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In the studio with Lost Frequencies #2: Crazy Deluxe Tomorrowland Edit

Publicat pe 24 nov. 2018
Here's the making of of my intro version of CRAZY that I played at Tomorrowland 2018!! Hope guys like it!
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  • Lost frequencies.. That was LIT! awesome

  • The songs are so beautiful

  • This music really makes me 'Crazy'

  • That Zen World preset haha 8:35

  • mdrrr cèest beau sa!!!

  • Why you dont work in fl?

  • That was fk amazing. I'am happy that i am from belgium

  • @lost frequencies #question why you panning master track -1 % ?

  • *What kick sample is that ??*

  • çok iyi aktarmışsın kralsın

  • Lost Frequencies #3 can you talk of your plugin and hardware, studio tour :) thank youuu

  • Awesome video, thanks a lot Felix! If you have some time, could you explain your production Sky Is The Limit (Delux Mix) with Jake Reese, please? Good luck and keep going like that! :)

  • Can you add subtitles to your movies?

  • Worst edit ive heard haha

  • What monitors you use?

  • Hi, Would be nice to watch the remake of 'All or nothing' :)

  • give us some preview to your throttle collab !! :D

  • By any means please show the master chain I am begging you :D

  • Are you French dude ?

  • In the studio with Lost Frequencies #3: Here with you

  • maybe the reality?

  • Can you release a instrumental??? Please

  • tnx for sharing ... which inear monitors u are using?

  • Amazing tutorial bro much love

  • Found the frquencies I need

  • Sounds almost exactly like the axwell remix from temper trap

  • He sounds like EDWAN 😂

  • Please keep making production tutorials

  • More videos like this!

  • Can you do a mastering and mix lesson for as stp :)

    • OSKY Official yes, ill be down with that

  • hey how do you avoid the system overloads on logic ?

  • Cool house bro

  • Now i can understanding Logix pro more power bringing out thanks so much this one of the best Video for Music production Free awesome !

  • This is crazy man... awesome work!

  • love it!

  • I'm a Big Fan Of Yours Man,............can you do a Tutorial on Your Biggest Hit "ARE YOU WITH ME" ??

  • We @skif_bazzaty_official and @dave__t__official are glad to inform you that our new hot dance single #CindereLLa was released and is available on all music platforms now. Check it out. rotorrentinfo/watch/gtxOrWyLRwWDIB0.html

  • subtitulos

  • Thanks for sharing. It's good to see the process to produce the music that we love so much.

  • You are su humble Félix. Thank you for being this way.

  • Here with you 🤙

  • wow is amazing track

  • What a legend. Love it.

  • You Rock


  • 100th like 😏 hola...como estas

  • Merci d'avoir fait cette vidéo !! C'est fou de voir tout le travail nécessaire pour faire 1 minute de bonne musique! Merci beaucoup pour cette heure magique que j'ai vécue à Tomorrowland !!!

  • Es un artista! Tuve la suerte de estar en el tomorrowland escuchando está sesión y es increíble!! Hay que vivirlo una vez en la vida, como mínimo!!

  • These videos are very helpful!

  • More please

  • please make more of these !!!!! so awesome

  • Salut Félix, impressionnant !!! Belle réussite, agréable à écouter tout simplement, cette version est planante et a en même temps du punch. Très belle intro en tout cas mais difficile à placer en plain milieu d'un set. Moi, j'utilise plutôt ta version "Dash Berlin Remix" - je mixe la montée avec celle de "stampede". @+ François (de Ath ;-)

  • thank you :}

  • I would like make a remix of this song Felix... can you send me the official Acapella? Please [email protected]

  • Thank you soo much! ;) Köszönöm szépen!

  • Pensé que era FL STUDIÓ ;-; Eres bueno lost 7v7r

  • PLZZ teach us Brazilian bass sir

  • I've been waiting for that song so be released so long!! Thank you!

  • Thank you for this man! I think it'd be really sick if you could show us how'd you put together the Deluxe Version of All Or Nothing. That one is definitely my favorite!!

  • the best

  • Tu peux faire une vidéo sur ton remix de send her my love qui est dans ton album deluxe car le drop est juste légendaire et je crois qu’il vaut une vidéo à lui seul même si le reste de la musique est dingue aussi !

  • Algum Brasileiro?

  • Please make a tutorial on how you made reality!!

  • Fresh !!

  • your awsome good job simple and just so good

  • Hey Felix, can you make a explanation video for "here with you"

  • Helo me broder yew is me broder olreit?

  • incredibe song!!!!!

  • I liek freekoensees ver much becos is ver gud

  • Good old KSHMR samples :))

  • Master of Frequencies!

  • Wow, I love you so much, such a great and humble person, you connect to your audience and fans even though you are very famous. Love you from Israel! Come back we are waiting!!!

  • Oh, thanks for this tutorials. I love you! But can't you make full tutorial of one any your track? (How to create from blank, non-licensed your track) Vlogst as example. For what you use the piano? How you write songs with guitar sounds?

  • Very informative. Thx for sharing.

  • Release?

  • 今一番注目の音楽プロ!!

  • Holy!! I were so looking forward to seeing this!!

  • Felix tu trabajo es increible gracias por liberarlo !!!

  • Love you ♥️

  • You should show the making of Are You With Me! That is the track that made us fall in love with Lost Frequencies!

  • You are awesome, i am sure you can produce a hit even on caustc (daw)

  • ❤❤❤

  • Et la version non extend ?

  • anuma apoco el luisito comunica hizo una intro en el tmrl xd.

  • I was waiting for this from the day I heard on Instagram and I still remember on Instagram I had asked you who made this version track and you said it’s your intro version I was like god this is even better than original. You’re the only artist that makes his original even better after some crazy works. Some lost frequencies come in. Soooo cool ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ you’re the besssssstttttt

  • I was on your Concert in Rostock it was really nice👌👌👌

  • Make more tutorials for in too deep, all or nothing and all of your tracks. You are legend.

  • Omg finally!! ❤

  • Exelente!

  • we are never satisfied with our music but when i see the best dj are making it more simple. thanks

  • people finally see that music production is all about the elements you pick and the melodies you write! Thank you Felix for sharing, really like the song!

  • Awww Felix, the version for download is not the same you played :( I really want that vocal chill intro so bad ! Any chance of dropping that one as well?

  • can i got a key intro preset ?

  • Très bon son! Pourquoi pas une vidéo en français?

  • Request tutorial for Sky not limit (deluxe mix)

  • ❤️

  • great work! You are my favorite djjjj🔝🔝🔝!!! I REALY LOVE YOUR SONGSSSS😍😍😍

  • Ce remix est ouf, tout comme le son original. Je l’écoute en boucle il est juste excellent 👌 C’est vraiment génial qu’un DJ de ton envergure montre la façon dont il réalise ses sons. Merci à toi de faire ce genre de vidéo, c’est super utile pour apprendre des astuces de production. J’espère que tu en feras encore et j’ai hâte que tu annonces la sortie d’un album ou d’un EP😁 Bonne continuation Félix et encore bravo! J’espère pouvoir te croiser l’été prochain dans un festival, je suis filmmaker et je fais des aftermovies😜

  • My number 1 Dj