Phoenix Cops’ Extreme Response to Shoplifting Caught on Tape | The Daily Show

Publicat pe 18 iun. 2019
Phoenix police threatened to shoot a couple in front of their young kids over an allegedly shoplifted doll in an unsettling but not uncommon abuse of power.
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  • Criminals wearing police uniform.

  • a lot of times it's embarrassing to be american and to be white. i miss the time living in europe.

  • Cops now days are ignorant. Good cops wont put bad cops in jail so they are as bad as the bad ones. So there is no such thing as a good cop. And u are right about everything I said about that incident.

  • Guess what, and they are going to get away with it.

  • You should really do some research before you speak it's alot more that happened then just this.

  • This is what happens when you put bald, obese, middle aged men through a 3 months training course. In Europe each and every one of these officers would not only had been fired, they would most likely have been given at *best* a suspended sentence themselves. Lucky porkchops.

  • this situation is perfect reasonable, if that black girl is robbing a bank. not a barbie doll

  • WTF is wrong with this people ????

  • Why is there not one person in Authority say something, I know the government sees this, local and federal agencies.

  • Police thugs.......

  • 4:52 - 5:11 is an eye opener to some people because they have no idea what cops can really do. So many people have been wrongfully accused all because of a police statement. I'm so glad the citizens recorded this.

  • Cops should have to wear body cams turned on at all times

  • $10 million for that!!😆😅😄😃😂Cha Ching!

    • If only they did their job, this lawsuit wouldn't happen.

  • Cops being extremely racist and overly aggressive to black people? Who would have guessed. Those kids are going to be traumatized for life.

  • Buy a share of that store and fire whoever called the police with that settlement money

  • I’m so happy they weren’t shot, but so angry they ever had to fear for their lives

  • I feel so sorry for black people in America. Its like they're second class citizens all their lives or something.

  • It’s the unions that protect thugs like these from being fired.

  • I went to school with Trevor Noah. I caught him sucking a guy off in a bathroom stall

    • k thanks for letting us knw ,u can sit down now 😏

  • New video shows the father shoplifting as well. He also has prior felonies for assaulting two police officers. What a stand up family.

    • People don’t aim guns at men who molest and rape children. So tell me white boy why should anyone die in the name of stuff that cost less than pennies to make. Stealing is not a punishable by death. It’s no wonder the lines are being drawn black and white.

  • Trevor noah is a lying piece of shit.

  • Did you know that the most hurtful of all is that to be harrassed by the peoples who were meant to protect you from such kind of bullying, threatening, harrassment, whatever you named it. Badge guys are turning bad boys (Guys) The level of incarceration in #USA is always increasing madly, That's what USA government should concentrate on instead of trying to wage trade with China, war with Iran, proxy war in middle east, unseating a governments in Colombia, Venezuela, Nigeria, etc, using or helping Saudi Arabia's Terrorism strategy, projects, and exports the CIA, FBI experts training ISIS FIGHTERS, TALIBANS. Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab, and so many other Terrorists groups. USA of today should helps Americans starts Small businesses, Entrepreneurs like the Chinese government focus on, not selling Weapons to SAUDI ARABIA knows that they are using them destroying Syria, Yamen etc. American government are changing their purposes for their own businesses, peoples, friends, and turning to something much EVIL and Dangerous to Democracy, politics, & Capitalism in general. American government should be Hope for those that lost their jobs, don't even have Hopes, or felt demotivated.. That's the American dreams, & we all wanted.

  • I would sue the officers, and if they couldn't pay it, I'd make them sell their belongings to pay me off including pay me support and pay for my legal fees. That's how you make them learn. Suing the departments isn't going to help anything. That's just a greedy attorney wanting to get paid because they will get half of that settlement. Kudos to the civilians recording it or else they would be in jail and their children in foster care.

  • "Film On" peoples!, lets catch All these currupt dirty coppers?!

  • Noting gonna change until maybe it (all this currupt policing across amurica) happens to more white people (and those related to these same dirty cops), just maybe things might start to change for the better, Huh?

  • This is police everywhere. Wanting to be a bigtime Souped Weapons And Tactical officer or militia men or hitmen. Did you see how his fat ass stumbled for cover ?!? He almost discharged a firearm wobbling his fat ass behind a pillar! MAKES ME FUCKIN SICK THIS IS NOT A FUCKIN WARZONE BUT THE POLICE WOULD LOVE IT TO BE!!!!

  • ACAB

  • What has happened to police in America? We are hearing misconduct like this on a daily basis now. Who do you trust, if you cant trust law enforcement?

  • Bless you Trevor.... How many people have been illegally arrested and everyone thought the cop was telling the truth.....

  • Somehow the shoplifters always come out the victims.This liberals never bring up the part where they shouldn’t be shoplifting but only talk about the cops being to aggressive.

  • It's almost as if police had absolutely no training at all.

  • Watching this crushes my soul, really disheartening

  • To us living in Western Europe, this is shocking. So happy with our police.

  • What a disgrace! Talking and acting like that in front of the children...they should be fired. Cops don't need to go in like hit men on a call about a 4yr old girl.....

  • The gorilla is a clear commentary on the NBA. And, yes, white people there would prefer no blacks in their community.

  • Fuck America sucks

  • You know who‘s gonna pay the ten million dollars? The taxpayer. None of these psychos in uniform will pay one single penny.

  • Notice the deadly silent audience. Criticizing the police - still a taboo in America. Glad Trevor is brave enough to do it nonetheless.

    • Far from Taboo

  • Hahaha,10 million dollar lawsuit?, you were stealing shit, I just wish I could cut the arms off a POS theif

    • A 4 yr old girl took a dollar store Barbie! Hardly a reason to go after anybody the way those police did. If u have a family I hope they are on high alert and if you don't, please never have children! What a dick!

  • Well said Trevor. 👍🏾

  • Welcome to america. Land of the control freaks

  • It has been a long time since I assumed any police report was totally accurate and without spin and outright lies.

  • I hope the by standers get some of that money. Without them they all might’ve been dead.

  • THESE frickin bass-terds should be FIRED IMMEDIATELY!!!!

  • 💔


  • Why the black people dont follow rules? Why all the time they are provoking the police violence?

  • I really hope they get their money. I know it doesn't fix everything they just went through but it will help. Too bad it'll be coming out of the tax payers pocket and not the actual people responsible.

  • Now they crying cause they got kicked out of a Starbucks

  • First time I ever found out about the gorilla, I thought. " Man... that's the most racist innuendo I've ever seen."