Reality TV Show Guests Share Their Story (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)

Publicat pe 26 ian. 2020
Reality TV Show Guests Share Their Story (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)
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  • $800.00 for a tattoo!

  • I was actually a contestant on America's Got Talent when the show was getting its uprising after American Idol. My tryout happened in Austin, TX (I'm from Dallas). Talk about a very long and daunting process but in summary: I sent my email for tryout with my song (I'm a guitarist/singer) and waited a month and was surprisingly replied back saying "congrats, I've been chosen" and "heres your contestant num. and the meeting time." Next me and brother (for support) arrive at the Austin community center, check in and we wait in a open stadium hall with at least 30-50 others for 30 min. And next get taken to the 2nd floor where we conjoined with 3x more contestants. I knew because it was getting louder when I approached. Man oh man it was overstimulated madness. But what was obvious was the cameras sparsely located catching only certain "acts" and interviewing them. Them doing this seem so predetermined considering all the other talented people around me who didnt focus on attention by being obnoxious or dressing up for show like all the other try-hards. But apparently that was more captivating on camera. I was part of an outro take for the show that took over 20 times to shoot. So at least 2-3 hours of waiting and I'm finally being called up to move to another hallway, and then divided up again to go to separate rooms. Another 30 min. past and me and another young lady finally get paired up for entry in front of judges. She does her song/dance, and I do mine. I tried my best, but to be honest, I just wasnt into it. So much energy waiting around and all the noise and fake ass shit, was just depleted. Of course I got another email saying I didnt make it. Lol oh well. I got tattooed that same weekend (Friday 13th) and got a jackalope with a 13 on its forehead from the list. My artist asked me why I got this. I told her, "well i just tried out Americas got talent yesterday..." and she laughed and told me no need for further explaining, she understands, lol Sadly, my tattoo was probably the best thing from that weekend. Moral of the story: reality TV is like a jackalope. The imagery exists, but the reality doesnt...

  • 8:00 what a shock a house in philly was robbed ahahhaha

  • i feel like ive watched this video before

  • Please change the background music. Man, it's annoying. And there are plenty of better digital voices to choose from for narrating these.

  • I was on a show in Dallas called ‘Peter Rutherford’s Dirty n’ Whoppin’ Horse Bonanzas’ back in 2018. Was awesome, the show hit 6th highest ratings in all of North America while it was airing. It beat out A LOT of big shows. We got a $5,000 bonus for it 🙌

  • Everybody will laugh there because I"m weird

  • Everything is fake. Even you. Have a nice day.

  • You can't boil out dirt.

  • 1:25 Judge is wearing jeans under her robe, lol what?

  • 1st post is bout my hometown and yes he is a huge douchebag

  • I love the way this Bot mispronounces things. Makeyover, Faucebook, Fianke, and others. 🤣

  • Toxic people are the worst, ghost them, always.

  • Maccy-over

  • This is a repost smh

  • How does eating in ones basement sound bad in anyway???? Everyone I know at least has a beautiful basement with living space, a movie theatre and room so have parties/mix and mingle.. there is plenty of comfortable space to est

  • A lot of the house hunting shows they already pick out the house they want before actually doing the show.

  • I'm surprised those houses that aare framed with 8d nails aren't in pieces on the ground, I could breath on something like that and it would fall apart. Inspector should be fired.

  • Who else wants to be a safari guide when they grow up?

  • It's all FAKE. The clapping. The host.

  • How are you liking everyone's posts

  • AGT is also fake

  • Rip Kobe

  • for American Ninja Warrior it's alright but nowhere near as good as the Original Ninja Warrior

  • Uh oh

  • Okay but the way the robot says "pawn" I-

  • I worked as a night 🌃 security officer for a set, gear 📹🎬📺, Restaurant Impossible. It was a small 🍕 place, College Park FL, . Chef Robert Irvine was there the 1st night. The crew, producers faked a few things but they did re-model the location, add a new neon business sign. The new menu was ✔. I ate 🍕 from the place for years. It was near a big private school so they had customers.

  • Anal sex

  • Dear storytime with reddit I don't know if your in to politics or anything, but a massive raid is going to happen in r/politics by February 2nd at 12am I think and it would be an honor if you show its aftermath once its over.

  • Each time it said pawn stars I heard something else

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  • OR, or, or....MACKEY OVER...reality shows are bad, mmmkay?

  • These "contestants: should say what theirs names are or the person who they are talking about.

  • Macky Over

  • ty never was that convincing tbh..

  • I was approached by Conan one time and he said in a very low voice “hey kid want to come to my place after we finish this show”

  • *Idk why* but I get the feeling Ellen Degeneres - When the Cameras aren’t rolling - Turns into an SS Officer and starts Commanding The Non Famous people like Prisoners

  • Haha nice video :D


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  • Mum: Who's Mak Over? Your girlfriend? Me: No it means Makeover Mum: Stop lying, it's fine, just be honest. Me Okay, you do you...

  • I was on ‘Celebs Go Dating’ (UK E4 reality tv show) and the whole thing was staged, even got told how to walk at one point during filming.

    • Legit heartbroken I love that show

  • they say if you say random shit you'll get hearted so Applebee's are liars, they don't serve apples or bees >:(

  • I just sniped kobi

  • I witnessed a clown shoot Murray Franklin in the fucking face.

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  • Speak of reality...RIP Kobe :(

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  • This is the reality

  • Ellen DeGenerate. 'Nuff said.

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  • “ I have another joke for you Murray”

    • @Reddit2GO you're laughing! A man has fallen into the river in lego City and you're laughing!

    • Omg😂

    • You get what you deserve

    • @Chloe someone loves me? Damn that is a good joke.

  • Noice vid dude/dudet