Smoothie Challenge (ft. Hannah Hart)

Publicat pe 15 nov. 2013
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  • So. This is the period before the late night show. I unable to can.

  • this continues to be one of my favorite videos on the internet, and one of the only videos that gives me true joy.

  • 2020?

  • U guys are so silly

  • And yet still have the sweetest sincerest eyes whilst saying that you're about to make bad decisionsssssss 🤧

  • 2019 me

  • Honey doesn’t expire

  • Strawberry are not a Berri and a banana is

  • How did I miss this one?!


  • Okay, so I’m Australian 1. Those accents were appalling 2. Vegimite should be eaten a very tiny bit spread on toast with better not by a spoon 😂

  • Omg lilly hair is so much shorter

  • Why does she look like anna from frozen

  • You two are the cutest couple I have ever seen

    • @Lil Malaria haha ya they sweet. And we all know they like women 😉 ya know

    • @Michaela Wiik oh OH *OOOOHHH*

    • @Lil Malaria cutest pair of couple women

    • They're a couple?

  • And the life lesson here is don't give in to peer pressure..

  • 2:37 lily lily lily honey can’t get expired

  • Hanna reminds me of Ellen

  • I loved this video so much!! Six years!! OMG!!

  • 2019?

  • How is this over five years old?!?!

  • #A Brit that loves vegemite

  • 4:00

  • I started hysterically giggling (yes it’s thing) about halfway through and didn’t stop. The dying walrus thing just made it into full on laughing. My poor cat had a heart attack, it thought I was dying or something.

  • I miss when was just freestyle and nothing was like scripted unlike most videos are

  • you look so perfect

  • That is yikey

  • t-thats not how you eat vegemite. *smacks head*

  • Aww, Lilly was so cute in this video 😍🔥♥️😘

  • i’m aussie and we don’t talk like that lol but gud try and i hate vegemite myself :D ( me after eating vegemite 🤮 )

  • My nephew was born in Australia. He eats vegemite. I was born in India. I tried vegemite once.

  • Hannah: Oh..We are like an oreo right now Lilly, Yeah.....Why? Hannah: No reason.... Me: BECUASE YOUR HAIR COLOR HANNAH USE THAT AND SAVE YOUURSELF!!!

  • 8:43 i need to download that sound and make a meme out of it

  • 2018 YALL

  • Why is the Ketchup called "Ketchup", not "Katchdown". Anybody has solution?

  • To w Kanadzie też jada się ogórki kiszone?! Myślałem, że to wschodnio-europejski wymyslł :)

  • I have the same ketchup in my fridge., spicy one, my favourite :D


  • You need to put a little bit on toast

  • Lilly I want your shirt.

  • OMG PEOPLE..she was talking about tikka masala and not honey while she was referring to expiry date

  • if it makes you feel better lily that cesear dressing looks like whip cream

  • 1 :53

  • Is veggie might like marmite

  • Pause at 5:49 Lilly looks so creepy

  • The dying walrus question though. It KILLED me. I really want Lilly to come on my channel and do the smoothie challenge with me. That would be a dream come true.

  • 2018?

  • I have the same orange juice

  • Watching in 2018

  • Hannah: I'm A GOBIII!!

  • All these Americans don’t like vegimite but that’s because they don’t know how to eat properly they grab a spoonful abs expect it to taste mildly ok

  • How is Lilly crying and not Hannah

  • the editing to this lmao 2018 anybody??

  • Lilly never spat it out good on ya Lilly love ya❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕

  • AHHH its my two favorite youtube ladies!!!

  • 7:16 😂

  • When they said "sham" I was like "THEY SAID MY CITY'S NAME!!!"

  • It’s not Nutella! Put the vegemite ( a tiny bit) on a piece of toast and enjoy! No spoon needed

  • 8:41

  • who is watching in 2018? (;

  • Aloo Ghobhi 😂😂😂