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In the studio with Lost Frequencies #4: American Boy Remix

Publicat pe 9 apr. 2019
Here's the making of of my American Boy Remix by Estelle ft. Kayne West !! Hope guys like it!
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  • Goedemorgen Félix 😘

  • show your effects racks! lol jk

  • How you made Recognise deluxe mix in the next video please 😍

  • If you could release your remix of Stromae - Ave Cesaria that would be epic #Tune!

  • 9:41 what preset did he use? it's so good

  • Epic, thanks for showcasing different techniques. It really helps!!! :D

  • Sick remix. Please upload an instrumental version!

  • Awesome! Can u make a vid of Crazy?

  • AH yeeeees !!! Merci pour le tuto !! Celui sur Girls in Hawaii m'a vraiment été super constructif !

  • Hello Felix could you please make a video about Reality?

  • on aime l'accent :) tqt j'ai la même xD

  • Please release instrumental version, this beat is fire 🙏🙏🙏

  • Love to see how it works. Really cool Remix!!

  • Awesome

  • Nice

  • What is your age ??

  • Felix, I'm jalous man, if I were 10 again i know now what i wanna do. But i'm 38, mix a lot of music @ home, but making music, creating a song...damn! good work Felix...if you want to hear my

  • Lost Frequencies really found the right production frequencies ;). Not overcomplicated, not too many layers. Everything super simple and polished. I look up to this guy right here. Always so much to learn from just looking at his projects

  • Ti adoro!! Saluti dall'Italia 💕

  • Love this remix, I will come to it one day reminding and waking up to this

  • love your work

  • Nice one! Got Kanye's name wrong though 😂

  • 😘🌈🌍😇🌹💙🔥

  • 21.03 - The feeling when you really know you made a dope remix hahaha :)

  • You're the best! I am waiting for the new album 👌

  • what program is that it seems FL STUDIO ..

  • your other songs are better

  • You are awesome!!!!!!!!!

  • pls make a studio tour!

  • Amazing sounds, we love your music

  • congrants bro. you always create master pieces.

  • Your my inspiration.

  • BTW, ı think it is not mastered, am ı right ?

    • Youre not right. Its mastered

  • talent.

  • Il est français ? Où c'est moi qui divague ?

  • Thanks for sharing the insights Felix!

  • It is just FeLiT.

  • amazing ! thank you :)

  • Awesome!! Thanks for sharing, love seeing this!

  • Amazing video! Would you maybe have a list of your favorite plugins ( instruments or fx ) that you recommend? I'm always looking for new plugins😉

  • Genius! 🔥

  • Great Remix and a great appreciated tutorial :)

  • YES! Been waiting so long for this!

  • Hey Felix ! Which piano VST would you recommend ?? I need to upgrade from Logic Pro x's Bösendorfer haha

    • Piano1. its a free plugin. Super realistic sounding

  • Love this video, thanks so much Felix for showing us this. Production is amazing.. Keep it up.

  • Genial lost hasme tu aprendiz

  • 🔴🔵⭕⚫⭕🔵🔴 You franche?

  • Request in the studio with lost frequencies #5 Ave Cesaria

  • how is drake even a singer my eras are bleeding god

  • Lost Vlog #11 FELIX!!!!!!!!!

  • Will be there an instrumental version of this? It would be amazing :)

  • Buenos

  • Great track 😍 see you next week in Maastricht :) can't wait

  • Holy seit is this remix awesome. Everything you touch gets Golden

  • Awesome track!!! How long do you spend on a song/remix in general?

  • I love you

  • i loveee💕💕💕🎶🎶🎶

  • are you with me would be amazing!

  • 👏👏👏

  • Спасибо, что были со мной, когда мне это было нужно

  • Very good

  • I love the remix the best ever 💯🙌🙏🤳

  • Vive l'accent français

    • Le fameux "euuuuuuuuuh" quand tu cherche tes mots

  • kto PL

  • Amazing! Did u get the original guitar and such from management or is there another way?

    • he got all the stems from the record label

  • Recognize please ! love the videos !!!

  • So useful thanks for doing this :') ❤️

  • These videos give the songs so much more meaning 👌🏻

  • likeeeeeeeeee

  • Sick one Felix! Can stop listening to this one, main synth at the drop is so sick

  • Love some tips on this vidéo

  • Yeah yeah yeah pick me pick me let me come too

  • Есть Русско-язычные?

  • Thank you so much for this insight. I'd appreciate more of these videos.

  • This is so nice !!

  • Loved that song already and with your remix its even better. Thanks Felix 🤩

  • You do the best music in the world!!!

  • When you coming to Australia?

  • Please show how you made Like I love you

    • Yeah, i would like to see a Episode about one of his originial tracks

  • Creamfields this year?