Monden - Feed [drum and bass][illopps]

Publicat pe 11 ian. 2011
This track was made a few years ago and was never played or heard outside of a close group of ILLOPPS members. The reason it wasn't played nor released is simple, it needed a serious production skill in order to sound as powerful as it should. And, with great dedication, this is as close as we've got. Enjoy!
Perhaps sometime in the future we will present a VIP version but no guarantees. This Track will soon be out as a single with an extra track called Overtake, where the two tracks will represent the bright and dark sides of one entity. Thank you for listening to our productions. Share, enjoy and spread ILLEGAL OPERATIONS DNB!



  • Jedna od najjacih stvari! Twisted underground drum n bass!

  • LOVE THIS!!!

  • király :D

  • monden!!!!

  • Koji kvalitet tebr

  • krv ti poljubim

  • Monden, loved your work since I heard "Smoke" Black Sun Empire Remix. I'd love to hear some more of that good DnB. Take my money!

  • sick!!!!

  • fuck!!!!!!!!!!insane!!!!!!!!!!!sound!!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm familiar with the vocal at the beginning but can't remember where from

  • w koncu ktos rusza w innym kierunku DRUM!!! AWESOME TOTAL!


  • tune is amazing... but "vocal" (this shout) is so annoying :/


  • Mr Moki jbnje mamare!!! Ali ovaj vokal, kao lik koji je pobesneo od LSD - a, ili riba.

  • will listen to it to the end of my life its BEATIFUL

  • koliko puta sam se strgao i slusao ovu stvar !!! nisam je cuo pravo dugo i pade mi na pamet a ja zujim ko osa vec 2 dana :) pokidao si decko al totalno !!!

  • 1 dude is a gay :)

  • now this is some sick tune....great job!!

  • TOOOOOO GARIIIIIIII :)))))))))))))

  • Agresive beats

  • This is an amazing track! SICK!!

  • \o/ :) :) :) I / \

  • very nice song ! going to buy it

  • beter quality ??????

  • MAKE! VIP!

  • haha that vocal from terminator was a bit annoying for my taste, but not a bad tune

  • nice tune

  • bless from Poland :)