King Lil G - Gl**ks & Rollies (Official Video)

Publicat pe 8 aug. 2019
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  • Comment your city . Who watching ?

  • Scrapas

  • If you are wondering what the name of the song that is playing at the beginning between 0:18-0.36 is, it's called El Americano Omar Ruiz

  • Lil Gay is No good! What happen to keeping it real? Faketeen!

  • arriba Mexico 🇲🇽

  • Ya go check my music out rotorrentinfo/watch/mJi0obuv3WaN2sk.html fuck wit a migo 🔥💯🇲🇽

  • Sending ya love all the way from Dubai, you da realist

  • Look at this guy. He getting all the fine women & I'm here alone suffering

  • East los / i.e . Ora King g ..

  • 😎👺🇲🇽

  • Better than 50 cent 4real tho

  • 214 Dalla$ Tx star city 214

  • Awww shit bootie donde quiera

  • Real talk y'all need to turn to God, ain't no hope in dope. You gone be rittled with your sins and even worse the millions you are misleading.

  • 505 burque

  • 🔥

  • No mames basura

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  • 🤠

  • Thank for making this song .... I posted a comment months ago asking if y’all like black girls and think I may have met my Mexican king !

  • Name girls?

  • I

  • What’s the beginning song call before the song plays

  • 👍💣🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🔥🚬🍻

  • Holy Moly Donut Shop

  • Ey dogg thats fucked up u put out raza down like that fuckn “SCRAPA, SUREÑO, PLASTICO”, like he aint got his grandpa his dad or his family member, even you king lil gee a Paisa family member. Putting our gente, raza down like u foos dont come from paisas familys members. Thats foul bro. I hate it when you fuckns scrapas again wanna put the paisas 116 as ignorants or sumthing else. Where do you think all them drugs and cuetes and all the good plugs come from? From all the paisas ke no. Juss my thought. But when all da feria and work comes from them yall foos are happy and love em.

  • Aqui estoy en el Solecito ♫

  • Anyone know who the girl in red is?

  • My neighbors love this they threw ah brick through my window 2 hear better

  • New York vato

  • Puro México y California 🤘


  • Man what happened to the king man. Seems like the king turned into the queen... he should go back to rapping songs like ak-47 or hoples boy or cold Christmas man the king was inspirational but now it seems like he tryna be a mumble rapper but cant rap fast enough man... I'm just saying he inspired millions with songs like those but now he got no meaning and no story behind them

  • repppin fo my cubanos right jere much love king! amor de rey homie from florida keep doin what you do /much respect latinos unidos fo life

  • Why df this foos lyrics sound like a 21 Savage song. DF?!

  • 2020 jira por Ecuador..king lilg .

  • This is lame

    • kyle kramlich you’re lame nigga.

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  • Big woobly asses everywhere....

  • Great bums, bad music

  • EastLos the beastside where I do my dirt homie!

  • santa nita gang yg official member oc

  • Shit lame

  • Hell yeah.. love that Los Angeles Rams jersey.. represent..

  • Pasco washington 509

  • It’s koo but wus up wit them skinny joggers 🤣🤣😂mane come on now ese


  • U ain't official. The hood ain't got ur back. U a fraudulent disloyal scary hyna. Like the homie dopey said. U AINT EVER BUSTED A GRAPE BEFORE. U FEEL ASLEEP ON UR MISSION. U WERE JUST THERE FOR THE HYNAS. Give u props for making it up there. But dont be using the SUR for ur promotion and fame. U a LAME WANNABE PRETENDER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 🔥💯vídeo 🔥 them females 😍😍Tag , spread the word and hit them views up sky rocket 🚀 subscribe 💯 he has banging flows coming out that chest 🔥💯😜🍺🍺🍺

  • I beat my meat the the girl on this video😂😂😂

  • Still watching

  • I would like to know the girls name so I can book her

  • What's the baddie in the red @ ? Ig

  • Who’s the chick in the red

  • Gangtok💣north india love.

  • Coolidge

  • @ 9LilG show me how to make it like you,give me some escuellin Sucio con todo respeto,Sucios from Palmview. Filero...

  • Respect the labels haters AK47 MOBB Rep that shit til I'm next to God.I'm coming from The Southside Again! Mad props To Lil G from his Old albums to date. Love the models and hope to be kicking it with them soon someday,Suxios nation.

  • 18st💯

  • Elegancia G uaa