Enough is enough!!!!

Publicat pe 15 aug. 2019
Did she eat those? comment down below LMAOOOO

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  • Aww Elsy & Alondra😔💔🙏🏼I’m so sorry you ladies go through such disrespect those are not true fans who can cause such discomfort and pain. I can relate so much to this story and I’m not a r I’m a nobody but I’m nice and some ppl take that as weakness. A night out to the club for me turns into a random chick grabbing my ass so rough it hurts lol but seriously it’s not cool at all! Guy or girl touching on another without consent.Them Damn stalkers! I’m truly sorry you ladies are so humble and beautiful❤️ ugh sloppy drunks gross af!

  • those type of people are fucking weirdos. like if you're this type of person, get a life, fucking loser.

  • I am watching your videos over and over 🥰🤩 Love them 💖

  • Also u don't just stand there n watch ur frend get hit!! If u really tried to help u shoulda did it there n not Waite till they left then go after them !!!! U not a true friend

  • Elsie, you’re too nice and quiet.

  • I’m sorry you went thru that elsy😢 you deserve to be respected whether it’s from a supporter or anyone else😫 love u girls

  • Done.

  • Why does Elsy look crosseyed🤪💖

  • Regardless of age, they should know better than to literally stalk someone. An 8 year old can do damage, just like a 18 or 28 year old, the difference is they're "underage" and they can't go to prison for it. These days, the kids are smarter than you think.

  • Omg 😳 I’m so mad n disgusted hearing how so called fans are treating you guys nope 👎 that’s not right at all like you guys said everybody needs their space and the main thing deserves respect omg plz stop being too nice boundaries need to be set otherwise ppl will always go as far as you let them yes definitely get someone to be your security when you guys go out plz be safe 😇

  • Protect yourself that's your right! ✊

  • That’s scary!!!!

  • Wait.... you guys skipped how she hit you ...

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  • No alo even a 14/15 knows damn well invasion of privacy

  • weirdo people going to ruin it for everyone else

  • This video had me dying!!! Lmfaoo

  • Lmfao omg when alondra said "she literally minds her business and bitches come up to her and punch her"..🤣😂

  • 14:54 that’s were they start explaining

  • Who did the editing for the video

  • Smh feel better €łß¥

  • as much as i love you two, y’all are not the fighting type. you ladies need pepper spray, tasers, and possible boxing classes incase you need to defend yourselves. i would hate for something to happen to you two because people out here are crazy.

  • Why do girls hate on other girls smh 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • yah should of beat that girl up!

  • that is absolutely insane how anyone would think coming to your home and invading your personal space and environment is okay. you two are way too kind and especially being known and high influencers that you are it is never okay to do something like this. if it were vice verse or even in general i don’t think anyone would like this kind of treatment towards them. i love watching you two and support you guys to the fullest, you’re both hilarious and people can relate to you especially being in the hispanic community or just women power in general but being in that position you should use your voice and use it to your advantage. the fact that you said it been over a year 😭 i get your two are very shy individuals and i too struggle with bad anxiety sometimes but never under estimate your selves and allow people to treat you this way even if you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. never forget you come first! regardless if we may be the reason your here in the first place not trying to make that sound bad just trying to make sense if it all. anyway much love keep i hope things change for your well being you both truly deserve it ! 💗

  • the intro was just cut off wtf 🤨

  • Yall are just as normal as the next girl. I don't know how girls get obsessed with influencers & rs! How dumb , that's pretty *petty*

  • It's crazy how much you guys apologize for wanting to be safe and have your privacy, have some balls and stand up for your safety and stop allowing everyone to be involved in your inner circle, be upset and have boundaries!!!

  • 19:48 y’all need to actually watch the video before trying to come at alo for not helping

  • You Ladies Are Beautiful..❤

  • I think people give Elsy a hard time cuz she has a stank face like me lol. We look like bitches and ppl get offended by our faces haha


  • Y’all have EVERY right to be upset. People have no right sexually harassing you!! Those aren’t true supporters!!

  • Poor elsy ! She’s so sweet

  • You guys have such good hearts & always stay calm. just keep your guys guard up. There are envious girls everywhere and I’m speaking of experience! You guys are too beautiful! Please be careful!!! 😭❤️ you guys are human to you can speak up. Ain’t nothing wrong with telling someone to respect you

  • When i sed i had a car accident it was because of a drunk driver cut me off . i had a green light he just cut me off . motorcycle accident there what's Construction they didn't pick another. If they have any signs and my motorcycle slid out. And when I mentioned that they just denied it

  • What lipstick is elsy wearing because it’s so cute!!!!

  • People are shady and people just don’t give a shit. You guys should definitely move to a gated area and once you move don’t show the area where you live. Stay safe girls❤️

  • You guys should call security every time someone is waiting outside of your apartment, let security know to not let anyone in. Also if you guys can get a security guard for yourself. I really hope you guys stay safe. No one should have to move houses/apartment because they don't feel safe. You girls should feel comfortable in your homes without having to worry about anyone. I really hope this ends soon

  • If Elsy don't have a man I'll be her man if any one come up to her I'll break their face that girl is gorgeous I love her personality she seem fun to be with

  • Love your videos lol I laugh with yall

  • Click 👍🏼

  • If you love them click 👇🏼👇🏼

  • That sucks that people can respect your privacy and personal space, every time I've met anyone who was famous or a well know personality I walk up, introduce myself, maybe share a thought or a memorable moment with them, and quietly excuse myself and wish them a goodnight. You two Beautiful, Crazy Ladies make me laugh my ass off, and it really upset me to see/hear that you were assaulted that way. Stay strong, stay positive, stay Beautiful and keep making those videos. 💕💕

  • I was eating a maruchan during this

  • in other words have common sense and respect people’s privacy and personal space

  • Elsy people are always going to hate on someone pretty and who is kind hearted

  • I know this is an old video...but seriously ppl need to respect these youtubers....y'all fucking it up for the rest of us that would like to meet youtubers! It's never okay to touch anyone you dont know inappropriately....where's the respect🙁 or showing up to their homes that's scary stocker status....PPL!!!!!!

  • U guys need to move, come on u guys are popular now, but it's TRUE ppl should have respect for others, they say their true fans, but if they are they would give u space, and ppl following rs like they have no life what so ever. 😡

  • Elsy seems so mature !

  • You shouldn’t feel bad for saying you’re sorry because females who drink and can’t hang shouldn’t drink at all !! Especially someone they supposedly support

  • Speaking on this is needed! 🙏🏽

  • Be nice 👍 n you girls need a bodyguards

  • They don't respect your bubble!

  • I hate new people too don't worry i understand you i get anxiety attackes like that

  • Awe 🥺

  • This is not okay. This is scary and can be harmful. Don’t post where you girls are, or show certain stuff for your safety!! Love you girls!

  • What happened to the intro 😭 i love it 🙌🏻🙌🏻❤️😂

  • Then stop posting where you live smh you guys aren’t really my cup of tea pero I think you need to move for your own safety

  • I also have that same luck where all these weird interactions are constantly happening to me. I think it’s because we are shy and people take advantage of that. It doesn’t help that you guys are pretty and that generates a lot of haters