Parkourse Obstacle Course Edition! (Ep. 15)

Publicat pe 14 aug. 2019
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  • Derrick wearing sidemen merch

  • *Loved when the team was :* *1.Ryan* *2.Sean* *3.Derrick* *4.Greg* *5.Will* *Performing in a simple park in open with Ryan and Sean mostly in the final*

  • 5:47 omg his face xD

  • Ryan always wins I swear lol

  • 14:25 at this moment, Paco's knees internally died

  • I think they used the X from the Xfinity logo

  • I bet Sean had a chance

  • @1:17 Me - KOALA AGAIN?!?! What obsession does Paco have with the Koala...?!?! *Croinkey ... I think he wants to go down under...* AHAHAHAA.... HE FELL DOWN!....😂😅 . . Oh & heads up @7:30... This is the part where Parkourse Obstacles edition turns into.... ....a Masochist edition...

  • ryan at 1:17 😂

  • Where Sean

  • let’s all wear black and not tell Paco

  • Derrick using sidemen merch

  • I did that in a place in Georgia 4:30

  • dear ryan can you walk up stairs without bending your legs

  • Paco tho

  • Nobody: Greg: **in tears** i wanna go home

  • It’s been so long since I haven’t watched Ryan, now I can’t see Sean.....

  • I love that these are back but they’re not the same without Sean :(

  • Do parkourse at go ape

  • 14:57 someone farted

  • Paco is that one annoying little brother who always wants your food

  • Paco is that one weird and annoying kid in class who no one wants to hangout woth

  • Paco has one of the most annoying and obnoxious laugh

  • Paco in the knee busters His laugh...

  • Omg I loved Greg and Derrick at the end with the final standings 😭

  • Dude this is PZ9's training place

  • 5:47 it’s ok if you cry everyone’s done it

  • I Derrick wearing Sidemen Merch?!!

  • Paco laughs like a hyena

  • I miss sean

  • LOL Classic Greg!

  • Parkourse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dear ryan can you do a shazam parody

  • Who else was drinking ninja melk while watching this

  • 6:57 I choked on my food

  • Honestly haven’t laughed so much in a long time. This is my favourite Parkourse

  • Yee

  • i miss sean...

  • I rewatch all videos of parkourse. I love it. It'd be great if the videos were more frequent

  • Awesome.

  • Did you notice that this is the place where Chad wild clay Daniel and pz9 were

  • what happened to sean??

  • why isn’t paco wearing a skirt

  • “How’s your spine?” 😂😂😂

  • 1:20 That boy got knocked the fuck out!

  • Why does will always get fourth place


  • Yay parkourse

  • no sean, no competition

  • Please keep doin these regularly

  • Lose paco

  • Greg: "I wanna go home🥺"

  • Am I the only one missing Sean?

  • Paco keeps getting better and better at this stuff

  • Merch

  • I love that Derek has sidemen mech

  • first reactions when will fell greg: OOOOO ryan: are you alright derrick: laughs and walks away paco: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Man I KNEW the protagonist would win

  • Why did I expect Sean

  • Why does Derrick keep wearing sidemen merch