Zlatan's First Goal on his Return to Milan! | Cagliari 0-2 Milan | Top Moment | Serie A TIM

Publicat pe 11 ian. 2020
Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored on his first start since returning to AC Milan as they record a comfortable away victory against Cagliari | Serie A
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  • It's like the return of mike tyson after dougles fight that never happened i dreamed off.."zlatan" who else could do it..

  • what a goal from ZLATAN

  • #zlatanisback

  • Zlatan welcomed the serie a.

  • Hace que el fútbol sea tan fácil!

  • He has said and his 1st Goal is it. He said I will not Move much but Scored from distance with Power. Look he celebrated before it Goes in Net.

  • Ha fichado zlatan por el milan 2020 hasta cuando?

  • Ibra, eres un Dios coñooooo

  • Ce mec n'est pas fini encore.. Ça fait plaisir

  • This man cant old😉👍

  • Zlatan proves age is just a number

  • LA Zlatan did it better.

  • È tempo di riformare gli stivali, molta arroganza. Ibraimovic 👎👎👎

  • Bentornato Zlatan Ibrahimovic

  • All hail king zlatan

  • When zlatan comes to your house He is not the guest you are

  • A goal scored zlatan!

  • Zlatan sei tornato finalmente a dare forza a una squadra di mollaccioni, forza Milan sempre

  • Zlatan does not score goals Goals score Zlatan

  • Zlatan is AMPAS

  • Man Ac Milan are a long way off those glory days! I doubt they will ever return

  • Ronaldo will hunt you down zlatan!

  • 38 years old. This is why Ronaldo will retire as the goat. There body's are conditioned different.

  • L’ha messa dentro con una naturalezza imbarazzante

  • 38 years old and still the king!

  • legend has it he is actually pass

  • On the first day of training Zlatan turned up late, so the rest of the team got fined for being early!!!

  • Hope messi on napoli

  • ZLATAN 😎👍🏆😉🤩

  • cr7 feels scared to loose league this season

  • Forza Milan ❤️🖤❤️🖤

  • He scored goal in 4 decades 1990 2000 2010 2020 let that sink in ..

  • Theo also deserves his praise, he’s been Milan best player this season and came thru again today with the assist to Zlatan

  • AC Milan knew that after 10 games they needed a win that's why they called Zlatan!

  • Zlatan.....

  • The fans do not choose to accept Zlatan. Zlatan chooses to accept the fans


  • He celebrated before the ball went in❤️😍 Typical Zlatan

  • Great finish

  • *_Goal first Zlatan_*

  • Злата разеби эту лигу братан!

  • Zlatan can see John Cena.

  • I piantek non piace questo elemento

  • Ibracadabra ...........FORZA MILAN🖤❤️

  • Zlatan didn't score on his return. AC milan scored on their return to Zlatan

  • zlatangoal

  • Powered by Zlatan!

  • King Zlatan 🔴⚫️🔥🦁

  • let see next

  • Once upon a time, Zlatan dropped out of school for two days in a row, and that day is said to be Saturday and Sunday


  • Goat!

  • IZbacks ForzaZI21 forzaMilan

  • Watch Leão's expression 0:11

  • Zlatan makes football a living game

  • I never liked Milan and Juventus this much =)

  • Is like he never left the club what a legend

  • Welcome zlatan

  • Before zlatan, Milan had no players of note

  • Zlatan celebration goal remind me on julior cesar