Deji vs KSI from the beginning EXPLAINED! #DramaAlert 7 months in the making!

Publicat pe 20 iun. 2019
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  • Good video keem. This is straight facts🤷🏾‍♂️. Nice Kobe keem

    • Not all at 25:39 damn that was the dumbest Thing keem has ever Said ever

    • Keen star is a racist little bitch and I hate him

    • Al Ghaib ... I have no godamn words for this much level of incompetence, and learn how to spell whatever right, fucking idiot deji fanboy

    • Don’t suck his dick.

    • !!!! 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗

  • That girl slept with 2 brothers.

  • KSI: Gives Deji a glass of water : Deji: *HE TRIED TO DROWN ME*

  • I just realized his head big asf 😂

  • Summary of the whole video: Deji is a bitch

  • Deji is a next level moron and fame whore

  • 🦗🤔💥🦗💥🦗💥🦗💥🦗💥🦗💥🦗💥

  • currently at 11:32 and man. ksi didn't deserve all this hate from his brother, yet he still apologized and was really mature in this situation. kudos to him for being the bigger one in this situation.

  • KSI: “Breaths” Deji: HE TRIED TO ATTACK ME

  • 🖕🏻to all the deji fans who dick rides this fool your proof is right here playing victim or nah

  • Who fucking care the joke was funny it’s only not funny to sensitive pussies

  • Ksi: *plays cod with deji* Deji: He tried to kill me with a gun!

  • Bro can u pls censer all bad words

  • Deji is just fucking bipolar

  • The girls WERE underaged. The mark in the UK is 18 NOT 16

    • RedEyedWolf whoops yeah I meant that

    • U mean underaged

  • I dont get how deji over reacted. if i worked my ass off for years to get a spot in the youtube community, and trying my best to stay revelant like every other youtube i would be offended too lmao joke or not

    • @Lps Flare you too bro

    • @THA YUNGIN yeah i understand you no problem haha,, just had to put in my thoughts. have a good one <3!

    • @Lps Flare yea i get that feji was in the wornf when he did all that extra stuff but in the beginning i wouldve took offense to someone calling my channel dead. But all that other stuff that he was doing i think he was just clout chasing doing stuff for attention

    • bro what? person makes a simple joke about a youtube channel - deji then proceeds to attack his brother (who is not even the person who made the simple joke) and then leaks personal information about him, spends 30k on a diss track; and then kicks him out of the house for christmas? i understand he could have been offended but seriously lol to that extent- thats messed

    • THA YUNGIN Deji went too far when he started going after someone’s wife and personal business. If he would’ve kept it between him and Randolph it would’ve been fine

  • his voice doesn't fit his lip movement.

  • This just proves that both deji and ksi ain’t shit

  • Don't apologize for your voice you can't help being a useless fuck

  • Ksi:*breathes* Deji: He tried to stop making me breath.

  • It's actually insane how much work Keem put into this video

  • KSI: Knocks over Deji's cup of wine by accident Deji: He broke my spirit (bad alcohol joke)

  • These longer videos are grate

  • You just gotta love keem

  • Keem: I cant go on deji sides with knowing what Even though this is all on online

  • keem and randolph are ksi's bitches😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • yeah, let's support the guy who's obviously in the wrong 😂 little bitch couldn't take a joke and couldn't reply to Randolph so he switched on ksi ? 😂

  • This is hilarious to me. I didn't understand any of this until watching this video because I don't really care about this crap. I think they're obviously both just stretching this out now to get more views. The whole audio clip from Christmas sounds fake. The more people pay attention to this whole thing on their channels, the more money they'll get. Keep your family issues to yourselves.

  • Ksi: Uploads a video Deji: He tried to delete my channel

  • Ksi: *hugs deji* Deji: hE tRiEd To SqUeEzE mE tO dEatH

  • Yep he is still a virgin

  • LITERALLY KEEMSTAR: Deji shoots ksi and kills him Keemstar: Deji is doing it for views!! ksi shoots and kills deji Keemstar: Its all deji fault!!

    • bruh. deji obviously doing it for views tf you want him to say?


  • #1 If that was you yourself in the same position as Deji in the event of being called a dead channel by one of your brother’s friends and your brother is laughing, you wouldn’t take it as a joke cause that ain’t funny #2 we don’t know what is really going on behind the scenes so no one knows what really provoked Deji to post a video out of the blue. Plus, don’t you find it fishy KSI be recording conversations?..... #3 yes it does seem a bit fishy as well when Deji recorded that video of him crying and decided to post it on the internet as we know dudes have their ego and pride to hold onto to “save face” #4 No one knows for sure and for that reason you should stay off dude’s dick until you can hook someone up to a lie detector test to get some valid proof.

    • short version - deji couldn't handle the truth and cried. he couldn't respond to Randolph and placed it onto ksi ? he ruined his own career and cries about it?. this clearly isn't fake as it just ruined both careers ?

    • Hows keem Channel is Dead *Litteraly 100K Likes*

  • You guys are acting like children. So called KSI, Deji, KeemStar et la. This is called sibling rivalry. It is usual for younger sibling to have a form of jealousy for their immediate elder sibling. The parents are the ones who can resolve this and since the parents are taking sides, you need to find out KSI's relationship with their parents.

  • The editing is so bad lol

  • But look he said he has a dead channel in front of millions of people

  • Who thinks Randolph is just a fat bitch who lives off of ksi

  • What is wrong with keemstar playlist

  • Deji calling Randolph JJ's bitch is funny. Deji's channel would've been non-existent hadn't he been JJ's brother.

  • 24:42 WE WERE NEVER DATING,WE WERE JUST FRIENDS.....................................WITH BENIFITS

  • In short... Randalph makes a joke about Deji, Deji and Randalph diss each other, Deji leaks KSI’s details and KSI gets pissed off, Deji keeps milking KSI for views and money

  • deji is the kid that gets his mom to stop telling them stop

  • keem as one of your viewers your apologies don't mean anything because you have a long history of making horrible jokes and accusations and when it blows up in your face you say sorry but make no effort to change the actual behavior that's causing the problem if you were in fact remorseful then you might make some effort to reflect but you don't. An apology with no remorse r reflection behind it is just a fake apology completely void of any meaning. You accuse deji of using mental health as a way to dodge responsibly but you use fake apologies to dodge responsibility a hell of a lot more then deji uses mental health. Also Idon't really even like deji he seems off putting to me but you having been capitalizing on family suffering and regardless of how much i dislike deji or his content you did him and ksi dirty.. You're channel has so much utility to report on the actual trouble makers and the toxic creators but instead you focus on large creators with large sub and view numbers because you know you can profit off some ones suffering by sing their name or brand as a way to draw attention you absolutely profit off of human suffering and in that sense you and a war monger are no different it is also clear you have a bias and are not objective. while youtube is a platform you could make the case the individual channels are publishers are publishers could be held liable for what they say a good example would be your latest Ray Diaz video even though your title says "accused of" the over all feel of the video makes it seem like you're making a statement of fact that he did and you could be held liable for that. I'm not a lawyer but I do know that the content in questions overall feel is taken into account additionally you show when she mentions she's ok at the very very end so any one who watch 70% then left would absolutely be thinking you where making a statement of fact that he did if this ever did go anywhere which let's be honest is a very low chance it would be a nightmare for you but I hope that never happens you and this channel do have utilities but it kinda sucks to see how shitty of a person you come off as when you do these videos hope that's not the real you but if it is then that's to bad.

    • damn really typed a paragraph, you do realize keem won't give a shit 😂

  • Go and hate On deji

  • Lies go to hell

  • Just imagine of Randolph never said this imagine all of the things that happened just because of this one word from Randolph 3:00

  • This just genuinely makes me sad. Seeing one of the youtubers that was most respected and loved by the commuinty just turn into this internet villain and backstab his own brother just breaks my heart.

  • You now how deji wanted to stop and then he started again and how he watched KSI video yea that was really funny

  • The people that dislike this video is Logan Paul and *Jgay* Paul fans

  • People are so freaking sensitive like frfr.