You Only Need These 9 Things to Go Car Camping Right Now

Publicat pe 11 mar. 2018
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Stop making excuses. You don't need tons of specialized gear to go car camping -- just grab the essentials and go. Below are the only things you actually need (minus food and water). Just remember to be safe, check the forecasts and follow local regulations.
First Aid Kit
Nemo Forte 20 Degree Sleeping Bag
Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree Sleeping Bag
Winterial Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad
Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xlite Max SV
EZ Towel
Biodegradable Wipes
Light My Fire Spork 4-pack
Titanium Spork
Wooden Utensils
MPOWERED Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern
Streamlight Bandit Head Lamp
Bastion Braza Knife
Utica UTK-S4 Fixed Blade
DIY Fire Starters (Uber Matches) rotorrentinfo/watch/yWapoL2ozK2QmLM.html
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  • I pack a 12 gauge as one of my essentials.

  • recovery hooks? get=out traction boards? Kinetic rope. all for weather caused road surface changes to mud, snow,etc.

  • Need to know if a modified sine wave inverter is as good as a pure sine wave inverter

  • Great info, thank you!

  • Thank you

  • This guy seems like an honest individual

  • I’m a picky food camper!! If the food doesn’t have steak I don’t touch it!!!

  • Great advice. Looking to get into camping, myself.

  • What are you even doin in the woods without a paracord bracelet it’s not allowed

  • Pack out the toilet paper. Two or three days on Beef Jerky and candy bars is gonna make you think differently. You need to bring food and a way to cook, otherwise you will be sick and weak. Get a survival knife or a machete. Leave the gardening tools for the Gardner.

  • Whiskey.

  • Enjoyed the video. Good advice.

  • Dude I love you video it's really good

  • Thought it was interesting that a compass wasn't mentioned. I went on a simple picnic with my boyfriend only a few steps into a forest, and somehow my boyfriend got himself separated and seriously lost. I had to go back out to the road, climb up on top of the car, and yell myself hoarse until he found his way back by following my voice. He reached the car just as night fell. Whew.

  • Onomatpoeia…. i'm impressed

  • Gibbs rule #9 never forget your Knife

  • What’s the jacking you’re wearing here?

  • Ill take the new tsla cybertruck with me

  • Great Video!

  • Very helpful for planning. I would recommend a folding pocket knife with a clip instead. Go with Benchmade or Buck. Then a folding pruning saw, fiskars. Quality products that will last a long time and have other uses not specific to being in the woods.

  • you forgot to cover the elephant in the room... the car

  • This is GREAT content thank you

  • In this one video, I learned about the ideal lantern I'd been looking for (Luci), the knife/shovel/hammer multitool I need (horihori), and a perfect solution for matches. Subscribed, great channel and very informative.

  • 1 being a car.

  • This guy would be the BEST father

  • Lmao at buying that kitschy utensil shit.. Just grab a fork and spoon from home... Bring it back .... Wash ...repeat...

  • Meals are the best part of camping

  • You forgot firearms, no way I'm stepping into the woods with a firearm!

    • That's a very location specific item. if you are camping in an area where you are likely to encounter bears or other large predators it might be more necessary. I live in Australia and have never touched a firearm but I often go camping in the bush and outback. There is no need to bring a firearm camping here and I would be more concerned if someone did.

  • I have on occasion and brought fast food/take out with me to places I've camped lol. Sometimes civilization is only a couple of miles away. There is a lot to be said about cooking over an open fire of course. Camp how you want to camp, within reason and respectfully of course. Don't leave your trash and be nice to your temporary neighbors.

  • It sucks that it's illegal here in Belgium to sleep in your car. I really want to go car camping but the police scares you away from literally every forest if you're sleeping in your car.

    • Ballenpitser 69 Holland too when I lived there,but they’re small countries with no space,imagine the shit everywhere.

  • Sleeping bag? What about just layering up EDIT: HAHA you answered it

  • Bring a shovel for when you go to the restroom. Dig a hole each time you need to use the restroom. Put the dirt back in the hole when you're done. You don't want to poop on the ground, it will attract animals and make your camp site smell.

  • I appreciate your friendly down to earth attitude. I want to do some simple get-out-of-town sleep in car camping, and not go crazy with stuff. I love the solar lantern! Thanks! 🌸💚💪🏼🐝🦋

  • Like the ending.. “live outdoors a little.”

  • $ store

  • 👍🏽this was extremely helpful. I went camping for the first time in my adult life last week at Yosemite. And I wish I would’ve seen this video before going. But I know the next time. Because it was the small details I forgot. I had the sleeping bags the lanterns, the first stuff. I just missed the knife, the appropriate clothing, utensils, toilet paper and a slew of small details that would’ve made it easier. I still had a blast. And. My family and I are planning to go camping twice a year.

  • Kitchen scissors ain't so heavy that you gotta resort to dulling your knife opening packages.

  • Looking for safe and fun places to go camping near NC

  • Great tips! Alot of people think they have to pack half their house to take camping with them. Just a few items will do especially when it's a short trip. Thank you for the video!

  • cool video MOD. the fact that your from NC is awsome, from NC myself, been to same area many times hiking but not camping. one day take family up there.

  • Number 10: A firearm (unless you're a soy-boy Democrat).

  • You forgot the most important thing you need to go car camping.......A car !

  • Dude. Your content is fantastic. I lived in/ traveled in a van for a few months back in 2015 and back pack often but this was a great refresher for my upcoming trip to the Colorado back country. Keep it up!

  • You definitely need a car.

  • Wasn't expecting to see Best Damn EDC when I clicked on this video!

  • So, in PIshah, you can just pull your car over and camp somewhere? Are there designated places to do car camping?

  • كيف تذهب الى دورة المياه ؟

  • A car should be on the list

  • Beer.

  • Throw a sleeping bag in the back of the rig and a couple of bags of jerky. Done! Oh and a first aid kit, Oh and toilet paper. Welp, I'm going to the store.

  • Do you just poop on the ground and put the used toilet paper on top? Maybe cover it up with leaves. Maybe you should add a shovel to the "must have" items. Alternatively if your camping next to a lake or stream you could just take a liquid duce. 😁

  • Would you recommend bringing a small cooking stove instead of using fires for cooking? It seems like a simpler and cleaner option.

    • Videos xxx

    • Yeah, like the one burner model from Coleman. Doesn't take up much room either.

  • I make a point nowadays of looking for canned goods with pop tops so I dont have to have a can opener. I do carry a can opener, but I try to get stuff that doesn't require me to have one.

  • Xclnt list! There are times I’m ready to take off and the work of planning, shopping, cooking and cleanup of food bog me down . You can just eat very simply without cooking or a big heated washup. It’s also pretty liberating to just plan on sleeping in the car. Even in the warm summer days, depending on where you are, fog can roll in and dampen and chill whereas the hard shell of the car can protect and give a cozier atmosphere. Whatever slows you down from taking off and getting out there, find a simpler way bc days outdoors are just too precious to miss!

  • Yes, other people sometimes don't bring what they need. A warm hat goes a long way to peaceful sleep if it gets cold. As for fires, so many places don't allow them now and they are hard to put out. It can take gallons of water to put out out embers in some fires.

  • Really good video eh bud

  • My boyfriend, his daughter and I went camping for the first time together last weekend and it was great. Definitely would love to try car camping.

  • Gotta cook something on the camp fire.

  • I am a first aider

  • How many guns should I carry and what types +