Will Smith & Martin Lawrence Talk ‘Bad Boys’ Trilogy, Growth, Regrets + More

Publicat pe 13 ian. 2020
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  • I thought he’s married but i don’t see his wedding ring on his finger 🤫🤫

  • Will Smith cool as hell, but why he laugh like a super villain🤣

  • 🔥 🔥 interview

  • Will G checked charlaMane

  • Martin's first episode loocked everybody in.

  • Yeah I bet Yee wanted to be there lol, she not other times hahaha...unless a guest is there I believe.

  • Love. When you say Your facts. Within reason. Within Your facts and understanding.

  • @18:31 lol WILD PAUSE.

  • Watching Martin host Def Comedy Jam every Friday night on HBO was one of my favorite childhood memories.

  • Martin had the best show. Everyone I knew was asking did you see Martin last night?

  • "You'll never have enough in the material world" That's how God intentionally designed us

  • I left the theater entertained, and I am excited to watch the previous two in the franchise.

  • Martian was 10x better then fresh prince when it came to comedy, but I will admit will had the most memorable episodes

  • Omg they both still look the same 👍, since part 1 and 2 of bad boys lol even back to they tv shows, I like seeing them together #Legends


  • Will got that rich man laugh lol

  • Who cant martin relate to with his comedy? Same thing for will smith. They are the funniest sitcoms of our era. The duo was bound to happen. One movie franchise is all it took. Black people can make more movies if the money is right. We are still dependent on the white movie production companies to be the middle men. Collectively, athletes, rappers like 50 cent and Dr dre, jay z have enough money to make tons of black movies. We don't invest in each other. We have the talent and the money. Blacks must unite, or keep giving money to the white man, and stay selfish and competitive. That's how you get respect. Not by saying im richer than you.

  • Confirmed Will killed Tupac!

  • Damn I hate when the breakfast club asks basic or dumbass questions. This wasn’t a bad interview I just wish they had a black joe rogan type of personality to fill the glass full.

  • 16:36 amazing

  • Will said is we finish or is we done 😂😂😂😂😂😂👌🏾check em

  • Wish this was a longer interview!!

  • That Reggie scene was legendary and funny af

  • Bad boys God bless u both. ....

  • mr. Will Smith I totally respect you BUT unless I'm misunderstanding I will point out that jayla definitely had more chances in her adulthood to be with PAC way before she met you... So that statement you made just kind of fly over my head sore to speak...in other words if they was ever going to get together sexually they could have gotten together way before her meeting you/..

  • mr. Will Smith I totally admire the you that you are and you shouldn't EVER other the rock out of your mouth ... he's jealous of /and envy YOU I don't care how many million dollar movies he's done there is NOTHING more powerful than SELF-LOVE with a million. Tag!🤗😘🙏🏾 #PERIOD!

  • You can tell will knows Martin is a listener and not a talker so he speaks for him to make him comfortable

  • I Love Both Will and Martin's Energy. It was so Ying and Yang, That works perfectly Together. I relate to both of them (In One Body) I Have Been Moved and Inspired by this interview in My own Spiritual Way. It just so happens: I been watching The "Martin" Show since last weekend.

  • So is will smith saying that Will was "fake" until his 50 due to peer pressure? Since I live in USA, I have observed that a lot in the American culture, the pressure about being the "social you" instead of the "actual you". And I have spoken to several people feeling bad inside for not feeling allowed to be themselves. I have not observed that while leaving in Europe and Africa countries.

  • The face replacement technology.. wonder how much deception we have been under


  • Legends I seen all 3 movies love them all love u guys 🤞♥️💯

  • Will smith had a billion dollar movie last year. Weird he brought up his supposed box office struggles.

  • Two legends

  • does anyone else see a tattoo on his head or is his fade busted?

  • 2 legends

  • Great Interview.❤💯

  • 36:51 way to go Will--checked CTG very very well 😎

  • Will is on a whoooole ‘nother plane, I love it. Loved seeing Martin get outta his shell a little bit. True Icons Living. ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  • Love u guys

  • @ 31:50 I feel like Will Smith had Pac killed.

  • I like how will checked charla for asking how much they got paid

  • Martin ain't w that lightskin mess lmao

  • Since when does DJ envy have hair🤔🤔🤔

  • Martin appears to be slurring his words he appears to be sick. I hope he is alright!

    • Is Will Smith a Libra? I swear he got Libra traits

  • This nigga laugh like a fucking moron

    • Chalamagne, can you send me that book?! Sounds like a good read to take on vacation but it doesn’t even come out until May.

  • What is Will hinting at?? 🤔🤔

  • Love both of them. Martin and Will 2 special , talented men. NOSTALGIA.....

  • Martin seems to be sad his energy level is low, it appears as if his mind is somewhere else.

    • nah he’s just a very layback guy

  • Let’s just acknowledge how fine Martin is 😩 black don’t crack FOREAL!

  • Two of my favorites, Martin my favorite sitcom and Will my favorite actor. Wish this interview was longer.

  • Not too many movies I can go to theaters, sit through and finish. But Bad Boys for Life is Amazing🤩 I’m DEFINITELY going back to see again

  • Such GREAT spirits!!!!

  • Bad Boys 4 should be called “Boys 4 Life”...

  • Will sounding like j. Cole when he released 2014 FHD

  • Legends

  • I want will smith to be my boyfriend

  • I’m 39...why these niggas ain’t got no grey hair

    • Will dyes his hair

  • This was a good interview and you can tell Will was telling the truth when he was talking about his wife and Tupac's friendship and Martin seems very quiet but he already said he doesn't act like that all the time. And on a side note I have a you tube channel type in Russell Mills May 22, 2017.

  • Chalamagne, can you send me that book?! Sounds like a good read to take on vacation but it doesn’t even come out until May.

  • Is Will Smith a Libra? I swear he got Libra traits