Building The Best Toyota Supra On YouTube (On A Budget) - Part 1

Publicat pe 20 sep. 2019
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Today I realize that I have a huge opportunity to make the best built Toyota Supra on , so that's exactly what I'm doing, with the help of a good friend. Next stop, the dyno!
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  • I know a guy 🤔

    • Who knows a guy

    • no one else’s supra will ever come close, sorry tavarish

    • was just about to say you have THE best supra.

    • In all seriousness, Trevors supra is the ultimate daily supra.

  • Before F&F, I wanted 95 Si HB, with JDM Honda Integra Type-R engine. Limited car knowledge myself, but same engine mounts? Unibody frame, 4 wheel disc, double wishbone. Seems like the perfect commuter sleeper. Then F&F , Supra Sexy! HYDRODRIP !! Mask or stencil off your sponsors and logos, IP $$ One day, maybe, when im a millionaire, ... I can pay you to build my Daily Driving Devil DDD, lol

  • "Iet me drop everything im doing and help you with your problem" this man is a rare breed

  • "Ill drop everything im doing and help you with your problem" this man is a rare breed

  • How long does it take for part 2? Jesus 😂

  • The white and red reminds me of the CASTROL racing livery, just need some green

  • keep your calipers red its a good vibe with black and white

  • WELLLLLL.... This was filmed in September. It is now January... Part 1 my arse!

  • Go red for the seats

  • Hey Tavarish where in next video 😂

  • you need to use Citrus for the removal of the vinyl and sticky stuff.

  • Will you guys stop with the stupid "damage to manifold" jokes... That part of the movie wasn't even about a Supra!!

  • Are you gonna do anything with those gen 4 celicas?

  • dude lemme buy this supra from you

  • Is there gonna be more?

  • Where is part 2?

  • So that's it? It's January! Where is the Supra all painted and ripping?

  • Mate! Diesel removes glue reaaly easy! You dont even need to scrape it 😀

  • Any updates on the car

  • The suspense of this car is killing mmeeeeeeeeeee

  • i hope you didn't do peanut butter, just keep the interior black. they resell better for a reason

  • Well? We haven't forgotten about that dyno video, Tavarish.

  • How long until you fucking DRIVE IT DAMMIT!!!!!

  • That background interlude "muzak" is really annoying.

  • Haircut why you at it

  • How is this part 1? This is like the 3rd video on this car XD

  • When you go to dyno it check out in orlando back yard dyno on Facebook. Justin is an amazing tech with full welding and dyno services

  • This would be a great daily driver. My daily driver is a 2000 Chevy Lumina with an extra thousand pounds in it 😂 (I store my duck food in it since it’s dry and rodent / possum/raccoon free.

  • For the insides of the car, I like the red, the PB wouldn’t be the best color choice Maybe do a white primary color (exterior) with a blue secondary (and interior) color

  • Why would they put a white wrap on a white car? The only reason I can think of is to protect the paint from scratches or to give it a matte color without ruining the original paint

  • Jarreds friggin awsome u guys make a good team

  • cyan calipers and seats

  • 2 color seats would be nice, like black/white or black/dark red

  • Noooo don’t sell it😭😭

  • Man - someone call this guy, give a shout-out and get this project back on track, right?

  • Is this as of Jan 2020 a dead project?

  • Why are you destroying that ECU you can sell that and 3d print a damn bracket. "jared told me it costs 900 bucks" Oh my god. Just sometimes common sense jeez.

  • $900 ecu chopped up?.......deep breath 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • I hate people that want/have dynoqueen supras. I want a supra to make it fast, fun and a nice daily driver.

  • peanutbutter mean poop color? no bro, black or red.

  • Jared's shirt actually says "Let me drop everything and work on YOUR problem" - this guy's a riot, please get him on full time

  • Jared here! 17:20

  • Fantastic build freddy. Glad you were able to get your dream car. I accepted the fact years ago that mine will simply remain a dream. Which is sad considering it is a tie between an 82 280 ZX Turbo and or a 300Z. Neither terribly expensive, just not in a place where I will ever be able to get either and do something like this.

  • Mineral spirits and or lighter fluid works much better.

  • Any updates? Its been ages

  • I really want to make an offer on this when it’s done. Like for real man, when your done let us know.

  • Jared’s shirt kills me

  • Come on Tavarish…………...where's part 2?

  • Please dont do peanut butter inferior that's is terrible

  • so when we getting to see the finished product?

  • *O M G I S T H A T A S U P R A ? !*

  • Black recaro sr7 seats with black stitching. TRD steering wheel. TRD shift knob. TRD pedals. Just a suggestion

  • Red seats look really awesome definitely keep if I was in your position of opportunity

  • When is the next video coming up? 🤔

  • I've just watched all ten episodes of this.the last of which was posted in September. Surely it's done by now !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rip in shit all those original supra parts you absolutely destroyed

  • Try and get an r34

  • I luv, the red seats!

  • Am I blind or there is not another part? still... :/

  • Pleaseeeee finish this build....