Smokepurpp Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ

Publicat pe 18 apr. 2019
Miami rapper Smokepurpp stops by to show off his travel pieces, including his $60K-70K Audemars Piguet watch and his $125K-130K Avianne chain. He also does a little live jewelry shopping with Johnny Avianne.
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Smokepurpp Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ


  • do trippie reddd

  • he cuts his hai balled and growed his back big

  • He should of broke the safe if he forgot the code

  • Purp be looking like peppa🐷

  • Purpp seems like a really cool guy, also “you take venmo” 🤣

  • This dude is so rich he buy stuff and he still rich

  • Lost in the safe that he stills has? So not lost then. Also the cost of the jewelry is vastly more than its actual value. The real winners are the ones selling it. Selling something with the value of 5k for 15k.

  • Yup he said it best waste money jewelry loses value instantly !

  • Only a real rapper can rap without jewelry and still be poppin



  • Can someone tell me what shoes purpp is wearing? They fye🔥

  • He always wit dat juul

  • Smoke purrp lied the broken heart is on amazon for like 20 dollars

  • Better than lil pump

  • U can buy that heart chain off of Amazon fr.

  • That anchor is hard

  • His jewelry set is nice. Except that pendant is wack to me

  • That heart broken pendent is 5 bucks plus shipping on wish/supreme patty Exposed

  • Imma be a rapper and do a doing with purp

  • D

  • S

  • D

  • Yo

  • Everyone is talking about the jewelry but that fit is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • what back ground song is dis

  • *smokedurrp*

  • #Purpp

  • He’s like lil pumps older brother

  • Gucci links look ugly man. They out there looking like the opener of a coke can.

  • Do chief keef next please please

  • Purp is a functional virsion of pump

  • I've never even heard of him and he has a house worth of jewelry on him

  • These arabs are the worst, they smuggle exotic animals, blood diamonds. And these lesbians buy it all. Disgusting

  • it's sad to watch this they will never get that money back super inflated with no value.

  • Juul gang

  • I hope they know that they clone jewelry to

  • O:22 what beat is that its fire 🔥

  • Old Nat niggas on yo head

  • hes like the black jake paul

  • Hoe looks fake

  • Do one with juice world

  • Man I thought Jordan’s are expensive but nah smoke hits 125,000 on a chain lol my house cost 345,000

  • X has that

  • All the jewelers are white and 90 percent of the buyers are blacks 😏😏🤔

  • Why did you ruin the rope chain

  • hey call this guy to get your price down

  • You take Venmo 😂. Or Paypal credit?

  • He said u take Venmo 😂 bc Venmo is easy to scam

  • Time to become a rapper how does SmokeyDope ssound?