In the studio with Lost Frequencies #3: All Or Nothing

Publicat pe 8 ian. 2019
Here's the making of of All Or Nothing !! Hope guys like it!
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  • I never comment on a video but ı felt like ı have to for this video. It was fucking epic, please do a tutorial for SKY IS THE LIMIT DELUXE VERSİON. you are giving me hope :))

  • Whooooo!!!! This is amazing Lost Frequencies!!! ;)

  • Man you rock

  • Bass line is the most toughest to make

  • Can you please make a video of how you made "Here With You"! It would be super awesome

  • Vous êtes le meilleur vous êtes mon idole je suis en ancien grand amateur de la musique électronique j'ai arrêté depuis le temps de scooter mais grâce a toi mon ami j'ai repris a écouté et a reproduire et a mixer des fichiers midi avec des loops tendances et aussi des créations je te remercie et je te souhaite une excellente carrière

  • Can you do a video on how you come up with your beats?

  • Thanks for this video! I hope you will do a tutorial of Beautiful Life or Are You With Me some day

  • Could you make a tutorial of how you recorded the guitar please

  • Like you always saying. Less is definitely more. Someday I will send you my demo :) But first of all. Thank you very much! Quiet helpful! Have a nice day and oh release Siente me :P

  • Nice 👍

  • yoho un ptit bonjour de Bruxelles et si de temps en temps ca te dis de faire des tuto en francais ce serait sympa peace

  • Here With You please

  • Can you please show the so much better remix next time please ! love from germany !

  • 5:19 spice? 😂

  • Absolutely amazing tutorial.... you're really special man. Keep it up. Is there an actual remix I can buy. Or will I need the software?

  • 16:05 xD

  • Awesome video, thanks for doing these!

  • Thank you,Felix!!! More tutor, pls)

  • Thanks🔥

  • yo ... tnx 4 sharing maaan ... which in ear are u using?

  • NORMAL REACTION:- BRO CAN U PLZ GIVE FLP !! LOL😂😂😂 but this isnt fl

  • What is the name of the app that he use

  • I‘m really grateful that you’re sharing you’re tracks! But I also wanted to ask, like many Guys here, if you could show how made Are you with me? :)

  • These videos are so awesome and helpful 🙌🏻 keep em coming, thanks.

  • what about "what goes around comes around deluxe mix"? that track is so emotional and amazing 🔥

  • Come on, do so some of your biggest tracks.. Are You With Me or Reality, or both!

  • Yeah! I'm using the RX2 too :)

  • Vive les sous-titres en français 🙄

  • Show ass XDD

  • Your songs is so emezing!!!!!! Lovee

  • In the next episode ARE YOU W/ ME😉💙💙

  • Beatiful ❤️

  • I really , really love it .....


  • Which earphones you use ?

  • Hey, i like the synths in your "so much better remix". Maybe you can explain this in your next video. Furthermore i am interested in the way you use guitars in your tracks, do you look for loops and ready to use samples for this guitars or do you play the notes/chords on your own? Looking straight forward to your next video :-)

  • C'est vraiment cool comme concept de vidéo ! Tu es totalement transparent avec ton public c'est au top ! Je te souhaite le meilleur !

  • Wow lost frequencies haciendo tutoriales que maravilla y saludos desde Perú :)

  • At 8:10 is it possible to do that in ableton too?

    • thomas gallez Only with 3rd party plugin, I think. Melodyne is a good one

  • making of melody please!

  • I hope you will continue to release your festival/club versions as downloads. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • THX for the Video.....nice and cool...

  • Dope 🔥🔥🔥

  • what app he using

  • I like your songs.... Which is your next one....? ..... I'm waiting....! 💁‍♂️

  • I admired so much Lost thanks but please make a tutorial of "In To Deep" :)

  • Chaque fois que je regarde tes tutorials où tu montres comment tu as fait tes sons je suis épatée😳 Tout le travail que tu y fournis derrière est remarquable, vraiment!🔥 Ce sont mes vidéos préférées parce que j’y vois ton travail , ton investissement et surtout ta passion😍 À chaque vidéo je suis impressionnée par le nombre de pistes, de bruitages, de voix et tout ce qui va avec. Je voulais vraiment te féliciter parce que chacune de tes musiques est un buzz planétaire et c’est là qu’on voit que le travail paie🤘🏻 Merci pour ce que tu fais ❤️

  • thanks a lot man, very very great help for small producers, just, concerning your mix, do you keep it like that ?

  • This is my favorite one, u rock it on sea dance !

  • Super mais tu pourrais montrer comment tu as fait le remix de thundercloud stp

  • Show here with you project please !!

  • Ce serait super de voir comment tu prépares un set live comme celui de tomorrowland cette année

  • This is so awesome, thanks a lot! At least me using the same DAW gives me hope :D

  • On pourrait pas avoir la ? Merci bcp je t'avais demandé de la faire au tutorial #1 ! :)))

  • What do you think while making chords and melodies


  • I love it. Good job and thanks for the tutorial.

  • Dude, when u EQing something just say "Here I've lost some frequencies"

  • You should make a track completely from scratch!

  • Thank you! It's cool to see how one of my favorite songs was made. Unfortunately, you did not go into the singles synths with Carzy. You are an absolute idol to me!

  • Tu es francais

  • This was great! Thank you Felix!

  • When I can hear this song?

  • Could you do Sky Is The Limit (Deluxe Mix), please? 🤩

  • Why is this not on Spotify! That tune was sick

    • It is it's called "All or Nothing (Mix Cut) Deluxe 2.0 Mix" hope it's what your looking for


  • Can't wait for the next Festival where you play😍🔥 Always on fire♥️ Can't wait for tomorrowland Winter😍

  • Make pls a studio tour

  • No te entendí ni verga no se inglés :c

  • Can you show in the next episode how did you make Are You With Me? 😃

    • It's just house drum loop over this original version rotorrentinfo/watch/p1h1J-P9adm7h3I.html

    • I would like to see that one as well please :)

    • He just fastened it...

  • 👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Thanks for sharing! So interesting and motivating to watch.. You're awesome, can't wait for the next one!

  • Show

  • Your old haircut was so fucking lit 🔥🔥🔥

  • Thanks FELIX!

  • Mdr on a tous un vieil accent

  • Peux-tu faire un tutoriel sur Like I Love You s’il te plaît ?

  • So sickkkk ❤️ Felix is the fkin best :')

  • Its need lots of hardwork

  • Thanx buddy for sharing

  • Love those episodes ! you are the best Felix 🤩

  • Love it !

  • Buenos videos lmteresante bengan a mexico

  • Thank you so much for sharing! Incredible value!

  • Deluxe version of dying bird even if it's a grimy track? :p should be easy and quick :)

  • ❤❤ Felix

  • Tutorials build us....

  • Je me souviens avoir entendu cette version dans ton set TML 2017 et c'etait monstrueux! Merci pour cette serie de vlogs

  • You can add subtitles?

  • Super Boulot !!! trop bon d ecouter tes morceaux !! et de voir leurs constructions

  • I really love your tutorials

  • adoreiii !!

  • 3rd

  • Dope! Btw Happy new year, hope this year you'll make many cool and dope songs, and my dream come true to see you in Tomorrowland, and still waiting collab with Alan Walker ;)

  • I finally know how this super product was created.

    • we make music also....mostly tropcial :) greetings to you

  • The intro version is so good!

  • I love this tutorials they help me in my production

    • thats right..........we make some own tropcial vibez too !!

  • That show was freaking awesome !! High quality stuff !!