Two Sisters

Publicat pe 13 aug. 2019
I love my sisters
This video is a couple of funny memories I have of them. I really don't have much more to say than that. They're good sisters, and we fought occasionally but it was not anything out of the ordinary. Siblings do that, and now that we are older we laugh about it. These stories are usually the ones that are talked about when we get together on the weekends, so I thought it might be fun to make a video about it. I asked my sisters if they were cool with it and they said yeah, so here you go.
It's a work night tonight (gunna make this video live in the morning) and I have to get up in a couple hours. But the video is done and I am happy about that. I started out not really liking this video but ended up having good fun with it. I have a couple videos planned and I'm actually kind of excited to start working on them. I wish this was my full time gig, then I could make more videos.
Random thought but I was thinking about doing a live stream some time. Nothing special but just like a "lofi chill stream" where we get together and all work on our own projects and hang out in chat. I feel like that would be fun. This is just me being tired and rambling but I figure hardly anyone reads the descriptions of videos so I can just say whatever I want in here and it won't matter. If you're reading this hello I love you I hope you are well.
Thanks for watching ✨😏✨
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  • 4:27 why isn't anyone talking about that insane expression. I am literally laughing so hard

  • Yep 😂 youngest here

  • I’m the oldest and I VERY rarely prank my siblings

  • Make more videos 😭😭😭


  • Sisters: slap slap slap Bro: stop Sister 1: super slap

  • My brother did the same thing with the box Except for the part about letting me out 🗿

  • Gratujalations you won! NOM.

  • Love the ending Krista part 😂 "krista. Krista? Krista? KristAAAH!"

  • Well my brother well kinda gets bullied by my mum and you guessed it *ME*

  • I’m the youngest in the family. I got my first phone when I was 5 and my older (only) sister got hers at like 13 or something

  • The video stopped loading at 2:29 lololol

  • this is literally me and my two other siblings, even down to the whole liking art thing wth

  • This is my first ever vid I watched from this guy and I’m getting mega ginger pale and theodd1sout energy

  • I make really good pancakes

  • So adorable.

  • You watching me talking to you *watching you*

  • i got my phone at 7 (im 9 now)

  • Haha, I'm an only child. *I'm lonely.*

  • *Me and my sisters have a 17 and 10 year difference*

  • "Watching you" "Augh" 1:40

  • 3:26 got me like 🤭😂

  • Did he really make an EA meme?

  • ,,,i want to be vored too,,,

  • I am the youngest

  • 1:35 🤣

  • You eat subscribers. *Nice*

  • me

  • w0w

  • *WORD*

  • Your videos just make me so happy. Such good vibes. Thank you 🙏🏻😊

  • 2:44 0:10

  • 6 sisters 3 brothers

  • Im yong in my famelly

  • Every slap I hear makes me *wheeze.*

  • The prize was being vored

  • Erm, did the sound effects at the beginning remind anyone else of something in particular....?

  • Go To 0:59 And Skip 10 Seconds

  • I used to be the the the youngest in my family ,until my two little sisters where born,then the youngest in the family is my cousin Laszlo

  • 5:37

  • 2:00 d o a n t s p o o p ?

  • You don't get vodka at church you get wine smh 😂 4:11

    • He just only knew that alcohol was in a religion

  • Also👍👌

  • How do you make so good videos basicly past and now

  • nobody: doppio: 0:10

  • 0:10 nobody: doppio:

  • Does he have a second channel or something

  • what happened

  • Im the oldest and i get more attention

  • i mean i had cider when i was 10. so like yeah

  • I'm the oldest

  • The intros are so good

  • Oh my god I couldn't stop laughing

  • I’m the smallest one and I’m a girl and I have 3 brothers T-T and they are all the same age and they hit me and slap me because they are spoiled brats who thinks they can get whatever they want

  • I have 3

  • Haha I wonder if this is what my lil bro will think (he da youngest)

  • you have 911k subs good job! :D

  • hi sister

  • I'm the baby

  • Sr. Pelo fruna sip