11 Funny and Useful School Hacks: DIY School Supply Ideas and More

Publicat pe 3 mai. 2019
Get ready! It’s time to get crafty and upgrade your school supplies with cool hacks. We came up with dozens of ideas to optimize your school life! Learn how to customize your school lockers, notebooks, pens or pencils. Hide your phone in plain sight or hack your grades. Here’s our DIY school hacks!
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00:04 Remove a Bad Grade
00:41 Pencil Phone Case
01:44 Don’t Lose Pen Caps Ever Again
02:39 Tshirt Logo on a Notebook
03:51 Notebook Pencil Strap
05:11 Custom Cup Locker Pockets
06:28 Changeable Superhero Hoodie
07:37 Custom Lava Pen
08:57 Paperclip Compass Hack
10:07 Rainbow Layered Felt Pen
10:51 Erasable Permanent Marker
11:20 Rainbow Colored Backpack
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