Publicat pe 27 oct. 2018
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You voted online, we dug through old footage, and Shayne hand-picked some of these clips, too! These are some of the BEST moments of Shayne Topp!
Did we miss anything?! Let us know in the comments your favorite Shayne Topp moments!
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  • Too many funny Shayne moments! Which one makes you laugh the most? Let us know!

    • That’s hard to chose because they all made me laugh because Shayne is just funny in general

    • Smosh Pit best one is the pie

    • Hi I'm CLARISSA and I'm i-im h-here to show you how to make FRIENDS

  • 2:44 Shayne is actually jesse from breaking bad

  • Shayne in the whole funemployed game was just constantly funny

  • Okay, his offensive Australian guy, sounds like Junkrat from Overwatch xD

  • robert manion.... the first one...

  • Shayne topp is just the best in general

  • This is awesome!!!

  • This was Sarah's doing, wasn't it?

  • I love this so much that I need to watch this EVERy MoNTH

  • Why is Shayne so me😂😂

  • I’m still trying to find the one moment where Shayne comes out in a dress and just says “it’s 50 for an hour” in a deep voice.

  • 0:00 keep spamming back 5 XD

  • SHANE TOP LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE ALEX BREGMAN!!!!!!! (#2 for the astros)

  • Highkey ian is my favorite, I want a compilation of my boi👌🏼

  • 5:46 That’s not shayne, that’s COURTNEY FREAKIN MILLER. Get it right, smosh....

  • 5:45 wait a minute... That's not shayne! That's just Courtney frickin Miller.

  • 5:44 that wasn’t Shayne that was Courtney MFREAKIN MILLER

  • The how to make FRIENDS one made me laugh😂

  • Ok this was too hilarious. I got an ad for Hanes underwear right before this video. And it was all about a kangaroo's pouch. And what is the first thing? Shayne doing an offensive Australian accent

  • The Ketchup part at 4:53 KILLED me

  • My favourite part of this is the ketchup part omg I cried😂😂😂😂

  • shayne: yo pass the rock also shayne: **minecraft death style** OouUH

  • have you ever wonder where Shayne's key necklace went?


  • I stopped in the middle of the protest part because I was laughing too hard and it hurt, but I knew exactly what he was gonna say

  • Mermaid Shayne is the best

  • wasn’t shayne in disney channel?

  • 5:51 shayne isn’t even in this clip why is it in this video

  • Shayne's technique to eat pie is putting 50% of it on his face instead

  • I love Shayne

  • Now I want pie. 😑

  • Lol 4:32

  • Omg I love shayne😂😂

  • Just watching this in the first 1 second and I'm laughing my ass off. As an Aussie, Shayne killed the accent.

  • Husbando

  • *D a d d y n e e d s h i s j u s e*

  • I think they should have a TV show for kids cause it would not duck like most shows nowadays. Like my movie. It was a hit.

  • why was Courtney FREAKIN' Miller on here when this is a Shayne Topp Episode

  • 3:05 it cut to an ad right after I see him get hit in the face

  • He's funny and hot it's not fair!

  • I expect this video to be mostly screaming

  • Courtney Freaking Miller needs her own compilation, just saying

  • his topp moments

  • This is also a compilation of Olivia being so done with shayne lmfao

  • 10:33 just the way he said down is 😂😂😂

  • Your my favorite pizza place

  • Shayne wer you on an episode of The Goldbergs

  • Sh

  • What’s the song at 1:14