Fluffy Goes To India | Gabriel Iglesias

Publicat pe 14 nov. 2019
Happy throwback Thursday from 2014!


  • Indians like thumsup more than fanta i think

  • chal mote tun tun kuch bhi

  • So, when are you coming back to India?? Need to do some US thang.... You know..

  • Indians like coke and Miranda otherwise I will beat people

  • Hahaha Love you from indiaaaaaaa..... Namaste.......

  • I was really upset tonight as something terrible happened in my life.. meanwhile your video came up..I don't know why I started watching it.. Now I am laughing instead of feeling depressed over that incident happened! I Don't know How to express my gratitude to you Thanks man for helping me out ♥️

  • Awesome Show man love from India

  • I donno why would anyone dislike this😂.

  • hahahaha omg he is weird

  • I fully agree with you.. I'm from India..

  • Oh my god oh my god. This is freaking so coolllll. Loved it. U nailed it men. Humourous upto the top

  • U were quite inaccurate about the accident

  • Sir, you really understood India.

  • i am indian we don’t like fanta we stop for accidents (faltu ke bhid bhi lg jati hai) only in some city’s and that to on small road u will found cows and i never heard about your concept of that if people die they become cow ur accent for india is of south india , people who lives in rest of portion say proper english same as ur accent btw i like your video very much but as indian i need to tell u this things.

  • Am Indian he lied about all the things... He just make people laugh.. Google CEO sunder also want your location

  • As an INDIAN... That cow story is a lie.. BUT U NAILED IT MAN!!

  • Sooo... ? indians are bobble-heads ? :O huh who knew ...

  • Most liked drink in India - HOT : TEA (CHAYE) COLD: LEMON-WATER (NIMBU PANI) with ice

  • 10:50 IDK who was that , but the guy who told you might be stoned...he made you chutiya..

  • You must have met an tamilian.


  • Little does the indians know Fanta was made by the germans

  • Indians dont accept 50 dollar bill

  • I'm an Indian . I laughed so hard while watching this !

  • Blood of jews..

  • I love this guy, Sad I didn't get to go to your show in India.

  • Everything he said is wrong

  • Brother, soon we beat Americans in every field then you crack this kind of jokes on them self ok...our Han English hamare yaha kuchh hi dino ki mehman h.. jaldi sab kuchh Hindi mein hona shuru ho jayegaa.. Jay shree RAM 🙏

  • Gabriel go the fuck away. Can't press not interested enough. Ten years of pressing go the fuck away! I'm not Latino nor interested.

  • I Laughed 27 minutes straight .. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Fluffy your the Best one Big bundle of Fun loving Happy people come together person You truly bring joy and laughter around the world Merry Christmas Thanks for all the smiles and laughter

  • Americans: Its a traffic jam...damn it i m gonna be late Indians: *Hold my dead body*

  • Fluffy is farting

  • Flappy is farting

  • All made up and fake about India

  • Fake accent...his whole story a lie..a true Mexican he is.. untrustworthy

  • Fanta is the least popular drink in India.

  • Indians never do what he said in the German context

  • Drugs are popular in Mexico.

  • Reincarnation Mexacanised to make it funnier