game" or "hop the hard 8 or 10" depending on how hot the female is. I also drive an Audi and yes the badge means I can drive how I please.

  • In the airport's if you hear a call or page for Leo it means Law Enforcement Officers. It's used in most federal settings too.

  • The bikers nod, when bikers in South Africa where I'm from, if you look you will see bikers nod at each other as a sign of respect and acknowledgement. I rode a really small bike, barely bigger than a scooter that was ugly and in a bad condition, not worthy any notice, but whenever I stopped at a stop or traffic light and other bikers, most ridding bikes easily worth a 100 times more than mine, pulled up they would always nod at me and each other, I started doing the same. It was strange had no money, struggling in life but just that bit of respect was positive in my life, made me feel better. Years later don't have a bike anymore, miss it though, but still notice at stops when bikers give each other the bikers nod.

  • I had to pause halfway and go watch Yeah by Usher

  • Upside pineapple, be it a sticker or a sign it signifies that person(s) a swinger. A heart with a infinity symbol means that person(s) is polyamorous.

  • Most of those weren't even secret codes.

  • 2319 I understood that reference

  • Joggers on the power lines means the place trafficks contraband, usually drugs but sometimes weapons and people. Very unlikely to run into product there by crashing the door down because they have other codes to tell when the product is ready

  • One that's pretty common in hospitals - Brahm's Lullaby played over the PA system means a baby was just delivered. Found out about this one when I was standing vigil with my mom. Went for a walk around the hospital, heard that playing on the PA, asked one of the staff & got the "a baby was just born" response. Given that my mom was in the process of dying at the time, it helped. ❤

  • 8:13 BMW....not audi

  • Kind of expected a ton of euphemisms lol

  • 42069

  • 9:00 in my town its .98 cents usually. But we also have stores that are notorious for upping the price for a week or 2 and then discouting it to a price at the same price it was going for before the discount. Example: $1 candy bar to go on sale next week. Up the price to $3 for the week before discount. Discount the candy bar at $1. Makes people think they're getting a steal of a deal and i don't recall if thats illegal or anything. Its just not exactly easy to catch them if it is illegal and most people dont even pay attention to it. If the store shows the price before a discount always ask yourself "is that a reasonable price to sell this item?" Because if you think the "original" price is way too high youre probably right and youre probably getting scammed.

  • Not sure if all facilities have this system but we had color dots. I worked at a residential/retirement home and we had to keep each visitor on file. When the visitor left their name we would look them up on Facebook and get a picture to put on file. In the file we would have colored dots on the top right hand corner that each meant something different. Purple: abusive Green: theft Black: eavesdropper Pink/red: brings small children These were all kept in a handy notebook that we had to write in each time a visitor cama. We had to log when they came to the facility and when they left. We had to document if they brought anything with them or took anything with them. It was always written in and we couldnt exactly write down "this guy beats his mother" or "this bitch is a Karen and she brings her 4 demon spawn with her" or "this girl steals her grandmothers jewellery" on the book since other visitors could see it (and nobody likes to see what other people actually think about them) so we got stickers and it saved a lot of time and energy in training.

  • Nice try government

  • I used to work at a Cell Phone Dealership. If we ever said our systems were requesting us to call into support and request an "Advanced Credit Check" it meant "Hey, we're fairly certain this is fraud." Most reps in our retail support team picked up on that immediately, but a few (probably newer ones) didn't get it.

  • For those wondering about “21 on 9”: Illinois has different regulations on liquor sales. In order to sell, you must be 21 for spirits in some counties. 18 for beer statewide.

  • 3:26 wrong

  • Similar to the codes on beer are date codes on car batteries with the same meanings. On tires there is a "DOT Code" on the sidewall. The last four digits tell you when a tire was made. The first two are the week, the last two are the year. So if the code says 2619, it was made in the 26th week of 2019.

  • 2:40 in Trieste they say "volentieri!" (="happily!"), but they mean they would accomplish if the request weren't just impossible to.

  • One time I was with my mum at the grocers, and she met up with one of her friends while checking out. They engage in a conversation that goes for about ten minutes, and I notice my sister getting squirmy, and I wanted to leave too. I go up to my mum and ask, "What time do you think we'll be home by? I've got some homework to do." And before my mom could answer, her friend says, "That is the most polite way of asking to leave I've heard from a kid." Slightly embarrassing, but we left after that.

  • As a man i was never even taught about the nods. I have no idea if the same goes for other men. But it just makes sense. If i see you on the street and we don’t know each other but we make eye contact i’ll give you a respectful nod. It’s just like we acknowledge your presence and it’s a sign of unspoken respect. An upwards nod is the same situation but with someone you know. For instance whenever i’m walking through school and i’m being quick and see my football coach I always give him upwards nod. To show him that I respect him and we’re close. But it’s just weird that it’s basically a common understanding among us men and it’s almost never taught.

  • When you're driving and an ambulance needs to pass you but there's not enough room, you should flash your warning lights to let them know you've seen them, otherwise, they will drive really close to the driver's side mirror so you can see them. Also, the worst thing you can do when you hear an ambulance is changing how you drive ergo driving unpredictably. Do not speed up, do not change lanes, if you're in a roundabout do not exit when the ambulance is behind you but drive around the whole roundabout (drive in a circle) so you miss your first exit and then exit at the second go.

  • Do not flash your high beams at a trucker. It does not mean it's safe to merge, and we can't see the road ahead when you do that. Turn your lights off and on twice real quick to let us know it's safe to clear. Flash high beams to get our attention if you see a danger on our truck or with our driving.

  • Jeep wave, motorcycle lower wave, and the wave of truckers. All feel great when you get the wave back

  • used to work at a gas station where you ha to get the bathroom key from the cashier (a lot of druggies in the area). ''the toilet is out of service'' mean s someone left a mess in the bathroom and it has not been cleaned up. you also can use it as a way to prevent the culprit from using it again. toilets don't break 5 times a week

  • At Walmart, code white is an injury, code adam is a missing kid

  • At least in mass you can sell closed bottles at 18

  • "Attractive customer" codes are creepy as hell, coworkers at Jimmy Johns were super innapropriate about it. If you do this you should be ashamed of yourself for real.

  • An aggressive up nod is an assessment of the type of fight about to go down. Are we getting stress out and wanna Duke it out? Or is one of us going to the hospital today? How aggressive are the nods?

  • The code for a hot person with my friends is "counter" as in you'd bend them over a counter right then and there

  • I’ve done the old high beam flash a few times before to warn other drivers of a speed trap up ahead. I always wondered if anyone actually understood what I was signaling or just thought I was being an ass. I’d appreciate it if someone did that for me so I figured I’d do it for other drivers lol. My parents taught me about this trick when I was really little and it’s always stuck with me.

  • 3:24 Oh,ok, but what if the customer overhearing this is a Black Canadian? Then what?

  • *Usher - Yeah* Why am I hearing boss music?

  • the gay bar one ive actually seen it a bunch of times when going downtown omg