Antonio Brown's agent Drew Rosenhaus terminates their relationship | NFL Live

Publicat pe 16 ian. 2020
The NFL Live crew reacts to agent Drew Rosenhaus terminating his relationship with Antonio Brown.
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  • I feel sorry for AB. I seriously think he is brain damaged. No sane person would do all those things and continued to do so. Now he is issued arrest warrant for refusing to pay a delivery truck driver. I mean where are his friends in NFL? They should help him because one day they may be in the same situation behaving erratically.

  • She wearing vibranium

  • What kind of 'help'? Have AB's deranged personality erased and replaced with that of a smart, law-abiding White man?

  • I sense some tension from two of those analyst.

  • Okay three things happen when your agent drops you 1. Other clients or threatening to drop the agent if he doesn't drop AB 2. AB has started to abuse his agent 3 AB is going broke, AB has no more new contracts so his agent can receive his cut. Which speaks back to him being broke

  • You can’t tell me AB doesn’t have CTE. I’m sorry too many traits since the concussion. That wasn’t just some hit he took that hit knocked him sideways

  • The game is part of the problem, not the solution. Where are the NFL and the Players' union on getting this guy some help? Down the road he may not be the only one. Stop acting as though these are one offs.

  • This dude is like watching a year long car crash. I'm not clicking on another video about him. Maybe when we stop paying attention to him the media will stop reporting on him.

  • I have something to ESPN...I have suffered from mental/emotional illness virtually my entire life. I endured a crippling breakdown at the age of 19. I have been working since the age of 18...I have remained employed because I 1) treat others with respect and dignity; 2) do my g-d-damned job - and do it very, very well (hint: my latest performance evaluation nearly blew me away)...I am not a multi-multi-millionaire. If I had children, I would not speak to their biological father with gutter-trash and threats of violence. I have not been fired from three teams (employers) in less than one year. I am now likely in my last days, because the only medical palliative for my condition has decimated two rather important bodily organs. I don't know how much time I have left, but I want to say this to ESPN: I am sick - sick to satiety - of their commentators making EXCUSE AFTER EXCUSE AFTER EXCUSE AFTER EXCUSE for this despicable man. He is rich enough to seek - and afford - the proper help. A. Brown is a lowlife, a narcissist, and a despicable man-child. I am also tired of ESPN and their mewly sympathies. Yes, Mr. Brown needs helps. He also needs to be accountable for his behavior. If my favorite NFL team signs this scumbag, I am over it - and them.

    • Not every mental illness is the same. You are not AB you are not in a position to judge. However successful you are is your business. You don't have to brag about it and compare your situation to another because you are no scientist you don't know how damaged is his brain.

  • "Grandma im Free" 😂

  • Jerry McGuire! Help me help you! Lol

  • AB got CTE 🧠🤕

  • 1:00 "SPIRAL" GESH.. Awkward. Felt kinda weird. She was talking and she intervened.

  • Lmao This fool said giridon Football is a kind of Therapy, This sport is in no way a kind of Therapy That must be the dumbest thing ive heard in a while.....

  • When a client constantly refuses to listen to advice an agent has little choice but to terminate by sending a letter to the client & NFLPA. Word of DR’s letter to NFLPA was leaked so it’s not like he slammed AB in public. DR did the same to Johnny Manziel w/same conditions that he seek help. DR is helping AB because AB has grievances so he needs to get someone he listens to. This isn’t that big a deal, but sports media is blowing it up. We would all do the same if our clients didn’t listen to our advice & hurt themselves because agents can be sued for malpractice just like lawyers. Don’t let media tweak you. AB can have great representation with one call to someone whose advice he respects. DR has been a gatekeeper for his clients & medi media is taking a shot at him.

  • What is Ms Anderson wearing?!? That top is awful and looks like some sort of costume from a science fiction flick.

  • Drew drop is an ultimate fumble.

  • He already fwlt as if every one is against him an now the only one he really had by his side is gone now... He jus needs to learn from his mistakes instead of creating more an more problems.... Smfh

  • An agent’s job is to get his client the most money, not to be their shrink, caretaker, best friend, punching bag, and nuts holder

  • Why does she have a spiderweb on her shirt?!🤔😂😂

  • when the money stops coming in,THEN he terminates his relationship with AB..........we all know the real reason rosenhaus severed ties with him.

    • When a bee is not employed in the NFL anymore he does not need an agent

  • Thank god. This idiot needs a wake-up call.

  • You gotta be a real nutcase for Drew Rosenhaus to part ways with you.

  • I wouldn't be surprised if ABs kids call CPS. Baby Mama gets a restraining order

  • The incident where the mother of his children tried to STEAL his Bentley.

    • Savion Miller yeah, to take the kids to school.

  • nice sticks Wendy!!

  • shorty must of got that top from wakanda

  • The NFL has a history of ignoring its players that are having social issues , Aaron Hernandez needed mental help among many other things but the NFL should’ve helped AB along time ago. It’s sad the NFL only cares about what their players do on the field.🤦🏻‍♂️😢😢

  • Why is that guy wearing sneakers with a suit?

  • Brown had it made with Big Ben and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Rooneys are great owners with a great organization. He and Ben were shattering QB/receiver records and the clown threw it all away!

  • He needs help before he does something insane, it’s time for intervention

  • You know things have gotten out of hand when " all I love is money" Rosenhaus drops Brown knowing the potential of Brown getting another agent band getting back on a team. Rosenhaus should have dropped him a long time ago but put up with it because of the potential money he can make. What a scum bag.

  • can't wait to see his music video about this

  • Great move by Drew. Remember...this the same agent who represented T.O. during his career and never thought about dropping him as a client. He is doing AB a favor. And AB should look at it as a red flag and get his life in order. Respect to Drew but is it enough to get this guy to seek help? My personal its not. But once the money gets lower and lower dont be surprised if u see AB walking around with a Steve Harvey suit on holding a bible talking about how he's been saved.

  • Ben Roethlisberger is owed an apology by all the media outlets that were so dzmn quick to judge him and take this clown side..

  • Wendi nix sexiness is criminally underrated.

  • Update: his lawyer also dropped him and his case.

  • Drew knows he’s never playing football again, so that means no $$$ for him and no need to be his agent anymore

  • AB is a grown man and I’m tired of people acting like he is the victim...Rosenhaus doesn’t owe it to AB to stand by his side - could it be that AB is a narcissist because everybody over the last 5-7 yrs has let him get away with everything?!?!?!

  • That's like getting cut off from your dope dealer and him telling you to go to rehab.

  • Aye. I figured out why AB went crazy. Yall remember that hit by burfict? Knocked his sense loose and it hasn't came back

  • AB now trying to do train for a boxing match. I think it was with a guy named Logan Ryan. Can't remember the name. I think it's crazy. I can only think of several reasons why he agreed to it. Money is obvious. I think the guy that challenged is doing this perhaps trying to knock some sense into him. Whatever the case may be, I don't think this is a smart move. His challenger is a professional at what he does. AB really needs help, & with his concussion history.....that's concerning. Because you're not the same after a head injury. I've seen an Army vet different after a concussion. My own wife got concussed by a kid throwing a hard plastic toy just this which caught her in the back of the head Memorial Weekend 2019, & she's not been the same since. Could this be the reason for his off the field conduct.....look I'm not a doctor, I'm just saying it can effect your way of thinking.

  • It's about time someone put their proverbial foot down when it comes 2 Antonio Brown and his out of control antics! It may have been only a small foot down but what Rosenhaus is doing might finally signal to Brown "U NEED TO STOP"! Spoiled brats r understandable between the ages of say 8-14, but it's unacceptable when your in your early 30's! Just a hint Antonio - u won't get treated like a civilized adult until u yourself start acting like one

  • AB doesn’t have mental issues He’s just immature kid who’s been spoiled his whole life because of football

  • For the 3% of you reading this I hope you become successful in everything you dream of and accomplish more than you imagine. I’m a 18yo music artist from Chicago. I aspire to make it out🙏🏾

  • When are people gonna realize you can't help a person who don't want your help

    • jdroz65 “doesn’t” not “don’t”. Incorrect syntax.

  • Please pray for AB people...

  • Smart biz move AB is a moron

  • Oh now he needs help

  • He shouldn’t hit someone because that’s what messed him up. He is a serious case of CTE

  • I just hope AB gets the help he needs.. I can’t deny it anymore.. I’m truly worried. Y’all laughing but if AB go on a killing spree y’all gone be so fake towards him.

  • Will AB find another money grubbing pencil necked lawyer willing to put up with his craziness for a huge payday???? What a mystery!

  • Either Drew didn’t like the way AB treated Chelsea in front of the kids or AB called drew a cracker

  • You know things are bad when a Jew cuts off a black man that he used to make money off of

  • He’s experiencing the effects of CTE. Things all began around the time of the hit he took from Vontaze Burfict.

  • Man he hit rock bottom now in my eyes when drew left but I think he got some cte remember Aaron Hernandez doc last said he had cte to

  • AB needs help and yall keep clowning him on TV smh

  • Maybe he has CTE. It's really sad.

  • drew rosenhaus has been a agent for a lot of contentious players in the past he never left any of them so him leaving ab speaks volumes and its not his responsibility to fix up a grown mans life ab is not a kid he is a grownass man ....

  • DREW: I'M FREEEEEEE!!!😂😂😂😂