Building The Best Toyota Supra On YouTube (On A Budget) - Part 1

Publicat pe 20 sep. 2019
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Today I realize that I have a huge opportunity to make the best built Toyota Supra on , so that's exactly what I'm doing, with the help of a good friend. Next stop, the dyno!
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  • I know a guy 🤔

    • no one else’s supra will ever come close, sorry tavarish

    • was just about to say you have THE best supra.

    • In all seriousness, Trevors supra is the ultimate daily supra.

  • Unless you use a custom built pushrod suspension system, a gated 6 speed manual gearbox, carbon fiber roof, door panels, trunk, hood, spoiler, bumpers, canards, rear diffuser, a reinforced chassis, custom rollcage, extreme weight reduction, titanium parts for the engine, alcantara interior, modern LED lights front and rear lights, center lock rims, and a propper tune, this supra will not feel like a moderns supercar and will also not be the best on youtube, because I've seen some serious stuff arround here :D Im joking and dreaming, good luck T.

  • Sell it to me xD.. I‘m from Germany xD

  • Hey Freddy! Next time head to Ardex and pickup their overspray solution. One of the services my business offers is tint/vinyl removal and I’ve tried every liquid you could think of when it comes to removing glue residue from cars. Ardex’s overspray is by far the best for breaking down glue or sticky residue from tint/vinyl removal. Keep up the good work man! Love your content!

  • where's the next episode at ? been 3 weeks 🤔🤔

  • Don't be like MotionAutoTv and ask viewers what color to paint the car via an actual vote then completely ignore them and just paint it something else... that was irritating he did it for other shit on that build too and rambled to himself endlessly lol

  • As much as I would love to see this build it also makes me angry cuz I know that there is like 7 or 8 other builds to be finished. WTF DUDE!!! PLSS FINISH YOUR BUILDS BEFORE STARTING A NEW ONE!!!!!

  • those seats would be AWESOME, if you paint the car a dark-medium metallic blue. Blue & bright-red is used by Mercedes, normally very conservative as to factory colors

  • Peanut-butter and Red jam Tavarish

  • I like the red seats

  • I actually bought the splitters for my Corvette C6 they actually look really cool on a Corvette and in a Toyota Supra it gives it a sportier look

  • You should do a black and white

  • Just so you know..."The Epoch Times" is advertising on your channel and they are pure Guano...bat shit...crazy. Love your channel, not sure how much input/control you have, but they are garbage.

  • Is... is that a SUUUPRAAA?!!

  • Black. Interior white calipers.

  • Peanut better interior

  • Ferrari yellow or Lamborghini yellow calipers

  • I like Jarrod. You guys make a great team!

  • Camshaft sensor or crankshaft sensor. Usually those are the symptoms. Don’t really know if those engines have those! Or your tune is not right

  • 2nd best because black widow Supra is ahead your supra is the best rebuild Supra

  • Hmmmmm could freddy be looking for a R34 next

  • @Tavarish blue calipers

  • Tj hunt is brst on youtube i think you got no chance sorry

  • Hi Tavarish can u link me the Ebay skirts? Thanks

  • Love Jared's shirt!

  • Tavarish, for future reference use a heat gun {or blow dryer} on vinyl wrap when removing because the heat will help make vinvyl and excess glue removal much easier.

  • also dont cheap out on parts when buildimg the supra i suggest going on JDM setup on the supra

  • Do something different like a nave /medium blue with white stitching 🧵

  • You should get a nissan skyline r33

  • Supra's are so boring. 2jz stuff is the same a Kblock stuff. Welcome to 2019 when Camrys and Accords make more power than both of these motors.

  • Oh lol those are seats?! Thought my retinas were bleeding.

  • definitely the peanut butter interior, total classic can't go wrong..if ferrari can do it right i'm sure freddy can too.

  • Keep the red just add inserts!! And paint it a dark gray! It would look so good with all that carbon. Keep it styling!!

  • 😒 is not to be negative but if you sell the supra I would not watch the channel.

  • Man what why did you cut a rare Toyota supra ECU could it sell it you dont know how many people looks for those ECU

  • swap the sits for bucket sits instead

  • Translation. Im broke because I'm financially irresponsible and can't stop buying projects I'm never going to finish. There fixed it

  • Do you have the W58, R134, or the 6spd?

  • Don't even think about selling this....

  • why he keeps hating on those red seats. I will never know. The red seats are amazing.

  • Finally a Supra update

  • darken seats

  • You have a poverty spec supra, and you cut corners and use cheap shit literally all the time, it's not going to be better than TJ's, relax

  • who the heck have the nerves to order something and open it a hole year after it's delivered? hahahahaha

  • It’s called awesome it’s sold at family dollar it cost 1 buck a bottle but that eats any glue and doesn’t damage paint

  • I would do blue yellow or red stitched heated seats with leather or alcentera mix

  • Heat gun

  • 700 iq

  • How you gonna cut a $800 stock ECU not to mention it's very hard to come by an u destroy a perfectly good ECU 😠😠😠😠

  • Doing that cutting/grinding with an angle grinder wow... you need a dremel dude.

  • Glad to see Tavarish back to wrenching and not just hanging out in a paint booth. Keep these videos going and I'll be watching.

  • fuck that app too much ads🤣🤣🤣


  • It's allready a fail. 100% you are going to fuck it up. As always..

  • Please no self tapping screws on the carbon side splitters. Please.... Self tapping screws is just ghetto. Do it properly

  • Going to build it better then any r, already half assing the build in the first 5

  • Beige Interior, so it looks like its IS brother

  • I’m kinda partial but I think doing a two tone like the b8.5 s4 Audi magma interior would be really nice.

  • Supra Is looking Mad mate ! Keep up the great work! 👍👍👍 What Mods you thinking of Slapping on it?

  • I actually quite like the white on red - including the lip kit