10 Back To School Essentials!! (you need these)

Publicat pe 25 aug. 2018
hello everyone !! here are some things that make school a lil more fun for me :) let me know what ur back to school essential is! thank u so much for watching i love yaaaa xx
- s'well watter bottle (in birchwood)!
this one from amazon is similar, but i got mine at indigo: amzn.to/2Mwn5M3
- grey herschel backpack: amzn.to/2No4I84
- the nikes: amzn.to/2MAffku
- pastel coloured highlighters: amzn.to/2wsOCTp
S T A L K M E !
-vlog channel: bit.ly/2ELCBwf
-instagram: bit.ly/2rU2pUa
-twitter: bit.ly/2GU04Mu
-snapchat: sadiealdis11
-pinterest: bit.ly/2FOkSDJ
-spotify: spoti.fi/2JmD0q3
-dote: dote.app.link/QAdvRLGlKP
how old are you?
:) 16
where do you live?
:) canada
what's that thing on your hip?
:) an insulin pump (i have type 1 diabetes)
editing software?
:) final cut pro
:) canon t5i
B U S I N E S S I N Q U I R I E S :
woah u’ve made it all the way down here ily


  • I also have hangouts too

  • tbh i like how our school makes us use uniforms just because i don't have to think abt what to wear:)

  • differnts between Asia and America America: wear what they like Asia : wear uniform America:can bring phone Asia : phone are not allowed *I wanna be American* 😭

  • Sadie Hi! I found you channel from a friend and I really like it(Hope you continue to grow)

  • My name is Sadie to spelt the same

  • im going to ur hs next yearr

  • P.S Snapchat can do your home work just show it on cam and long press...iit works for mee

  • I could call you sad?

  • I love how right when you say eat healthy and get good sleep I am eating skittles at 2am

  • We call my cousin Sadie these nicknames:Sadie, Sadieboo and Boo

  • ‘Basically’ count: 5000

  • Eos ruins your lips

  • Look how snatched she look at 4:38 😵😇♥️

  • Sadster?

  • I’m not allowed to have a water bottle unless I have a doctors note :(

  • ty

  • Water bottle 💦💧💧💦

  • Can’t do half of these #privateschoolthings

  • Or AIDS

  • Or sad lol

  • There’s an app called Timetable where you can put your timetable and add tasks u need to do

  • My essentail is a pen or pencil!!!!

  • You're so pretty tho

  • You sound so much Jojo Siwa

  • I Love you 😘😛😝😛

  • This must be the popular girls/guys supplies XD And me being a nerd having only a backpack and couple of Walmart binders and paper and a few pen and pencils

  • Tomorrow or start a new tomorrow or start a new school. So ye good thing I'm watching this

  • I can call you ‘sad’ as a nickname

  • I don't need to buy a new backpack because I got the same backpack (that has the school logo on, and is the school colours) from 5-6 years back lol

  • Where is the antibullets jacket

  • Make another kind of this video pls it's so much interesting.

  • I love those comments like watching this in summer/winter/end of school like honey. I'm not even in school, I'm finishing my master degree and working a full time job. I still watch these 😅

  • good tips!^^

  • I luv ya

  • Me school shopping: Mom can I get these 20 notebooks and 250 pack of pens? Mom: idk will you use them? Me: YEP School supplies: sits in closet til college

  • Why am I watching this? I graduated this year.. I‘m not even going to school anymore wth 😂

  • I think we have sth in common,when i dont know what to wear,pinterest just pops in my mind and walllah😎😎😎

  • How do you edit your videos,its my first time time to watch your and i have😍😍😍

  • Love your videos

  • sadly i’m in a british schoool....