Rebuilding a Cheap Neglected Ferrari From Salvage Auction NO SERVICE IN 15 YEARS!

Publicat pe 17 nov. 2019
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The Boroscope/Small Engine Bay Camera I Used:
The Ferrari 360 Rebuild project wouldn't cooperate so I got Ratarossa to fly over from the UK and help me attempt to fix this car.
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  • These guys are obviously not afraid to work on this Ferrari. Good job renaissance man.

  • Is Devin Nunez you pop?

  • hey that bird looks just like my favorite chicken

  • bring it to a ferrari dealer here and they drop the engine crate it up and back to ferrari it goes 1000euro just to drop engine and crate it up ,that is a money pit give it to the chickens it would be a cool coop !!

  • So I'm crossing Ferrari off my project car wishlist.

  • That dude sounds exactly like the school of wok dude.

  • If I'm going to use a vice grip. Put a spacer between them before you clamp them. That's what caused the oil leak okay

  • Not sure why anyone would buy a car like this I’m not trying to be rude or anything but what a freakin nightmare it would be fun watching it fly off a cliff and explode into a million pieces in my book but hey to each their own!

  • This series really discourages me from owning a car like this, affordable or not. The satisfaction after the repairs, for me, wouldn't justify the effort just to own a car that isn't any faster than a Camaro SS.

  • I reckon those cam seals popped out due to high internal pressure, which was caused by Sam overfilling the oil.

  • I reckon those cam seals popped out due to high internal pressure, which was caused by Sam overfilling the oil.

  • Did you put enough ads in?! Sponsored ad plus 3 in video ads damn man c'mon!

  • Chook management by Samcrac Industries™.

  • James Corden is such a nice guy

  • Samcrac is now Sweatycrac lol 🤣🤣🤣😁

  • imagine this car wasn’t working right because a bolt was loose

  • While adding an access panel to a f355 is the dream, the real issues are 1) The gas tank is in the way and 2) the reason to pull the engine is because there is a crossmember blocking the main nut on the front of the crankshaft, so even pull the gas tank to make space, it's still basically impossible to get the front pulley off to do the belts.

  • Cheap ferrari- you fukn idiot

  • Wouldn’t it have been easier to take the engine out of the car?

  • Wow, I'll ever complain about doing the timing belt in my 4 cam Subaru again.

    • I'm also SO happy I didn't buy the totally disassembled 308 for cheap, got my first Stingray instead.

  • Who wants a car that is impossible to work on? Endless money pit. Never buy these high end sports cars.

  • How many miles did this 360 have?

  • I sure appreciate my 2016 chevy Malibu. starts every time. lol

  • That's one hell of a good friend you have, very valuable. Nice job boys.

  • You need to move your hands around a lot more and swear in Italian.

  • Hahaha Nice use of 'numpty'!

  • if i cant buy a car that i cant daily.. i dont want it ! fuck ferrari disappointing me

  • They exorcised the demons...

  • Sam, whats up with all the hockey shirts? Do I need to send you a University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux shirt??

  • The minute you start thinking about money you cant afford it

  • I really wish that these guys stop promoting nonsense. It's bad enough that is flooding these videos with ads.

  • Still have to see it run under load.

  • Sam, please stop jinxing yourself!! Every time you say this should be it that POS breaks something else. I'm getting scared watching.

  • I’ve used the jack trick before. It takes forever 😂

  • I love how you're using cheap Husky and Kobalt tools to work on a Ferrari. LOL

  • this fucking a. hole is saying the date backwards on the bearings

  • Are you serious? They set the belt tension by the harmonic output? At what temperature and humidity? Holy Cow Batman.

  • Supercars manufacturers should be ashamed from regular car brands in terms of engineering. These cars without their badges are just one big piece of s***. Even the best performer in the world means nothing when it`s unusable

  • Doing belts but not the seal at the same time? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • No stop leak. Cool car for the money. Salvage Ferrari's not for the timid.