SIBLINGS RIVALRY. Funny moments || Family struggles by 5-Minute FUN

Publicat pe 24 sep. 2019
Oh, that things siblings do! Isn't it really fun to grow up with brothers and sisters?
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Some funny sibling struggles are ready for you here:
0:01 Brother making a Willie
0:12 Brother and Sister are fighting for the last Doritos
0:28 Sister takes brother's T-short
0:45 Brother wears sisters Crop-top
0:55 Siblings are exchanging food
1:00 What a lovely couple!
1:13 Brother is underestimating his power
1:24 Brother gets better present from grandma
1:46 Siblings always understand each other
1:59 Sister's girlfriends fancy her brother
2:10 Brother always knows better
2:38 Sibling pranks
2:58 Brother is stealing sisters boyfriend
3:27 But at the end family is always a team!
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