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Lost Frequencies & Zonderling - Crazy (Official Music Video)

Publicat pe 24 nov. 2017
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Taking his already astounding career to the next level in helping champion new music via his own avenue, Lost Frequencies is proud to announce Found Frequencies, his own, debut label distributed by Armada Music that will release its first track ‘Crazy’ with Zonderling, an energetic combination coming from these two artists great creative arsenals.

A sunshine-ready track to warm up the winter months with a new twist on Lost Frequencies’ adored house sound, ‘Crazy’ is individualistic and captivating with a sing-a-long chorus that enchanted at its debut live Tomorrowland debut. With lyrics including “I don’t care what the world says” and asking “so what if I am crazy?”, that wrap around bouncing synth lines, ‘Crazy’ is a future classic that is sure to stand the test of time amongst some of Lost Frequencies biggest back catalogue hits, and the perfect anthem to inaugurate the Found Frequencies venture.
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Vocals by David Benjamin
Music video by Soulvizion


  • bona vibració i alegre.

  • Omg I was just looking through my room and cleaning up when I found a paper that said the title of this song on it. I looked it up and it was a song I forgot about 2 years ago. Thank goodness I found it after all these years

  • Can Anybody Tell Me The Name Of This Country Which Is In This Song.

  • The lyrics remind me of Jesus! May be weird, but it's just my interpretation. Peace! ✌

  • I am stoned

  • 🇫🇷 Je suis fou 🇬🇧 I am crazy

  • Best song till now for me Btw shoutout to @keithAtkins my bro. He danced to this song in his live cam n he was so perfect n charming. Guys check him out He is so good💯💯😀😀😀

  • What's city is it?


  • Fucking beautifull!!!

  • nice it calms me down i really dont care what the.....

  • Who else felt free after listening to this

  • So good, stunning👍👍😃😃

  • Close your eyes, pretend that you are the best at Math in your class, (or you're already one) and listen to it again.

  • Bo Kaap!!

  • Hu tow loks this in 2019❤💝💋

  • Que temon lpm

  • were it this video taking place.

  • I love this song so much💜

  • is it just me or this song reminds me of "wake me up" by avicii ? :|

  • Una delle canzoni più belle di adesso One of the best Songs of now

  • #Mylife. Gameboiy.

  • Best song 👍👍

  • Mohr

  • POLSKA!!!!

  • Sooo nice!!! I Love this song!! (Sorry for bad english i'm from germany)

  • This song is exactly me💞 i love it, greetings from Germany🇩🇪

  • #capetown

  • best ☀️💕🎧🔥

  • this song is my husband and my jam. Love it

  • ¿quien me dice por favor en que ciudad se grabo este video? Who tells me please in which city this video was recorded?

  • this clip... it is exact me listening this song :D

  • #Crazy 😆

  • When I heard this song I was in a psychiatric clinic ... it made me feel good in some way.

  • Name place ❤️thanks

    • Cape Town, South Africa 🇿🇦 My home country 🔥🔥

  • Live🌎

  • Does somebody know who is the male dancer???

  • where did they shoot this? that place is calling me

  • 58:

  • viva south africa

  • Great work art department!

  • What is this place in background?

    • Cape Town, South Africa.

  • Troppo bellaaaaaaaaaaaa👍

  • Like this song in 2020😍😍😂🤣

  • Summer 2019?

  • Der Song ist der hammer

  • I love your song....!Big love from INdia

  • Nejjjjjjjjjjj songa roku

  • Vibes😎😎😎😎

  • His Exibition on The Voice Italy: rotorrentinfo/watch/iXZqUAJ58tRezF0.html

  • This song makes me happy😀😀

  • *2* 0 *1* 9 *?* *😎😎🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣*

  • 2020

  • this song is made for me bcs im crazy all the time 🤪

  • Just want to know where is this place, so beautiful!!

  • Its a best music! I love this! So much) But music so short(

    • His Exibition on The Voice Italy: rotorrentinfo/watch/iXZqUAJ58tRezF0.html

  • This is amazingg

  • 2019?

  • Beautiful color in video

  • Best song ever teddy bear

  • Музыка огонь)!!

  • Lubię tą pisenke

  • anyone know the name of the girl with a hair wig

  • 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Amazing

  • I don't know but I got 2016 vibes listening to this.

  • Reminds me of Avicii’s music... love you from 🇸🇦❤️

  • Italia uno il promo dei film dei mondiali

  • didnt hear untill today when i downloaded VA - NRJ Smash Hits 2019

  • j'aime

  • You all got empowerment for this song!! So let's go on!! Join the differnce train oke?

  • *the walkman remind me of guardian of the galaxy*

  • Where is the location of the video??? 😍

    • @Radmon Carrington nope it is in South Africa and the name of the place is Cape Town. Google it.

    • @Debasish Patro i think that a someplace in spanish... puerto rico maybe?

    • South Africa

  • My hometown! Cape Town!!

  • My Paps grew up their. "South Africa"

    • He must have good memories of his childhood..... It's a *BEAUTIFUL* PLACE

  • ❤❤👍👍

  • Why his music is so adorable...

  • thankyou LF and zonderling thankyou so much for this piece of music 💙💙💙💙

  • 1 crazy =1 like

  • U are making song like I like it.... u just bring memories of *AVICII*

  • May 2019 anyone?

  • Big Song...!

  • I love this song

  • who is the dancer at 0:12 ? please answer me :)

  • No one else realised that this song is actually about Jesus? It's like he praying before being crucified. Check it out: Oh Lord Let me be the one to set them free I will give them every part of me Put my heart where everyone can see ..... Oh Lord This is so much harder than I thought But I will give them everything I've got One day I am gonna prove them wrong Welcome!

  • More like for this Song and this video..

  • Regarder bien ce clip. on a tous une partie de folies et on rêve de liberté. Et le but s'est de s'émerveiller dans ce monde avec les gens que l'on aime. Et tout faire de se rapprocher de la lueur de la trinité

  • Super 😉

  • This is the best song ever, don't Care what every one thinks. Wow😘

  • crazy song😂

  • That future house vibes by zonderling fit extremely good in this track

    • U_TRIP 420 oui! ♥schlagFREQUENZ steigt. *.*

  • Moves like jagger

  • Hello World, Who else thinks being different isn't different? I think it depends on point of view. I find that everyone should be treated equally... And that we should respect each other no matter who you are.

  • Edwin Ruys

  • This song prorve my life story... love you so much

  • Beautiful😀😀

  • 2019?

  • Qualcuno italiano? 🇮🇹

  • *Wachtebeke for life!*

  • Essa música faz a gente andar assim na rua 😂