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Lost Frequencies - LostVlog 010 // From Cancun to Pattaya

Publicat pe 18 ian. 2019
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I had a crazy 2018 !! Releasing new music, playing to more of my fans than ever before and I’m so grateful that I still get to do this every day! For my first Lost VLog for 2019, I wanted to look back and recap how I ended my year, showing you guys how I tried flyboarding and partied in Cancun, explored the traditional old town of Cartagena before spinning tunes on a boat with a super excitable crowd, and touching down in Pattaya for their New Years Eve countdown as a special guest! Wishing all my fans a great 2019, I hope you can join me soon and come along for the fun!

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  • I efin love Lost Frequencies 🔥🔥❤️❤️

  • perdio la chispa, que cambie el novio....

  • from pattaya to hochiminh city

  • Your songs & videos amazing only one thing bothers me they are kind of short .still I enjoy 😊

  • I want so bad to meet you!

  • Najleszyy

  • Sou do brazil Quem e br da o like ae

  • Loved the video bro!

  • 😍☺


  • amazing experience.We love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • oh,,,

  • 00:30 ??? (Help me) 3:00 Netsky, Lost Frequencies - Here with you (deluxe intro remix) 4:13 LSD - Thunderclouds (Lost Frequencies Remix) 4:40 Justin Bieber, Mø - Cold Water (Lost Frequencies Remix) 6:24 Jameson - Fast & slow

    • The one at 6:24 just arrived on Found Frequencies 😉

    • I am from Peru!! SouthAmerica

    • @Lydéric M. hahahaha, I'm waiting for that song

    • I think that it will arrive on Found Frequencies soon

    • @Lydéric M. ok, is it an ID? Don't u believe it?

  • Loving those vlogs 😍

  • New song?

  • Be a man, give me subtitles. I do not understand English well. Have mercy :)

  • ❤🤩🤩

  • Great vlog, I love it ❤

  • Can’t wait edc mexico 2019

  • Track name ???? Vocal what they want ♥️ please

  • Wauwww amazing video, love the vibes! Well deserved holidays.. Hope you enjoyed!! What is the song called on the drop of 4:20 ???

    • @zootjelove Yes the second one, maybe LF will upload it on his channel soon (i hope) ! Nicely found because that is really not famous 😯

    • @Lydéric M. This is the original voice of that song rotorrentinfo/watch/h9fWIFKIhks7KUE.html

    • @Lydéric M. Cool! I will be dropping some mixtapes soon. Me2 =D. The very first one is: Lost Frequencies & Zonderling - Crazy (Clément Leroux remix) But I guess you mean the full song after the intro. Idk i figured it might be some unreleased Lost Frequencies remix?? idk

    • I add your mixtape playlists to mine, i'm always looking for new music ! By the way, if you know the first song of the vlog, i would be graceful 😁

    • Lydéric M. Yeahh!! You’re right!! Thanks so much 😁😁

  • Nice.........we make FREE VLOG musik 🎷🎸 :)

  • I admire u 🔝🔝

  • L accent francais de lost frequencies

  • I love you Songs Lost Frequencies!!! Can we work in a team on a song? Write on [email protected] Please

  • It's been a looooong time:(

  • Great video! But please change the vlog logo to: V L O G This actually really bothers me.

  • 2:00

  • Toujours un pur bonheur de regarder tes vlog, raph fait du bon boulot aussi ;) Tellement hâte de te revoir en boite au festival !!! Ce vlog m'a clairement donné envie de danser et de faire la fête !!! Bonne année à vous 3 aussi au passage :)

  • Great vlog it's good to see dj vlogs

  • Thank you for came to Pattaya, Thailand. That night it awesome man! Hope to see u in Bangkok

  • México!!❤

  • Your 2.0 deluxe edition of All or Nothing is just itttt!!👌🎧

  • I like the music in the video, what music?

    • @Scandinavianz I also create music but I keep it. But what I said is that I like the music of the video.

    • we make free music :)

  • Colombia!!!!! 🤗🤗😍

    • Jajaj yo también me sorprendí cuando lo dijo 😂

  • i am super big fan 😊

  • I Don't speak English 😢

    • tu parle français ? arabe ?

    • x2 :'v

  • Magical

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  • This guys are crazy but know how to live life 🤩🤩🤩

  • Nice one man

  • Plis go to Poland❤️

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  • First commentary man, nice !!!!

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