The Bastian Schweinsteiger Story - Powered by 442oons

Publicat pe 11 oct. 2019
Experience the legendary story of Bastian Schweinsteiger
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The life of Bastian Schweinsteiger from the boy who had to decide between skiing and playing football to world champion and treble winner - powered by 442oons. He has seen many places in his career and played alongside many stars. Now the former FC Bayern München midfielder has announced his retirement and will end his active career at Chicago Fire, leaving behind many beautiful memories. Which Bastian Schweinsteiger moment was your favourite? Let us know in the comments!
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  • Hahahahaha

  • 1:05 we all know that you should never listen to Felix McGath

  • Hurt muller

  • Love you Basti MIA San Mia einer der besten Bayern Spieler je

  • Like for a miroslav klose story

  • He were born in Oberaudorf

  • Ballac

  • I don't know why his voice is changing


  • Beckenbuer

  • Thomas müller is a legend 😁😁😁

  • kroos and ozil

  • Klöse

  • GERD muller Franz beckenbauer

  • 2 words gerd muller

  • Beckhambauer

  • miroslav klose


  • According to Sky Italy, Zlatan Ibrahimovic will follow Carlo Ancelotti to Everton. Can you imagine the scenes if it ends up being David Moyes who’s announced and he brings Victor Anichebe with him instead.

  • Legend

  • How about the story of luka jovic

  • No coconuts😂

  • Jose, Jose can you see me? This is All because of you!! Goodbye world!!!!!

  • The absolute definition of what a German footballer is suppose to be this man was the main reason the German football team was considered "The Machine" in his era look at the team now no heart no passion no fire undisciplined I was so glad when he won the CL and the way he played in that 2014 WC the way he played in that final he should have gotten the golden ball even tho he had no stats without him they do not win that WC not only that but in fifa he was the most balanced player off/def for a while in those video games

  • Still waiting the Philipp Lahm Story

  • Kai havertz

  • 0:53 Lahm doesent look very happy

  • # THE best german guy

  • Wih9sbihibh'#+

  • Klose

  • Gotze

  • No ifs, no buts, no COCONUTS!!!

  • Where is the funny voice? It was better.

  • Kamil Stoch

  • oliver kahn

  • Hope they do Oliver Khan or jen lehman

  • A better player than Bastian???? Franz Beckanbauer?

  • still can't wait for the Phillip Lahm story

  • One like = 1 vote for swienstiger to be the next Bayern manager

  • Götze

  • Łukas podolski is polish and not german

  • I think I know one legend..... What about Beckenbauer

  • In my carrier in FIFA 20 I buy the Bastian to the Legia

  • Please do the Lukas Piszczek story

  • Oliver Kahn and Juergen Klopp

  • As a Fire fan, I’m beyond grateful that such a classy and legendary player like Basti played for my club. We seriously didn’t deserve him yet he decided to stay with us for 3 years, even though our coach/upper management is the worst of all time! I genuinely feel bad that he couldn’t win any silverware (again thanks to the shitshow that is our coach/upper management) to give him a proper sendoff but I’m still thankful that he gave the final years of his career to us. Ein vielen dank für alles, Servus Basti! 🔴⚪️🚒⚽️🇩🇪

  • I moved to Chicago to play for the fire🤔

  • Klose Müller

  • Thomas muller is a bigger legend of german football


  • Lahm

  • Bay bay schweinsteiger

  • Pele


  • Reus is better than him

  • Phillip Lahm next for his story with bayern

  • Das eine Beleidigung Schweinsteiger war bester Fußballer

  • Loris Karius

  • Me thomas me

  • HiS veri luki in bayen