In the studio with Lost Frequencies #1 : Girls in Hawaii - Guinea Pig Remix

Publicat pe 12 mar. 2018
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Hi guys,
Last Friday I released my remix of Girls in Hawaii's track ‘Guinea Pig’. Especially for you I made a behind the scenes video which I would like to share with you. The video includes the making of my ‘Guinea Pig’ remix in my studio, the first installment of my In The Studios series that I hope you enjoy, step into my world and learn how I work on such a project. Starting from the original track and working towards my final version, everything is explained step by step, whether you’re a beginner, or an already-budding producer, I hope you find inspiration and take something away from episode #1.
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  • i have a question about guitars, in that 3 channels is it 3 different guitar recordings or is it the same guitar record?

  • The moment i try to scroll in Logic X in the video like it's the one i'm using..

  • gg you are best

  • Can you describe how did you make "Reality" or "Are you with me"?

  • really cool!!!!!! go further for it!!!! :)

  • Thon axan frair emdéèr

  • didnt now that he is also using serum :) thats niceeee

  • Omg

  • 2:55 now the high frequencies are lost

  • I love U.....

  • i'am so happy that i'am from belgium

  • A quand une deuxième vidéo de la même série ?

  • great man

  • You know serum comes with OTT in the effect section, just turn the compressor mode to multiband

  • Hey Felix How you doing?

  • Are u dutch or french?

    • I believe he is Belgian?

  • you sound like edwan xD

    • PG_ Sounds exactly what i thought when i first heard him lol

  • Thanks for this! keep making more in the studio, specially your old indie dance tracks, or crazy maybe!

  • Which app you used .??

  • really helpful man please keep doing this kind of videos...

  • which software is that?

  • Dammnnn

  • Putain mec ta un bon accent


  • pas besoin de parler anglais xD

  • J'adore son petit accent😂😂😂

  • Salut Félix, est-ce que tu comptes faire comme Bassjackers et donner un petit projet Logic Pro X histoire qu'on s'améliore et qu'on apprenne quelques unes de tes méthodes ? Merci ;) PS : T'es un monstre, continue comme ça !


  • Need more in-studio vids NOW! This is so inspiring)

  • Edwan's voice lol

  • someone know's what's happen with the macro in all situation? alguien sabe que pasa con el macro en todos los casos?

  • Video explanation of Here With You please man!

  • I find it so funny when he mentions frequencies , because of his name. maybe i'm just really immature

  • Se nota que para producir, hay que tener una paciencia única, creatividad y bastante metida de mano. Saludos desde PERU!

  • Your voice sound like edwan..

  • Un grand merci !

  • I really liked it please more!!

  • thats absolutely stunning😍 love that progress😦😍

  • "automisation" haha like in 26:21

  • This remix is awesome!! Love u 💜

  • A genius...

  • Thank you for sharing the experience! ❤️from 🇷🇺

  • So cool to see the process behind the sound! Makes me respect it even more 🙌🏼

  • Are u french !?!? I say, Cause ure dirty accent ( nan srx tu di date pour that lollll , bon si t francais tu comprendra ;) sinon je vous kiffe merci pour ces musiques


  • Wow thank you so much i learned more in this video than in 30 others about structuring of a track. So simple but so effective thats so Lost Frequencies like. I am trying so hard to get where you are in your career. Thank you for inspiring me and a lot of others on the planet. PS please make your remix of Freed from desire 2018 public i want it so bad :)

  • ok first of all this sounds really nice

  • hello bro i like you

  • Tutorial for "Are you with me"

  • this is sooo interesting dude

  • Can you make a tutorial on Melody which you made with James or Beautiful Life with sandro cavazza

  • So awesome of you to do this bro! Great video :)

  • 9:45 What is clipping? ^^

  • You are young enough to be my grandson.. We choose our name 18 years ago.. We can prove that.. We have screen shots when we were doing well on Well I used to. So many of my hard drives have failed since then. (18 years ago, umm how old would you be then?) But I think so many people listen to us because they think we are you And We have made some $ because of that. We are going to remix Reality You are a theme and variation artist. Let us finish a chorus and bridge. Lost Frequency does Lost Frequencies There are sites out there that make it legally possible.. Of course, with you consent. Unless your record deal means the publishing companies get to make the decision. Then it is their consent. Craig Gluck Drummer for the original Lost Frequency (Still not sure if we should hate you or love you.. But personally, I love your song Reality) Lost Frequency

  • Fais en une sur la version alternative de "Dying bird" stp!

  • Does someone know how he extracted the guitar and the organ sample from the original song ? (cause in the original song, you never hear only the guitar ...).

  • Merci infiniment pour ton tuto. Sincèrement, c'est très bien expliqué et vraiment enrichissant. Et honnêtement ce remix est un de tes meilleurs sons ! Juste un peu dommage que tu nous montres pas comment tu as fait ton mastering. .. sinon merci encore et félicitations ;)

  • il parait que tu parle francais

  • What kind of software did he use?

  • Apparently your brother’s friend is the older brother of a person in my class 😂

  • How does he do Vocoder fx?

  • Amazing!

  • Logic and Lost Freauences feature pls

  • Putain oui

  • The Vocoder is a plugin?? What does it do exactly?

  • keep up your great remixes .. you nailed this one .. SAVED IT ON MY SPOTIFY :)

  • spotted some evo sounds confessions package.

    • Luis Martinez hahahaha yeah

    • Raindren I don't know, it's cool that some recognized producers used that stuff man. Makes you think that there's quality soundbanks and samples out there

    • Soooooo?

  • you are a genius! a friend from italy!

  • Thanks for sharing!! :)

  • Splendid video, thanks Felix! Maybe the next one on Sky Is The Limit (Delux Mix) with Jake Reese, one of your production explained from A to Z? Good luck and keep it up! :) --- Français : Superbe vidéo, merci Felix ! Peut-être la prochaine sur Sky Is The Limit (Delux Mix) avec Jake Reese, une de tes productions expliquée de A à Z ? Bon courage et continue comme cela ! :)

    • Very good choice! Thanks, hope you will find the time! 🤞 :)

    • I was thinking about that one indeed !! I will try to do it when I have more time :)

  • top la video !! tu viens de quelle coin ? je suis du brabant wallon :o)

  • Merci beaucoup Felix!

  • You're inspiring me!!! keep it up!!!

  • Your hole tracks are amazing! Pls, CRAZY and ARE YOU WITH ME too!!!!

  • Great!:)

  • Wow, didn't expect this, thank you very much to give us a peak into your workflow, it's apriciated and very learnfull, greets from the Netherlands

  • what means "contreton"

  • "Sounds nice" lol Good video tho!!

  • Bro Thank You for uploading this! It's super helpful to see how you create especially how you make your Serum patches and the automation you use on tracks. Lots of great detail in this video TY

  • I would have loved a walkthrough of most of the Deluxe version of your album. Some really nicely designed sounds on there, that I wonder how they were made. (I prefer the original version of the album for the way the songs come across, but the deluxe album has more interesting sound design).

  • Do more!!!

  • Thanks!

  • Are You With Me/Reality next time plz

  • i knew i wasnt the only who uses kisckstart to sidechain leads lol

  • Thanks for let us learn the force of your music dude!! are a true Jedi Master

  • pls show us your masterpieces "are u with me" or "here with you"

  • love your work

  • 🔥

  • Great Video! Always understood "goats in Hawaii" thou :D

  • You are my new idol

  • learned tons form this thanks! You should to more on EQ though! Cheers

  • FL studio tutorials plz. PS are you with me is still on my top5 songs along with Here with You 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • I just got here by destiny lol but i stop watch and learn brother you are very good i suscribe to support you thx and Hug from Mexico

  • Do a setup video!

  • Amazing! I love when big artists do these videoes

  • So minimal yet so awesome.

  • Show us Are You With Me ;)

  • Il est francais ? Parce que je trouve il a un petit accent

  • Great insight into your production methods. Thanks for sharing!

  • Great tutorial man.. learned much & very well explained on your methods.. would love to see you build a track start to finish also.