HIGHLIGHTS | KSI vs. Logan Paul 2

Publicat pe 10 nov. 2019
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  • 1:48 awww they hug each other

  • KSi

  • No back in the head

  • Logan fougth better

  • Who ever took the thumbnail goes for logan

  • Yea those Logan boxing videos had to be fake

  • how did ksi win tho i feel like logan was fukin ksi up with his punches more than ksi was with logan

  • I love logan paul

  • Logan you should have not punched him in the back of the head it was split decission and you messed it up by hitting him there

  • If you ask me Logan Paul won with that upper cut

  • KSI deserved it fully. He was better and that's the end of it.

  • are we going to acknowledge that they said Knowledge, Truth and Integrity instead of Knowledge, Strength and Integrity SMH

  • Let’s go hide champ lol

  • Logan officially landed more punches than KSI yet still lost. idk lol

  • KSI stands for Knowledge Truth Integrity?? does this man spell it Struth??

  • Manny vs Logan

  • Get these chumps out of the ring and put some real talent in there.

  • He should’ve said, your winner by split decision, the fighting prime of London England, K S I

  • Logan should of kept his hand down😂😂😂

  • logan nub

  • Logan Paul won

  • f

    • Bro Logan just giving hugs tf. Go KSI :D

  • When I hear “from the United Kingdom” I tear up every time

  • Logan actually hit a really nice uppercut on KSI

    • Ksi vs Logan Paul in the octagon, a real fight

  • staged af

  • Logan Paul is such a loser. So glad to see him lose (again)

  • KTI

  • I tink that logan was a winner

  • I sneezed 3 times.

  • I give Logan Paul tops for using one of x's songs. And that's one of his hype songs.

  • "Logan Paul may be hurt!" Me: :)

  • Logan was winner

  • “K - S - I” commentator: Knowledge, TRUTH, Intergrity *smh*

  • F yeah go ksi

  • I love how if the 3rd judge gave round 1 a draw the hole fight would still be a draw

  • KSI!

  • Ksi vs Logan Paul in the octagon, a real fight

  • Bro Logan just giving hugs tf. Go KSI :D

  • logan get on the face

  • I heard Logan's coming to UFC. I'd loved to see him fight Khabib in his first fight. Who do you think wins, guys?