Ganondorf VS Dracula (Zelda VS Castlevania) | DEATH BATTLE!

Publicat pe 16 oct. 2019
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  • You're joking right? Mob destroys Tatsumaki.

  • Guys, whoever has the math done before the fight is the loser In Wario's battle in the background, King Dedede beat him in Smash And Wario lost

  • Mob vs. Tatsumaki?! *_BRUH._*

  • Great fight, unexpected though. I thought the Triforce was on the same level as Super Dragonballs rofl.

  • What? No doiyah

  • a giant demon *million later* me that is a lot of giant demons

  • Silly Ganondorf, you need a drunk, a gypsy magician girl, and Drac's half human son to win and even then you have to starve him for a few years.

  • Ganon already fought before

  • *Sees thumbnail* YES. MINE. YES. GOOOOOOO!

  • Both combatants have "Immortality" listed in the breakdown... [Objective debate has left the chat]

  • So I see Mob on here, love it, but I better see devilman vs hellboy in like the next 3 seasons

  • "Step 3: Kill Luigi" lmao

  • The problem with the next Death Battle: Mob doesn't harm humans and Tatsumaki is a cut short compared to Mob's FULL capabilities (no pun intended). Am i still gonna watch this battle? HELL YEAH!! LET THE MIND GAMES BEGIN!

  • While I didn't expect the result, I do appreciate the animation. Whoever did it needs to be a mainstay. This was a _very_ pretty battle.

  • So AWESOME 😯

  • Bruh that matchup is terrible, given that Gannon can easily beat Dracula in Smash with a limited move set.

  • Dracula vs DIO? Vamp fight?

  • SHOCKED, there wasn't atleast 1 DORIYA.

  • Gosh, DevilArtemis is sooo good.

  • kids are also the embodyment of chaos me ohhhhhhhhhhhh roasted wait i am a kid oh well ohhhhhhhhhhh

  • I'd like to see anything Warhammer 40k vs whatever you think has a chance of surviving in such an over-the-top brutal universe.

  • I would never have guessed that Ganon wasn't strong enough to get to Dracula's third form.

  • Ahh... Poor Tatsumaki. She's going to get destroyed. She's certainly strong in universe, but Mob can go the equivalent of at least galactic destruction.

  • Is that a JoJo’s reference!?

  • Mob vs tatsumaki. The ultimate esper battle.

  • Ok a few things 1. I like that even if there was no FIGHT announcement that the battle had some preamble 2. The fight itself was not great the animation felt too slow and sometimes there was just too much going on on screen at once 3. And finally I'm kinda disappointed with the next matchup cause I feel mob has some much more evenly matched opponents they could have given him.

  • Levi Ackerman vs Blake Belladonna?

  • u realize that ppl have beaten dracula bossfight without spirits with ganon?

  • What is a Man? *A miserable little pile of secrets! But enough talk.* *HAVE AT YOU!*

  • Good job on animating the fight Devil you are the best

  • It just now occurred to me that Dracula just ended the Legend of Zelda win streak.

  • First one to pull off a JoJo pose, wins. Now F'IGHT!

  • Superman vs Silver Surfer

  • Counterpoint: rotorrentinfo/watch/k2TJlczQm7GJlc0.html

  • Dracula: You all have a nice Halloween. Or I will drink you blood.

  • Auto-caption: Matthias Krunk Feast was the strategic mastermind...

  • ... it's Effin Dracula.. who really doubted him?

  • Hulk vs bane

  • Jonathan joestar vs Richter Belmont

  • Can we just appreciate the burn at the end!

  • Mob vs Tatsumaki? Doesn't "Mob ???" Win? Although Tatsumaki at 100%...this is sure to be a good one

  • Grousome ending 🌑 classic yet rock'n roll🔥 Totally perfect for Halloween 🎃😈👹👺👻

  • nuke of holy magic me he is going to win

  • This is the prettiest death battle I've seen jfc-

  • Cheering for Dracula

  • such great animation

  • Wow the animation has such an authentic Nintendo vibe to it. Amazing work

  • Damn I gotta say this was some good animation for this fight. Also Mob vs Tatsumaki I’m gonna have to give it to Tatsumaki on that one.

  • How many debunked videos do you think the next match will spawn?

  • Am I the only one who wants to see alucard from Castlevania fight alucard from hellsing

  • I was so hoping Ganon would win.

  • What is the music playing in the background in the 3rd minute?

  • So Dracula wins... and yet a Belmont beats his ads every time. Lol! Awesome.

  • Well made!

  • You should do major glory vs crimson chin!!

  • What a beautifully animated DB!

  • "By measuring the size of the castle on the game cover"....jesus...You guys sure are grasping there.

  • This 3D animation is so much better than other fights

  • welcome to curb stomp

  • 5:00 bro moment