Enough is enough!!!!

Publicat pe 15 aug. 2019
Did she eat those? comment down below LMAOOOO

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  • Be nice 👍 n you girls need a bodyguards

  • They don't respect your bubble!

  • I hate new people too don't worry i understand you i get anxiety attackes like that

  • Awe 🥺

  • This is not okay. This is scary and can be harmful. Don’t post where you girls are, or show certain stuff for your safety!! Love you girls!

  • What happened to the intro 😭 i love it 🙌🏻🙌🏻❤️😂

  • Then stop posting where you live smh you guys aren’t really my cup of tea pero I think you need to move for your own safety

  • I also have that same luck where all these weird interactions are constantly happening to me. I think it’s because we are shy and people take advantage of that. It doesn’t help that you guys are pretty and that generates a lot of haters

  • It does not matter if your a famous you tuber or not . you need your privacy and your space. People need to understand that. I mean i know you girls are thankful for your subs. But you are a human beings just like me and all this subs you have. We all deserve our privacy. I wouldnt like if people were creepinp up on me either . dont feel bad . you girls keep doing your thing

  • 600k❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Love y’all! 💘

  • Elsy & alondra are my fav r 😘

  • You should start carrying a gun the legal way protect your self

  • I’m so glad you guys speak up!! Because even if people/fans love you there has to be a level of respect and privacy! And I support you two on that! So people gotta grow up!! Love you two btw💛😘

  • Damn people are so fucked up and rude

  • You guys should start thinking about getting security. Fans/supporters/Drunk or not.....NO ONE, has the right to physicaly put there hands on you. Sexual assault is sexual assault, which is a law. Just cause you're a woman doesn't give you the right to touch another woman without permission. 💯

  • 😲OMG 😧!!! You Ladies😍 have every right to want your privacy!!👿 Personal Space👍😄 is a given and all these people need to learn 😡📢fuckin boundaries📣😵😱 hello people leave theses women and all famous and not famous all deserve respect and keeps your hands🙅 to yourself!! Keep up the positive vibes🌟 and thanks for ur 👌hard work entertaining people! 💕take care ladies💖 and take some self-defense👊 lessons✨ or kickboxing lessons and carry a mace✴💢🚨💀 or a personal 🎯⚠🔥🔗🔥taser,👻 nowadays they come in really cute designs💜!! lol 😂 BYE💋!✌😁🌠

  • Elsy you need to start swinging your purse at everyone. Lol jk. I know this is serious. So many crazy people!!

  • I’m pretty sure it’s the people that mind their business the most, it just not caring and people don’t like that , so they wanna involve the person.. weird huh. And stop showing where you guys are at, home, etc. be safe 💕

  • No hate, try to speak clearly. Sometimes y'all mumble too much. Just a constructive criticism.

    • MS BOSS LADY then maybe you should start to learn mumble talk they don’t have to change for you

  • y’all are tooo nice, i love y’all ❤️❤️😂

  • Love y’all keep that head up fake fans will hate n hate don’t be scared to stand up for your safety 💖💞

  • U guys need to move u never know what could happen stay safe ❣

  • wth happen to tje intro

  • Growing up ive learned haters gone hate even if you’re minding your business, they just dont like to see pretty girls. Just dont be too nice to a lot of people. Maybe get a body guard, a women if needed, since you know you go in shock. Maybe some pepper spray. A taser. There is nothing wrong with self defense

  • Love you guys❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • This my first time watching this cause I wanted to see why Elsy was off snap and I never heard Alondra talk ha ha she a real Spanish girl ha ha she’d fit perfect here in New Mexico ha ha 👌🏽😂 she a bro type friend 👌🏽😂😂😂

  • We all know alo couldn't no nothing she was scared too and she totally cant fight so get of her for not helping elsy😤🙄

  • Elsy, U come off kind of stuck and judgemental vibes. Maybe thats why. Just what i noticed because this is my first time watching u guys video. Sorry just trying to help.

  • Is it me or does alondras face look chubby? Like she’s pregnant ?

  • Yo all need security don’t feel bad! No one should be touching u!

  • What happened to be intro

  • I freakn love you guys but it annoyed me watching Alondra drinking out her straw like that lol. Trying not to put lipgloss on her straw 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Idk why alo thinks any of this is funny , I see why it took y’all a year cause alo seems so immature when it comes to this ... smfh .. so disappointing & i see why elsy further in life .

    • Gee Babby they’ve been going through this for a year! She’s laughing because she’s nervous talking about it to the world.

  • I UNDERSTAND EVERYONE NEEDS THEIR PERSONAL BUSINESS, but you are popular because u wanted to because you put urself out there.

    • EDWARD IS BACK yes they put themselves out there BUT that doesn’t give anyone the right to harass or attack them.

  • Is it just me or does elsy kinda look like selena gomez? 🤔


  • Love your humble selves ❤️ Be careful guys no need to say sorry when your concerned for your safety and privacy

  • Awwh I'm sorry for you guys screw that girl in the bathroom

  • People need to understand y’all are influencers have super awesome personalities so beautiful etc... but they need to understand y’all have LIFE & just like us we need privacy personal place is very important like y’all are not looking for attention y’all are at HOME that should be your safe spot!!! y’all not going to clubs bars parties etc for ppl bothering y’all & to be all up on y’all like dam EVEN if y’all go out like y’all wanna have fun not have drunk sloppy ppl all up on y’all 🙄 I’m so sorry y’all have to deal with that seriously that’s dangerous asf .. I have followers on insta etc but I don’t like to have my account public because of the same reason I’m always alone I drive 24/7 I’m usually alone I don’t need ppl following me or stalking me like that’s why I think twice to post videos or approve ppl I don’t know it’s just safety reasons I can only imagine how y’all feel with random ass people especially coming at y’all wrong way!! 😑 I hope with this video ppl understand & value your space!!!

  • Omg this is insane.. I feel you guys.. I’m happy you put out where your at. But no one should disrespect your home , work, etc.. you need your life’s and this annoys me.. you guys are normal people workin wth.. i feel u I gotta a baby and don’t need this attention. Smh love u guys

  • Damn that’s fucked up. It sucks that the more ppl know of You the more they feel they have the right to do whatever they want. The whole privacy shit is ridiculous. To be honest U guys need to live in a house where it’s safer & not easy access to ppl. I hope with u doing this video ur true fan respect what ur tryin to say. #Muchlove

  • Elsy I’ll whoop that hoes ass for you girl

  • Zammmmnnnn, at some point without noticing my leg started shaking on how shook I was. FUCK DOT. You guys are waaayyyy too kind, but regardless that doesn't give anyone the right. Unfortunately we live in a time of crazy. Where shit just pops off all the time so being scared is normal. You guys should definitely take some self defense classes to help overcome that fear and state of shock, also carry pepper spray and or a tazer. God bless you girlies, cuídense que las necesitamos bien para los bideos 💖😌

  • Girl they hate cause ur pretty bt u need to put ur foot down n tell them to step away cause if u continue to allow it it will get worse

  • Honestly if this keeps on happening you guys should take legal action bc it’s not right for people to be randomly outside your door. People need to respect your privacy bc that’s where you can do what you like off camera. I really hope people stop doing this and just be safe out there ❤️

  • You guys need to move ASAP that isn’t right at all hire me to fight these bitches for u lol

  • So I'm wondering if she had a drink in her hand, y her first thought was to punch u y didnt she just through the drink

  • sis, u need a friend that's gonna whoop a hoe whenever, wherever lol!!! hit me up 1800-letmefightthatho IG: @jvquelyn LMAAAOO

  • Girl you need to stop being so weak how is someone going to hit you and you dont do shit thats not normal.

  • The fans have to understand too ! But y’all be careful out in this world..it’s crazy..I have a lot of love for both of y’all.✌🏻Peace out

  • Elsy that’s sexual assault. I’m so sorry that happened to you. If it were a man you know you wouldn’t let that fly. Never feel “ungrateful” or like you have to be nice to everyone. Never let someone get away with touching your body. No one deserves an explanation for that! No means no! People like that need to hear it❤️

  • I cant believe i just saw this 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤧 yall be safe out there girls😔 people these days dont know how to respect😒

  • Elsy can use a hair brush lmao or new extensions. Elsy your teeth look good !

  • Lmao elsy, said “probrecita la pendeja” 😂

  • Doneeeeeee🥰

  • I'm just so shocked that you guy's would even tolerate this bs as long you did. You guys are just so nice. For me its common sense. I would never do something like that. Im sorry you guys had to go through this. 💕

    • Also i dont know why you are apologizing so much thats really sad. Any sane person would completely understand where you are coming from!

  • Elsy got a new face and butt 🥴😶

  • I'll see you're so beautiful